The recall of Brigadier
Posted on February 25th, 2018

KONARA WANIGASEKARA Kotte Courtesy The Island

Why has Sri Lankan military attaché, Brig. P. Fernando, been recalled? Has the government gone bonkers? When did it start taking instructions from the British?

Something that Dr ANS Kulasinghe told the Plant & Equipment (P&E) Engineer at Polgolla comes to mind. When did you start taking instructions from the ‘Baas Unnahe’? He said this when the P&E engineer replied to a question Dr K asked from him, what was it the ‘Baas Unnahe’ said about what was wrong in the cement bowser?


I don’t know who has the authority to talk on behalf of the British. If they talk out of turn, we simply ask them to fly a kite. A proscribed organisation mustn’t be allowed to protest near any embassy.

If the government is going to continue this kind of stupid policies, there is no doubt that very soon the public will pull down the statues of all (or most) of the politicians in the country, and erect those of military-personnel who saved this country.



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  1. Sarath W Says:

    Now that the election is over the traitor Sillysena does not care what happens to this brave patriotic son Brigadier Priyanka Fernando. One can argue what the Brigadier did was wrong, but what is wrong in slitting the throats of those terrorist? Let the Brits keep those murderers. They used the murderers from India and Malaysia against our brave Sinhalayas who stood up to them to kill.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Brigadier Priyanka Fernando for next president 2020!

    He is SO POPULAR he should retire from the army and form a political party. He is MUCH LOVED even in the north.

    Anyway as I ALWAYS say ONLY a MILITARY-SANGA takeover can save SL.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    Lorenzo, the Undercover LTTE AGITATOR asks,

    “Why do you want to shut me up for telling something DIFFERENT?”

    Because you have NOTHING to CONTRIBUTE that is TRUE, MEANINGFUL or PATRIOTIC. You are just spouting falsehoods and LTTE propaganda to destabilize Sri Lanka at the bidding of your EELAMIST Masters!

    Just as you did when you spewed propaganda to get Sirisena elected as PRESIDENT, and HOIST the YAMAPALANAYA into POWER so they could HAND YOUR MASTERS of the LTTE the EELAM they crave!

    No, WE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN your ANTICS here at LankaWeb, and We NEVER WILL!


  4. Charles Says:

    What the hell is Lorenzo talking.His heros Sirisena and Ranil have organised themselves to regovern the country and it is best Lorenzo sticks with them.

  5. SA Kumar Says:

    regovern the country and it is best Lorenzo sticks with them.-Ananda-USA you like this comments about you Thamil Sakotharam ??

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