Foreign sojourns of the President and the Prime Minister
Posted on October 9th, 2018

Sudath Gunasekara
8.10. 2018.

Could someone find out the details about the foreign trips President Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinha have undertaken (separately) after they assumed Office in 2015.

Also the amount of public funds spent on these trips from government coffers and the benefits the country has got from these trips. Other than the sell outs in the form of PTAA etc and it would be interesting to make a cost benefit analysis of their trips. Of cause benefit to them and the country separately

It would also be interesting to how much they have spent on their heli tours inside the country and for what purpose they have gone

In my opinion the benefit to the country is almost zero. As for me their foreign sojourns are just like Neeros playing the fiddle while Rome was in fire. I wonder whether there is any country big and small they have not visited during these three years.

Now look this time both of them have gone out together when the whole country is on fire, Pm to Europe to get advice from those nations who have plundered this Island nation for centuries and continue to destroy and destabilize even now. The President on the last lap of his crazy foreign sojourns, on the other hand has gone to sychillese Islands a country with only 157.3 sq Km and about 70,000 people to improve bilateral trade and perhaps foreign assistance to rescue the Central Bank

The way they have been globetrotting alternatively competing against each other, while not doing anything at home  to lift up the country other than infighting and taking revenge from their political opponents, that has been the hallmark of their 4 years of adventures  miss-government. I propose this report should be tabled in Parliament and published so that the voters of this country will know how much pain their elected leaders have taken to develop the country and to improve living standards of the people.

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  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    The two traitors looking for a new home to flee to after elections. Traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist
    bay gal karaya mega thief mega thakkadiya walking crime bomb (against Sinhalese Buddhists only) Batalande
    Wandakaya Pol Pot r@ni_leech wickrama Sinhala killer knows now its wolf in sheep’s clothing cover has been
    blown and looking for a safe house abroad. The traitor chief is spoilt for choice since it has done enough dirty
    work for the west, india etc. etc. and not short of offers to hide.

    These anti Buddhist, anti Sinhalese, anti Sri Lanka
    catholic-run UNPatriotic_rats party traitor deshapaluwan know this is their last chance to be in power. The low
    lives shown their true colours time and again and the @s going to disappear for a long long time. That’s why
    the traitors keep putting off elections. Every time UNPatriotic_rats get into power, the traitors drag the tenure
    for 10-20 years by murdering Sinhalese (Buddhists only) like during the Bheeshana samaya then its catholic
    buddy hitler mala paharan’s catholic tigers of tamil drealam’s campaign. Unfortunately for the UNPatriotic_rats
    can’t find enough C brigade police or army guys to start Sinhalese Buddhist murdering campaign. So it will
    put off election and hope for a spark to start a Sinhalese (Buddhist) murdering campaign. It tried using mussies
    soon after. But unfortunately for murderous thieves it didn’t spread. Batalande Wadakaya & co knows it will
    somehow come in the form of a riot. So traitor low lives hoping by putting up prices it might get that
    important spark! Then another Sinhalese (Buddhist only please) cull can start. Hope there are enough tri
    forces personnel and police with brain cells >0, not to fall into these murderous thieves’ agenda and kill their
    own again.

  2. Nimal Says:

    They all waste our tax money, truly heartless politicians we have. They think they have a right to waste our money, perhaps going back to our cruel historical era where only they matter and not the people in the country.,

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