His Eminence Archbishop Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith states correctly the unfortunate plight of the West trying to  extend  Human Rights as their religious faith..
Posted on October 9th, 2018

By Charles.S.Perera

The West which speaks of a Christian Civilization is today with nothing to give to the world by way of Christian love, but death and disaster, through bombs, economic sanctions, trade embargoes, threats for violation of human rights, and political interference into developing countries without helping  them in their efforts for development.

It is in the light of this situation of the Western countries in their self centred  greed for power without concern for the people in less fortunate circumstances, that His Eminence the Archbishop of Colombo Cardinal  Malcolm Ranjith spoke out his thoughts before a congregation.

The Archbishop of Colombo Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith, is honest and says what he thinks is right without being bound by religious pedagogy. The statement recently attributed to him  as having been made after a morning service at St. Mathew’s Roman Catholic Church in Ekala, that the West is now making human rights their religion,  is not untrue.

It was neither taking on the West or a sharp  criticism of it,  but stating what had been going on far too long without anyone dare tell the West the stark fact of their stand vis-à- vis human rights devoid of  love and generosity.

A Sri Lankan would understand  the truth of it  seeing how the West reacted to the  elimination of terrorism by a strong willed government with its most patriotic Armed Forces-efficient and humanitarian,  that the World had not seen before any where amoung even the Armed Forces of the mighty West.

Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith has been nurtured in the peaceful Buddhist Culture of Sri Lanka and his religious views takes  a greater dimension than those of the West. The Tamil political maniacs like Sumanthiran,Sampandan, Wigneswaran et al should learn a lesson from his Eminence the Archbishop of Colombo Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith., but they still remain leaning to barbarity  of penance demanding Gods such as Kali.

The West already had a problem with a religion, as they had been denied the God of the Bible who had His own chosen people- the Israelites.

Beginning from the Romans who believed in oracles, the West  wanted the belief in a God who is symbolic of  both love and fear when they became conquerors to keep the conquered under control of an unseen God who keeps an eye on them. The religion they sought was for political  exigencies than to satisfy a spiritual need. They were denied the Biblic God who had his own chosen people the Israelites.

The New Testament is alluded to Apostle Paul, but there are those who say  that half of it is forged.

Others allude the writing of the New Testament to an  aristocratic Roman Family Piso who wanted to keep,”………control over the masses and placate slaves….” It provided a son and a wife to the God of the Bible, which the Israelites refused to accept as it was a sacriiedge scandalising their God to have had a son from a virgin. (https://www.konformist.com/blasphemy/piso.htm)


The West had gone round the world conquering nations converting the indigen to their faith by threat of being burnt alive at stake those who refuse to accept their God. The unfortunate Inquisition that mars the Western civilization cannot be erased from history. Now the divine madness has gone to the heads of the ISIS who kill non-believers  in the name of their God.

The West not wanting to  Kill in the name of their God in whose name they become Santa Clauses for Christmas, has invented human rights as their new religion in order to kill to satisfy their urge to be the leaders of the World, undaunted by the presence of an all loving God..

The wealth of the West is spent in producing material to destroy the humanity. They are  prompted in pursuing this destructive new spiritual adventure  through  their great desire, craving (tanha) for  global power, moved by anger, hatred and jealousy  (dosa)on the delusion (moha)  that they are chosen” to be the global leaders.

UK and USA economic Sanctions are said to have caused the death of half a million children in Iraq.  But has USA learnt any lessons from its grandiose imposition of sanctions. It has not.  It continues its sanctions now on Iran and Russia. These sanctions and trade embargoes finally affect the people of the countries concerned and the West is least concerned with the suffering they endure to people through their political vengeance from the Governments.


NATO forces in order to remove the Libyan Leader bombed Libya killing undeclared numbers of civilians. (https://www.nytimes.com/2011/12/18/world/africa/scores-of-unintended-casualties-in-nato-war-in-libya.html)

In Libya alone massive bombing by the NATO Forces was the most destructive, with statistics that boggle the mind. It is worth reading these articles to understand the hypocrisy of the Godless West.  In Sri Lanka the West refused to accept our” terrorists as such, instead  treating them as freedom fighters”. 

In a country there are always a small number of dissatisfied elements who are ready to take arms against the Authorities. They could be handled by the security forces of the country and bring them under control. But this becomes difficult when foreign forces of the West get hold of these dissatisfied elements and support them against the Governments to initiate Regime Change. This is what happened in Libya and Syria.

But in Sri Lanka fortunately under the Presidency of Mahinda Rajapakse the Foreign elements could not intervene in support  of the terrorists.  That resulted in  the West going all out for a regime change in Sri Lanka in Cooperation with India, brining in Yahapalanaya which has become an alley of the West against its own country.

Under such circumstances, is it not justified that we question what civilised God the West with such disastrous mentalities  follow?  It cannot be the God the Christian Civilisation speaks about. Therefore His Eminence Archbishop Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith cannot be blamed for stating that  the West has made Human Rights their new religion.

His Eminence added ..that the West needs not teach human rights to our island. We are a nation that has cherished human rights concept in our culture, in our religions: “They (the West) keep it on their heads and keep preaching to us saying human rights, human rights, as though it is something new. Human rights were found recently. If we can live in a correct manner there is no need for human rights. Those who do not practice religion are the ones who hang on human rights. We should not be deceived by these charms.”

The West tried its best with David Miliband, Bernard Kouchner, and Hillary Clinton trio to save the Sri Lanka terrorist leadership. Having failed they made Sri Lanka their major target of attack reducing a thirty year terrorism to just a week or two of the last phase of the elimination of terrorists to make it the vital period to accuse Sri Lanka Armed Forces for violation of Human rights, and war crimes.

Thus the most evident period of terrorism for which only the terrorists could be blamed has been deliberately left out, highlighting only the last phase where the terrorists had been brought under control and driven into a small area, and the Armed Forces took over the control of the terrorists. During that period the Armed Forces had evacuated nearly  300 000 thousand civilian Tamils kept as human shields by the terrorists, Any civilians that died during that period could have been by the haphazard gunfire by the terrorists in their last ditch fight to save themselves.

Nearly ten years after, the West is still trying to take revenge from Sri Lanka for eliminating ‘their” freedom fighters.-our terrorists.

Their new religion –the human rights has a Child Jesus”, which is Reconciliation, which they now keep harping on demanding Sri Lanka to hasten to the satisfaction of the Tamil polititians and the Tamils of the Diaspora..

The USA and the West  having passed a resolution sponsored by a foolish Yahapalanaya Government which the West set up as their puppet regime,  now wants Sri Lanka to reconcile with the terrorists to give them a separate Tamil only Province an Eelam, which was the Objective  for which the Tamil terrorists terrorised Sri Lanka for thirty years.

UK State Minister Mark Field  speaks out against Sri Lanka’s slow progress in its reconciliation with the Tamil politicians and the anti Sri Lanka Tamil Diaspora. Their Notre Dame of Human Rights” is the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, where the Tamil Trans National Government and Tamil Eelam which the former US Ambassador for Sri Lanka Robert O’Blake helped the Tamil Diaspora to organize, plays a major role against Sri Lanka .

While the UK State Minister Mark Field  worries about slow progress of reconciliation in Sri Lanka, the Norwegian Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Soreide commends Sri Lanka continuing to set an example to the world  on Peace and Reconciliation. So what mored does the UK State Minister Mark Field want ?

The West is lost both spiritually and politically. They cannot check the rising of China both as a  world leader politically and economically,  but also as a military power.. That ascension of China was through friendly diplomacy, helping developing countries,  providing them loans on low interest rates and respecting the Sovereignty of the countries without interfering into internal affairs of the countries.

Where as USA and the west interfered with the internal affairs of the developing countries giving loans to entrap them in debt, and thereby make use of those countries as states indebted to the West, for their own  political, and economic gain.

The USA unable to compete with China accuses China of  a «  debt diplomacy” for taking over the Hambantota Harbour from  Sri Lanka to use it extend China’s military power to the Indian Ocean. What does USA intend to do,  Impose Sanctions or send their  mighty warships to keep China in check ?


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  1. Nimal Says:

    All these religious people make a living out of religion but must not ignore our basic rights to safety of life which is provided by the Human rights conventions. We all can do without a religion but not without the right to life.

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