Sri Lanka Ahmadiyya Muslim Women Association Annual Gathering – 2018.
Posted on October 9th, 2018

By A. Abdul Aziz.

Lajna Imaillah (Ahmadiyya Muslim Women Association) Sri Lanka held its Annual Gathering (Ijtima) recently at Ahmadiyya Jubilee Hall Negombo. The event started with flag hoisting by A.H. Nasir Ahmad – National President of Sri Lanka Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, followed by silent prayer. Mrs. Shakeela Aslam – President of the Ahmadiyya Women Association chaired the event which began with the recitation of Holy Qur’an.

In his address, the National President said:

To gain pious children the standards of righteousness (Taqwa) of the parents should be high because the world today is in a horrible state. God has given the Spiritual System of Leadership (Caliphs) to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. So we must follow the advice given by them. Our actions must show piety, that will display a preaching to others. The National President went on to say that, the circumstances in homes must be full of examples of righteousness to your children. Give them right advise in right time and create atmosphere of love, forgiveness, and understanding. He concluded by advising to establish and protect the rights of all namely neighbors, relatives and the Community you attached to. In his address, the National President quoted from the addresses delivered by Ahmadiyya Khalifa Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad during the recent Ahmadiyya Ladies Conventions held in U.K., Germany and Belgium.

In her short inaugural address, President of Ahmadiyya Ladies Wing  Shakeela Aslam said, the aim of such gathering (Ijtima) is to promote love and brotherhood among its members and to create righteousness and pious among themselves.

AN NISA – A publication of Ahmadiyya Ladies Wing was launched and the first copy was handed over to the National President of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Sri Lanka.

The daylong m event includes academic competition such as Hifs-e-Qur’an Competition, Quiz Competition and Urdu Poem competition etc. Ahmadi girls and ladies from all the Chapters of Ahmadiyya Community in the country attended.

Lajna Imaillah: is the organization of Ahmadi women 15 years and above, headed by a President in each country known as Sadr Lajna Imaillah who is answerable to Ahmadiyya Supreme Head – Khalifa. This ladies wing has a sub-organization for girls of 7 to 15 years known as Nasiratul Ahmadiyya.

Lajna Imaillah means maidservants of Allah.” The organization was founded in 1922 by the second Khalifa of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Hazrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmood Ahmad. He defined its primary objectives as:

To educate Ahmadi women and reinforce the necessity of living their lives according to Islamic teachings.

To prepare them to serve their fellow beings lovingly and to preach Islam in the best manner possible.

To encourage them to instruct, guide and train their children in the precept and practices of Islam.

To promote in Ahmadi women such a spirit of sacrifice as to keep them ever ready for offering their lives, properties and their children in the cause of Islam and for the preservation of the Ahmadiyya Khilafat (Spiritual Leadership) . There are currently more than 700 branches of Ahmadi women Associations in various parts of the world. These branches, by promoting cooperation and teamwork among their members, are trying to realize their objectives throughout the world. One of their important achievements is its contribution towards building mosques. The Fazl Mosque in London, the Mubarak Mosque in Holland and the Nusrat Jehan Mosque in Denmark were built exclusively by donations by Ahmadi Women.

Abdul Aziz – Press Secretary.


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