Sirisena and Mahinda Averted Another Indian Invasion
Posted on October 28th, 2018

Dilrook Kannangara

What happened on October 26, 2018 was far more than what is on the surface. India was on the verge of another invasion – the sixth attempt since 1972. The 1973 lopsided Sirima-Shastri Pact saw the invasion of the island by half a million Indians. Kachahativu deal was no better which has resulted in South Indian fishermen invading Lanka almost daily. In 1983 August India threatened to invade Lanka until a senior minister cautioned India of violence against Indians in the island in case of invasion. However, in June and July 1987 India invaded Sri Lanka. That invasion lasted 3 years until close defence relations with China forced India out. Fifth Indian invasion attempt was in May 2009. It was averted only with Indian fears for the safety of 300,000 Tamil IDPs in camps in case there was a larger war. Since 2012 India followed an open hostile and anti-Sri Lankan policy of voting against Sri Lanka at the UNHRC. The sixth Indian invasion was on in 2018 when it tried to take over Mattala airport, Colombo Port East terminal and Palaly airport. It was averted at the last moment by a decisive Sirisena supported by Rajapaksas.

Sirisena Assassination Plot by Indians

Having assassinated two Sri Lankan leaders for siding with China in 1959 and 1993, India was planning for the third kill. However, it was foiled by courageous action of a local. He revealed Indian plans to assassinate Sirisena and Gotabaya. Hidden animosity between Sirisena and India was simmering. A few months ago, Sirisena alleged that Tamil terrorists operating in South India were planning to attack Colombo during the last stages of the war. It is a fact that Tamil terrorists operated and still operate terrorist bases in India. This has been the case since 1970s. Sirisena and Ranil openly clashed over the latter’s attempt to sell iconic local assets to India.

Ranil, as he always does, record Sirisena’s angry rant and revealed it to India in a recent trip. As the Indian assassination plot came to light, things had come to a head. Sirisena had to take decisive action and thankfully he did.

In doing so Sri Lanka achieved the best of both worlds. Hambantota port was leased to China for the long term – a wise decision under the circumstances. And avoided handing over Mattala airport, Colombo Port East terminal, Trincomalee Port and Palaly airport to India.

So far only China welcomed Mahinda’s return to power.

India condemned it in diplomatically deceptive statements. They insist following the Constitution. However, that is subject to interpretation. One interpretation is that Sirisena was right in doing so while the other says he was unconstitutional once again. The irony is that the President can violate the constitution.

We Have Not Seen the End of Indian Invasion

However, it is foolish to think that this will be the end of Indian invasion attempts. India will try again until it is matched by an equal power. India plans to set up camp in the island to disrupt China, colonize the island with Indian language speakers and exploit the economy of the island.

India is very likely to unleash Tamil terrorists once again on Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka cannot take a chance with another Indian invasion. As a matter of urgency, Sri Lanka must invite China to set up a military base in Trincomalee. In return, a waiver on Chinese loans can be obtained.

Sirisena is in Danger of Impeachment

UNP, TNA and JVP together have 120 seats in parliament. Pro-Indian MPs outside these parties number over 20. They can come close to 140 seats. With other UPFA MPs opportunistically voting, they can get 150 seats in parliament and impeach Sirisena. Thereafter the Supreme Court will have to decision if Sirisena violated the Constitution.

While it helps Rajapaksas to impeach Sirisena, it is highly disadvantageous for Sri Lanka. Sirisena will not go down without a fight and the ensuing political turmoil may turn violent allowing an Indian invasion. The events of last Friday showed again that there are no permanent friends or enemies in politics. Whatever one’s views on Sirisena, he must be supported at this decisive moment. Only he has executive powers that can be used to destabilize the nation. The military must be put on alert to face any security threat. Government must also have a plan to arm millions of able-bodied patriotic civilian population to face a possible Indian invasion’s local supporters.

4 Responses to “Sirisena and Mahinda Averted Another Indian Invasion”

  1. Randeniyage Says:

    I am still very cautious. Don’t agree with the topic “Sirisena and Mahinda Averted Another Indian Invasion”. We have been already invaded and made federal using 13A. Both Sirisena and Mahinda will not remove it. If they do, I will worship them.
    One of my predictions looks like coming true earlier than expected. That is Rishard badaUdin joining Mahinda.
    Next is Wiggie joining him with Indian backing.
    I believe Indian conspiracy is now taking up PLAN 2.

  2. Dilrook Says:

    Yes it is Plan 2 which is much less damaging than Plan 1. We have to be vigilent. Mahinda must be under severe pressure to do Indian work. India will also want Mahinda, Ranil and Sambandan to impeach Sirisena. He must not support this Indian plan. But Mahinda is capable to stand up to India. He once did. Lets hope he does the right thing. Mahinda must know that no matter what he does for India, RAW will never trust him or forgive him.

  3. Vaisrawana Says:

    The Chinese ambassador’s calling on MR shortly after his swearing in as PM with a congratulatory message from the Chinese leader himself is reassuring in these circumstances.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    What STRUCK ME THE MOST in President Sirisena’s Address to the Nation on October, 28, 2018 was his ABJECT POWERLESSNESS to halt the depredations off his subordinate, the ERRANT DESHADROHI Prime Minister.

    This is a DIRECT CONSEQUENCE of the 19th Amendment that stripped the President of certain powers and gave them to the Prime Minster.

    Unlike his PREDECESSOR, President Mahinda Rajapaksa, the AUTHORITY to DIRECTLY DISMISS THE PRIME MINSTER for WHATEVER REASON was unavailable to the President after the passing of the 19A. Instead, he had to resort to an INDIRECT, but ENTIRELY LEGAL & CONSTITUTIONAL STRATEGY, of getting the UPFA to first withdraw from the Unity Govt, thereby dissolving the Cabinet, when its leader the Prime Minister would automatically lose his post creating a VACANCY in the Prime Ministers post. At that point, President Sirisena was empowered by the Constitution to APPOINT a suitable MP, who IN HIS OPINION, has majority support in the Parliament.

    Whether the newly appointed PM, Mahinda Rajapaksa, commands majority support among the MPs in Parliaennt will have to be DEMONSTRATED BY HIM when the Parliament RECONVENES on November 16. If he does have that support, and I believe that he will have much more than a majority, even amounting to a 2/3 majority, he can CONTINUE as the Prime Minister.

    Nevertheless, we must PONDER what would happen in the HIGHLY UNLIKELY EVENT that Mahinda Rajapaksa FAILS to demonstrate MAJORITY support. What would happen then; what avenues are available to the President to PREVENT RAnil Wickramasinghe demonstrating MAJORITY support and RETURNING as the Prime Minister?

    Well, in that event President Sirisena can PROROGUE the Parliament for a longer period of 3 months or so, and CALL FOR NEW GENERAL ELECTIONS. Given the WIDESPREAD DIS-SATISFACTION of the people with the UNP/Yamapalanaya, the Mahinda Rajapaksa-Sirisena DUO can WIN an OVERWHELMING VICTORY and RETURN TO Parliament MUCH MORE POWERFUL than otherwise.


    1. The country CANNOT AFFORD to have a WEAK EXECUTIVE PRESIDENCY. Other nations like the USA, France, and Russia have STRONG EXECUTIVE PRESIDENCIES for PRECISELY that REASON.

    2. The country MUST NOT DIVIDE EXECUTIVE POWERS between the PRESIDENT and the PRIME MINISTER. The PRESIDENT is ELECTED by ALL voting citizens of the country, whereas the PRIME MINISTER is elected by a small electroral region. The PRIME MINISTER’s position is SUBJECT to political blackmail by various, often CORRUPT, political segments in Parliament, and he CANNOT govern in the NATIONAL INTEREST.

    3. We MUST REPEAL the 19A (and NEVER PASS the 20A), STRENGTHEN the EXECUTIVE PRESIDENCY MUCH MORE, ELIMINATE the PRIME MINISTER’s POSITION allowing an independent SPEAKER to moderate the activities of the HOUSE of COMMONS.

    4. In view of the ANTI-NATIONAL BEHAVIOR of Vigneswaran and his moves to RESURRECT EELAM, we MUST REPAL the 13A, and DISSOLVE the Provincial Councils, ELIMINATING ann UNNECESSARY tax-supported bureaucratic burden on the people. ELECTION of MPs to the National Parliament is FRANCHISE ENOUGH for law-abiding patriotic citizens.

    5. The system of REGIONAL ADMINISTRATION should be through DISTRICTS governed by a DISTRICT GOVERNOR APPOINTED by the National Government. District Administrations should NOT BE ELECTED to PREVENT SEPARATISM from raising its head.

    6. In addition to election of MPs to the National Parliament on a population basis, more REGIONAL REPRESENTATION can be accommodated by CREATING A SENATE composed of TWO SENATORS per DISTRICT. While Bills should originate in the House of COMMONS, the SENATE (and the PRESIDENT) will have the power to VETO BILLS.

    In the light of the NATIONAL DISASTER we have experienced in the LAST 3 YEARS as a people through the Yamapalana Tinkering with the Constitution, LET US FIRMLY RESOLVE to CREATE a STRONG NATIONAL GOVERNMENT with a STRONG POWERFUL PRESIDENCY in CHARGE of an EFFECTIVE CABINET.

    Let us FIRMLY LIMIT the number of CABINET MEMBERS to 30, PERIOD. No NIYOJAYA and STATE MINISTERS should be ALLOWED in the interest of STREAMLINING the bureaucracy and enabling an EFFECTIVE yet LOW-COST system of GOVERNANCE!

    What was ATTEMPTED by Ranil-Baba and his 40-Thieves in the last 3 1/2 years is NOTHING SHORT OF CONSTITUTIONAL COUP-DE_ETAT by STEALTH in FAVOR of HIS SOCIAL CLASS and his SEPARATIST MINORITY allies.


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