Rise-up Sri Lanka Rise-up! Destroy the Enemy Utterly as It Pivots to Mother Lanka (Part 2)
Posted on March 12th, 2019

By ‘Che’

In Part 1, it was discussed why America is today, Sri Lanka’s Enemy Number ONE.

The Map above, printed by courtesy of ‘Millennium Challenge Corporation’ (MCC), is how America perceives Sri Lanka in 2050, a Colony of the United States; Sri Lanka is America’s Military hub in the Indian Ocean which the Americans describe as the Indo-Pacific Ocean.

America demanded, and Wickramasinghe agreed to give, a 200-mile-long Corridor of Land from Trincomalee to Colombo comprising 1.2 Million Acres of mineral-rich land under the guise of Ranawaka’s ‘Megapolis’ development; the Americans have indicated that the lease value they are prepared to give is a ridiculously low Rs. 24/= per month per acre. Teplitz believes she is generous and that Sri Lankans must perforce be grateful.

Wickramasinghe agreed.

This Corridor, under American law and jurisdiction for 200 years, automatically divides the Island into two, the North and the South.  

Anuradhapura and Kurunegala will be in the North.

In pursuance of a major American foreign policy change, enunciated in 2012, America pivots to Sri Lanka to take over the country; the Americans demanded that we annul: The Land laws that prevent foreigners owning land (including State Land), the law that limits ownership by an individual to 50-acres, the prevailing practice that frowns on State lands being sold outright to individuals.

Wickramasinghe agreed and allowed the CIA-styled MCC to draft two new Land Laws for Sri Lanka that accommodate the American demands.

With two electric fences running the length of the Corridor from Trincomalee to Colombo – the world’s first electric border wall – effectively restricting movement between the North and the South, and with the dividing Corridor under American control, Eelam would be a fait accompli.

A new Constitution is not needed to establish Eelam; the New Constitution would supplement Eelam created by the Wickramasinghe-Ranawaka-MCC American Corridor  

This Corridor would be America’s ‘Line of Control’ ensuring Sri Lanka and ‘Eelam’ are kept permanently apart.

It has been argued that the moment the Corridor is given the Americans, the call by the Eelamists for a Federal State would become increasingly strident, only to be followed by a Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI).

With the Americans strategically placed in-between Sri Lanka North and Sri Lanka South, Sri Lanka in these circumstances will not be in any position to intervene in the ‘North’; indeed, to put it vulgarly, there is jack s..t Sri Lanka can do in these circumstances.

The Americans will be playing the same role they are playing on the ‘Line of Control’ on the 38th parallel in the Korean peninsula.  

If the MCC Agreement is signed, the island of Sri Lanka by 2050 would be divided into two (with provision to splinter it further), Eelam would be established and the entire Island would be an American Military hub from which America acquires the potential to control the sea lanes between the Arabian Sea and the South China Sea and the control of the littoral States in the Bay of Bengal.

The Enemy is very confident in taking over our country; the Enemy has drawn up a Map of Sri Lanka in 2050 as envisaged by him; every effort is being made to lay hands on the Map for 2100, drawn by him, in which Sri Lanka reportedly has been sliced into two by a Canal dredged between Trincomalee and Colombo.

In Part 1, the people of Sri Lanka were exhorted to rise-up as one, throw the MCC Agreement into the dustbin and drive out the accursed Enemy from our shores.

It is pertinent that on 28th October 2018, Sirisena in a televised address to the Nation made reference to the two Land Bills drafted in the US – Viz the ‘State Land Bank’ Bill and the ‘Land (Special Provisions) Bill – which had been presented to the Cabinet a few days before.

Sirisena said that he had strongly protested against the two Bills at the Cabinet meeting and postponed signing the Cabinet papers. He adduced that these two Bills were the main reasons for sacking Wickramasinghe from his portfolio as Prime Minister.

In his address to the Nation, Sirisena summed up the situation, All the lands of our Motherland could be bought outright by foreigners without any difficulty. These Bills adversely affect the Land Rights of the Country and must be blocked”

Sirisena was full of sound and fury. Wickramasinghe was booted out; the Americans suspended their operations; Alaina Teplitz ran wild, like a bat out of hell, bemoaning the fact that Sri Lanka was losing out on America’s ‘generous-investment’ of ‘Rs. 24/= a month’; the MCC team fled, including Nilan Fernando the gofer coordinating MCC activities in Sri Lanka.

But having made a ‘two-minute’ reference (vide the Sirisena video) to the two disastrous Land Bills, Sirisena made no reference to them thereafter.

He also said something pertinent in that speech; he said that he was ‘postponing’ signing the Cabinet papers pertaining to the two Bills.

Critics ask, Why ‘postpone’ signing the Cabinet papers? Do the two Bills become less damaging with time? Does it mean that Sirisena, in time, would sign those ‘Cabinet Papers’ of his own volition? Does Sirisena not have the authority to refrain from signing the ‘Papers’? Does Sirisena NOT have the political will to resist ‘outside’ pressure?”

But what happened thereafter is a tragedy. With Sirisena  remaining strangely silent on the grave perils threatening Sri Lanka, the real issue facing the country was blurred; hardly anyone as at today is aware of the contents of the two disastrous Land Bills which Sirisena made reference to and were his reasons for sacking Wickramasinghe; nobody talks about those Land Bills or about the Agreement between Wickramasinghe and the MCC or about the American Map of Sri Lanka in 2050 or about the Electric fence between the North and the South when Japan installs the electrified railway line from Trincomalee to Colombo.

Incidentally, America’s leading Foreign policy think-tank, ‘Council on Foreign Relations’, in a geopolitical analysis states, The anchor of the U.S. security alliance in Asia, is Japan”

But with Sirisena dissolving Parliament, Sri Lanka was ‘Born Again’; there was a political coup de maître in which the opinion of 15 Million people was legally replaced with the opinion of a handful of persons; some powers of the President written into the Constitution were rescinded.

Nilan Fernando

Within 56-days Wickramasinghe made a come-back. Nilan Fernando, the American dogsbody, who fled the country, has come back with several members of his MCC team and with members of the ‘Global Land Alliance’ to which organisation the MCC has outsourced work; five Policy papers are being prepared by ‘Global Land Alliance’ which would enable the MCC to recover their total investment for 200 years, in 5 years!

The ‘Global Land Alliance’ is headed by a team comprising Victor Endo, Barnes Grenville and Cynthia Berning.

Victor Endo

Barnes Grenville

Cynthia Berning

The American team includes two local ‘academics’ from the University of Moratuwa Rangajeewa Ratnayake and Suresh Shanaka.

The others include, Sander, Childress, McDermott, Roberge, Stanfield, Caron and Corcoran,

Proclaiming the return of the MCC was ‘Born Again’ Wickramaratne; he prophesised the resurrection of the MCC and said that the ascension of the MCC in Sri Lanka, which should have been in November last year, will now take place very soon.

Nilan Fernando  describes himself as an expert on politics and development in the Asia-Pacific region and a seasoned manager who has led country teams for Mercy Corps and The Asia Foundation in Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Timor Leste, and Bangladesh during periods of momentous change.

In a geopolitically barren environment where many are blissfully unaware that the Enemy is at our door and that the Enemy is America, it may perhaps seem justified if some people were to challenge the veracity of what has been said in this article.

How could public opinion then be best mobilised to awaken the people to rise-up and fight the Enemy while simultaneously establishing all that is stated herein ?


6 Responses to “Rise-up Sri Lanka Rise-up! Destroy the Enemy Utterly as It Pivots to Mother Lanka (Part 2)”

  1. Hiranthe Says:

    Many thanks to the writer for exposing this.

    Prostitution will be the norm of the day around these areas similar to what happened in Philippines.

    There will be a new mixture of white American fathers and our village women mothers.

    This is the best way to destroy a nation. They are on the course it seems.

    God help Mother Lanka.

    Only WW and Gammanpila speak against it .

    But they are called having day dreams,

    Everyone laugh at them.

    What a pathetic situation.

  2. aloy Says:

    Some pertinent questions to ask: It was US that helped us to locate the LTTE armada. And we destroyed them which was a devastating blow to them. India was dead against the US getting Trincomalee. Why are they not against US now?.

    Whatever it is the traitors are enjoying their last few days. No one was able to completely take over this land and rule it as they wished; not even the Brits. The day the traitors were given the same punishment that the Waduga king gave is not far.

  3. Vaisrawana Says:

    Yes, the traitors may be enjoying their last few days in power, as aloy says. The answer to his question “Why are they not against US now?” is obvious. That is why he has not tried to say anything further about it. The Indians and Americans are currently friends for geopolitical reasons. However, I thought it would be good to share my own understanding of the situation (which, I think, is mostly identical with aloy’s) with my fellow Lankaweb readers.

    It is true that American intelligence helped us defeat the terrorists. In the past, India was understandably against the Americans establishing a strong presence in Trincomalee. However, it is an incontrovertible fact that both countries are acting purely in their own respective national interest. After Sri Lanka put an end to the terrorism of their common protégé or pawn Prabhakaran and caused his demise (which they helped bring about), they are now united. America and India are acting in tandem, having identified a common antagonist in the form of China. They are conducting themselves as if the Sinhalese majority (an insignificant global minority) are nonexistent. The Americans and the Indians have some regard for Tamil and Muslim Sri Lankans because they are important to them globally, being global majorities. The former two are united at present by their fear of China.

    Sri Lanka’s nationalist forces who always stand up for all Sri Lankans irrespective of ethnicity have no option but to try and maintain friendly relations with all three powers for mere national survival. The West oriented UNP cannot do this without kowtowing to all of them in some way, but always in ways inimical to our Motherland. The news that Mahinda, Basil, and G.L. Peiris of the SLPP recently met with the American ambassador in Colombo (as reported in The Island today March 14) is significant. But this is not a new development. MR and allies have always maintained nationally advantageous relations with the American bloc and the Chinese, subject however to getting strained at unavoidable critical moments in desperate situations. Such lapses in foreign relations can usually be remedied when the crises get resolved through diplomacy.

  4. Dilrook Says:

    USA and India are not Sri Lanka’s all-time enemies.

    Sri Lanka all-time enemy is Tamils who refuse to accept Sri Lanka as the Sinhala nation.

    This has been the case since the 3rd century BC. It didn’t start recently. USA, UK, the Netherland, India, North Korea, etc. have been enablers of Tamil invasion/terrorism. They are not the enemy.

    We should not needlessly confront powerful countries. If we do, the winner is going to be our enemy – Tamils who refuse to accept Sri Lanka as the Sinhala nation.

    USA helped us in more ways than the above the exterminate Tamil terrorists. Here are some key US contributions that helped Sri Lanka do so.

    1. Banned Tamil terrorists in 1992. Banned various Tamil groups as terrorists (Tamil rehabilitation organisation, World Tamil Congressss, etc.)

    2. Donated on concessionary terms our first SLAF bombers and Bell 212 helicopters that played a crucial rescue and attack roles.

    3. Sold air dropped M-80 series bombs

    4. Sold Beach King Pro aircraft and most intel equipment onboard.

    5. Sold our most reliable C-130 military transport planes. Avros, AN-24s and AN-26s were crashing every few months killing so many soldiers.

    6. Donated off shore patrol vessels that played a key role in destroying Tamil terrorists’ floating weapons warehouses.

    7. Sold fire finder artillery that took out key Tamil terrorist artillery positions hidden in civilian areas.

    8. Donated fast attack swarm boats for SLNs elite SBS and RABS units

    9. Prevented Tamil civilians buying Russian Igla-1 SAM missiles that would have shot down all our flying craft.

    10. Arrested Tamil civilians around the world for supporting terrorism and disrupted most of their financial network worth over $300 million in 2006.

    11. Raised and trained Sri Lanka Marines – the latest elite fighting unit

    12. Trained most of our military officers at very concessionary rates at Westpoint military academy with US’s best.

    Surely US interests don’t align 100% with Sri Lankan interests but the two are not a zero sum game.
    Tamil political interests and Sri Lankan interests have 0% in common and are a zero sum game.
    (Tamils don’t have national interests as Tamils don’t have a nation and will never have one.)

  5. Randeniyage Says:

    Thank you Dilrook.
    Wish we had more like you here.
    We are blind to our errors , unable to look back at us.

    This is why Mahinda Thero asked teh 4 questions, whether king is able to look back after floating the mind to wider world.
    1. What is this tree, king ? ( This is a Mango tree venerable sir.)
    2. Are there mango trees other than this ? ( yes, venerable sir, plenty of other mango trees around us and far away from us )
    3. Are there trees other than mango trees king ? ( yes, venerable sir there are numerous other trees)
    4. Other than those trees and the mango trees around us and far way from us, are there any trees, king. ( Why not , venerable, how about this mango tree ?)

  6. Naram Says:

    Players here, US and Sri Lanka should know well historically secret treaties against the body politic of the populace do not work; pause to think of the alliance powers [UK, France and Russia] activities after the much traversed World War 1.

    Autocratic and shambolic Russian rulers paid the biggest price losing many millions in the war and leaving the country destitute, but strangely the victors, the British rulers did not even pause to provide refuge to Czar Nicholas II and his family.

    In the wold war Zero that preceded 1904, that is the skirmish in the Eastern end of Russia and China with Japan in Port Arthur in Manchuria. latter emerged victorious but European powers did not really live up to spirit of alliances. They closely studied the sea confrontations where Japan was using British warships, accepted the might of emerging Japan and cleverly surmised what is in store for Romanovs, the dress rehearsal as Lenin and Trotsky put it. Russian rulers narrowly survived with promises of consultative Dumas but the ultimate humiliation could not be averted.

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