How sincere and politically honest is President Maithripala Sirisena. ?
Posted on March 25th, 2019

By Charles.S.Perera

On the 26th October,2018 President Sirisena sacked  his Prime Monster Ranil Wickramasinghe and appointed Mahinda Rajapakse as his Prime Minister.

What was his motive ? Was it because he had no other solution  or was it because  he regretted what he did   in November 2014 by leaving the SLFP to become the Common Presidential Candidate of the Opposition ? 

If he did that to rectify that error knowing that Mahinda Rajapakse is a real patriot and a dependable leader to run the government of the  country which is being mismanaged and  being gradually divided and destroyed by an ambition egocentric power crazy  agent of the West-Ranil Wickramasinghe as the Prime Minister.

Then the President Sirisena  was sincere and he had really  regretted the mismanagement of the country and its finance by Ranil Wickramasinghe and his UNP click since the change took place on the 9th January,2015.  It also means that the President  did not pardon Ranil W-the PM, for once again carrying out a second Bond Scam in 2016, despite the exposure of his Yahapalanaya as a fraudulent set up to swindle the finances of the Country.

Of course the judiciary which is an arm of Ranil Wickramasinghe and the UNP  awaiting the applause of the West, did what the President did not expect and helped Ranil Wickramasinghe and the UNP to continue with  their  changing of the aspects of ancient Sinhala Buddhist  Sri Lanka  as a measure of reconciliation to give the Tamil politicians what they want, and get the approval of the West.

However, this unexpected change of heart of the President Sirisena had a  negative effect on the  opposition, specially the newly formed political party the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna. SLPP which  had gone beyond  every one’s expectation  to become the most popular political party which sealed the end of the popularity of the SLFP, and became a challenge to UNP.

But since the most undemocratic and unconstitutional decision of the Judiciary, which prohibited the President from dissolving the Parliament before four and a half years, Ranil Wickramasinghe and the UNP has settled into continue its destruction of the ancient Sri Lanka to replace it with a modern Sri Lanka with Tamils getting more power over the Sinhala majority, and the West is able to do what ever they want with the country as they have become the decisive force of the future of Sri Lanka under UNP. 

The UNP has again become a party sponsoring a resolution now being proposed  by UK against Sri Lanka. It has now been approved at the UN Human Rights Council lead by Mme Michelle  Bachelet who knows next to nothing about Sri Lanka, except what she had read along with  the fiction  Darusman War Report, and updated by Samantha Powers, Navi Pillai and Zeid Al-Hussain, The President has not been able stop it.

President Sirisen’s powers are being restricted and Ranil , Karu Jayasuriya and UNP have made of him an isolated President without power in the Cabinet and the Parliament controlled by Ranil Wickramasinghe, his friend Karu Jayasuriya the Speaker , Lakshman Kiriella UNP Leader of the House, Mangala Samaraweera Minister of Finance.

The President Maithripala Sirisena  has even become powerless in the SLFP with the appointment of  Dayasiri Jayasekara, and allowing , Duminda Dissanayake and Mahinda Amaraweera  to make statements without the President Sirisena’s consent  against the SLPP and the left by further  isolating the President Maithripala Sirisena.  If the President is sincere about a change and wants to be with Mahinda Rajapakse, why does  not he say so and counter the statements being made by  the Secretaries of the SLFP and UPFA ?

The UNP tries to benefit from every thing putting the blame even on patriotic acts of the President and the Joint opposition. The change of government on the 26th October 2018 what ever the seven judges of the Supreme Court said was democratic and Constitutional. The Supreme Court misinterpreted the Constitution. With that ,  the UNP tries to profit from it saying that it was the result of a conspiracy.

That 51 days of the short government of Mahinda Rajapakse showed how the country could be ruled positively looking after the welfare of the people. But for UNP  it was the period that reversed the progress of the country. But Ranil and UNP are only  trying  to fool the people  who knows there had been  no progress what so ever under the Yahapalanaya government and that it was the very reason why the President Sirisena changed heart to appoint the man he betrayed as the Prime Minister.

UNP cannot fool the people all the time , nor can the JVP with all their big talks with a 20th Amendment fool the people once again. They will not even get six seats the next time . Ratana Hamuduruva is equally a traitor like Champika Ranavaka. They cannot change the thinking of the people any more.That is for sure.

But the President Mithripala Sirisena is a mystery . What does he really want ? 

There was a tremendous demand for a Government by the SLPP before the President’s  change of heart in October,2018. But thereafter  this trend has  weakened to a certain extent .  And contradictory statements are being made by Dayasiri Jayasekara, Mahinda Wimalaweera, and Duminda Dissanayake. But the Prersident Maithripala Sirisena has not made any statement with regard to these controversial statements  of the SLFP , and UPFA Secretaries. 

If the intention of the President Maithripala Sirisena in the interest of Sri Lanka is to get rid of Ranil and UNP the dangerous cancker that is eating into the flesh and the system of Sri Lanka, he should then be prepared to sacrifice his own personal ambitions of another period of Presidency, and support a presidential candidate from the opposition supported by the SLPP and SLFP and the rest of their allied parties.

He should make his intention clear and inform the SLFP and UPFA to fall in line with SLPP without making unnecessary demands. The defeat of UNP under any Presidential Candidate should be the primary objective of the SLFP, SLPP and the rest.  It will be difficult if the opposition is divided between two Presidential Candidates.  Therefore it is time that the President Maithripala Sirisena issues a statement of his intention without further delay..

President Maithripala Sirisena has won the respect of the people since he sacked  Ranil Wickramasinghe as his Prime Minister. The Present Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe is a valueless skeleton. If the President Maithripala Sirisena makes  clear his intention to step down for the sake of the one Common Candidate of the SLPP and SLFP and others, he will retire as a loved and a respected President of Sri Lanka for life.  But if he were to contest and  get defeated he will not be able to retire so respectfully and loved by the people.

Ranil and UNP are prepared to sacrifice any historical and cultural values of the people to reconcile with the Tamil Politicians.  And the President seems  to be giving in by distributing lands and appointing a Tamil Governor etc. to the North.  But the TNA has not ceased to accuse Sri Lanka in one way or another demanding their rights with the intention of forming a Tamil only Province combining North and East. 

The TNA  is a child conceived and prepared for the role of protecting the terrorists and be their spoke persons by  the terrorist leader Prabhakaran. They have no right to make excessive demands from the Government and above all prepare the Constitution  for Sri Lanka. They really have no large following of ordinary Tamil people. Those who  vote to who ever they ask do so through fear of the TNA and its members.

One of  President Mahinda Rajapake’s errors committed during his regime was not disbanding the TNA and take  action to imprison the members of the TNA as most of the other terrorists taken into custody after the defeat of terrorism.

Sumanthiram now says that if the government does not set up a Hybrid Court as demanded by the US Resolution 30/1, he would take the Sri Lanka armed forces before the International Court.  The President should not allowed Smanthiran to  make those statements , and warn of the consequenses he might have to face.

This is the time that President Maithripala Sirisena should pounce upon them  by appointing a Presidential Commission to inquire into the activities of the members of the TNA during terrorism and after the elimination of terrorism.  It has become imperative as the TNA which is very much responsible for the massacres committed by the terrorists and even the assassination of Tamil and Sinhala Political leaders and late Mr. Lakshman Kadirgamar.

They now have a  magnificient time as king makers” and the writers of a new Constitution to Sri Lanka. Enough of that. Lets face it, the time has come for the President to stand up and appoint a Commission  to inquire into the activities of TNA during and after terrorism. That will silent them and the ordinary Tamil people knowing that the dogs have been tied”, will vote for parties other than that of TNA, Wignesvaran  etc, They may prefer voting to candidates from SLPP or SLFP.

5 Responses to “How sincere and politically honest is President Maithripala Sirisena. ?”

  1. Christie Says:

    A puppet is no crook and no honest.

    It is the puppeteer.

  2. Vaisrawana Says:

    Correct. But Sirisena is a puppet who is a semi-independent puppet, so to speak. He sold his soul to the devil in 2015 by accepting whatever reward was offered him. His desperate desire now is to avoid Dr Faustus’s hellish fate in the play. Unlike Faustus, he got a chance to ‘flee’, when Mahinda, with good intentions though, agreed to accept the premiership against the cogent advice of Basil and other sincere well wishers. But Sirisena, instead of enlisting Mahinda’s support to reverse the country’s downward slide, was determined to continue his treachery towards the latter. Sirisena’s current desire is a personal matter for which he is ever ready to sacrifice the national interest in all its manifestations. What is really menacing for the country in this context is the fact that the Sirisena puppet is even more crooked and even more dishonest than the vicious puppeteer handling him that we all know.

    In my opinion, Mahinda must acknowledge before the people what they already know: Sirisena is a traitor. He betrayed the party and the country. There is no slfp any more, except for the rump consisting of the few of his fellow crooks for whom money plus status is everything, and national interest is nothing. Mahinda must explain this to the honest slfp’ers that still remain in that party to leave it and join the SLPP. He should not try to ‘save’ his former colleague out of his naïve generosity. Let the despicable rump rot with Sirisena.

    If Sirisena is willing, which is highly unlikely, to let go, and allow a straight contest between a UNP-led alliance and the patriotic SLPP and similar small parties, if any, that accept its leadership, Sirisena will be pardoned by the people and forgotten. If, on the other hand, Sirisena wants to enter the presidential or parliamentary elections, whenever they are held, as a leading candidate, the UNP will naturally like it. He might do so even in agreement with that party in order to facilitate its victory. But Mahinda need not worry about this if he and his followers have the courage to reveal the truth about Sirisena to the country and steadfastly repudiate him, while strategically containing the evil powers now prevailing, so they can do no more irreversible damage to the country. The SLPP must try to convince those, probably sincere, crusaders like Nagananda and others to join them when the D Day comes in order to save the country from physical destruction, before they can save it from corruption, misrule, lawlessness and other evils.

  3. Charles Says:

    Vysravana, I have a feeling that if TNA is taken to FCID or brought before a Presidential Commission for an investigation for their part in terrorism, the ordinary Tamils in North will not stand by the TNA. I have a few friends who are very pro Sinhala and they are sincere, there may be more like them though do not shout from house tops.

  4. Vaisrawana Says:

    Yes, Charles, that’s my feeling too. (Ordinary Tamils will not protest if these TNA politicians are hauled before court for their crimes as terror sponsors, as Shenali Waduge proposes.) Tamils in Jaffna have no reason to like their politicians. The NPC was reported to have returned to the treasury the development funds that the government sent them unused. During the pre-2015 MR government Basil Rajapaksa complained that some buildings that the government had constructed for public use remained closed without being used due to the hypocrisy of certain pro-separatist Tamil politicos in power there. Ordinary Tamils now know about these things. The adult Tamils, particularly those above 30, can remember how they suffered because of the separatist violence. They are able to see the difference between that period and the peaceful time that followed the end of the separatist terrorism. They have witnessed the positive transformation that came over the landscape and over their lives after 2009. Communications between the civil populations in the north and the south resumed and vastly improved, and the young Tamils began to understand that ordinary Sinhalese are quite innocent like them and are never the savage barbarians that they were persuaded to believe they were by their villainous politicians.

  5. A Concerned Citizen Says:

    He is nothing more than a traitor, a puppet and frankly a clueless buffoon. It is unthinkable that of 22 million people, this is the person put forward as the President of this country. He is responsible for a lot of the mess we are in and through negligence, stupidity, or foolish ideology has held back this country’s development. The number of ridiculous statements he makes every other week, contradicting himself, trying to absolve himself of blame and attacking others, playing to the gallery etc is shameful.

    Even recently regarding the Bond Scam etc, he is lying regarding seeking extradition of perpetrators etc. In the same way he has lied about that he would resign and never appoint certain people to the post of PM. In addition this is a President who said he’d only be there for 100 days remember, and the guy is talking about a second term. It is extremely unlikely that he would win the Presidency again against any candidate. Thank goodness for that since he is perhaps the most useless President the country has ever had, and given most of the Executive Presidents did severe damage to the country, that is saying a lot.

    It is very sad if President Rajapakse is trying to work with such a buffoon. This country deserves better than that. Sirisena is nothing more than an Indian lackey, who has no understanding of how the world works. And frankly he has appointed his own kith and kin in various positions.

    Just recently he issues statements about the lack of educated people in Parliament. Yet his own party, he has fronted candidates who are some of the most corrupt and inept people there are! Utter hypocrisy at its finest.

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