Canadian City of Brampton recognises May 18 as “Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day.”
Posted on May 4th, 2019

Asoka Weerasinghe 

Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1

3 May 2019

Mayor Patrick Brown, MPP
Office of the Mayor
City of Brampton
2 Wellington Street West
Brampton, Ontario
L6Y 4R2

Councillors: Rowena Santos, Paul Vicente,  Doug Whillans,  Michael Palleschi,  Jeff Bowman, Martin Medeiros,  Charmaine Williams, Pat Fotini, Harkirat Singh, Gurpreet


Dear Mayor Patrick Brown:

I read the gloating comment in the Tamil Guardian that the Canadian City of Brampton recognises May 18 as Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day”.

I also notice that the day happens to be the day before when the the most ruthless terrorists in the world, the Tamil Tigers, were annihilated  when their leader Velupillai Prabhakaran was shot dead on the sands of the Nandikadal lagoon in the east coast of my beautiful homeland, Sri Lanka, on 19 May, 2009.

Now I understand why it is said that a There’s a Sucker born every minute.

You must be wondering whether I am insinuating that you are such a Sucker’.   You know what, Mayor Bown? Your guess is convincing and right.  Yes, I do.  Not only, you, but every Councillor of  Brampton’s City Council who voted to pass this  Tamil genocide” motion unanimously.

Mayor Patrick Brown, your Brampton Council’s  statement said – Brampton Council passed unanimously the following motion in recognition of the 10 year anniversary of the Tamil genocide.  We will never forget the horror of Mullivaikkal”

Let me be frank with you Mayor Brown, my heart bleeds with anger, and my eyes are cartwheeling spitting dragon breath at all of you at Brampton City Council for

not recognizing and for never forgetting the horrors” that your Tamil Tiger pets

dished out to my Sinhalese people, Buddhists and Christians alike, back at home, in Sri Lanka.  They performed this horror for 27-blooding years by massacring them with exploding claymore mines, shooting with Kalashnikov bullets, by chopping them with machetes as if they were carcasses of cattle in a butcher’s shop, and truck bombing tall buildings in the heart of Colombo like the Central Bank Building which  they did on 31 January, 1996, killing 86 and injuring 1338; like the Kebitigollawa Bus massacre on 15 June 2006 by your pet Tamil Tigers, killing 64 unarmed  civilians

including children and Buddhist monks, and injuring 39 others;  like the Aranthalawa massacre of novice Buddhist monks, 33 of them together with their mentor at Aranthalawa on 2 June, 1987.  They were on a pilgrimage to an ancient Buddhist temple in Kelaniya in a bus which was ambushed by your pet Tamil Tigers, stormed the bus, some novice monks were shot dead at point blank range and others were hacked to death and chopped and mutilated with machetes; like shooting and killing 120 Buddhist devotees (I am a Sinhalese Buddhist) by your pet Tamil Tigers. The devotees were meditating under the sacred Bodhi tree in the sacred city of Anuradhapura and injuring 85 others on 14  May 1985, during the Buddhist Vesak celebrations,

I suppose I am too harsh on you lot at the Brampton City Council, as such  recognition of certain days of the calendar by the Council, could only be considered if there is an application requesting for the recognition of such a Remembrance Day by a particular Brampton community.   Since there are many reasons for such a solemn Remembrance Day wanting by Sinhalese-Canadians in Brampton, I hope that if and when the Sinhalese-Sri Lankan -Canadians in your fair City make such a request, I hope as a peace offering that you and your Councillors will pass such a motion proposed and seconded by two of your Councillors and voted to adopt it unanimously.  That is kosher and that is the way to go.  And remember that, they too have a vote like the Bramptonian-Tamils when Provincial elections come along.

My anger is visceral Mayor Brown for not recognizing the above massacres and killings of the Sinhalese by your  serial killer Tamil Tiger terrorist pets,  as if those killed and injured by them were not children of your same God as of those Tamils you have recognized who you say were killed by Sri Lankan Forces, and you all labeled it as Genocide.”?  I say Pox to you and your councillors for that callous, insensitive, hurtful aberration of my Sinhalese people.  Give me a break Mayor Brown and ask your Councillors to give a break too without being such insensitive fools.   You all had a  choice. You all could have rightfully rejected such a request as it borders on ‘political controversy’, and straining the harmony between the Tamils and Sinhalese communities in Brampton. You as the Mayor of Brampton and your Councillors are guilty of that collective political vote buying selfish mischief.

I am incensed that you have difficulty to recognize that, with the killing of Velupillai Prabhakaran, the leader of your Tamil Tiger pets and annihilating these ruthless terrorists by the Sri Lankan armed forces, that the Sri Lankan armed forces did an amazing International Human Rights prized justice and keeping Human Rights alive and well. They gave back to 21 million Sri Lankan peoples their right-to-life which was hijacked by Prabhakaran and his Tigers for 27-bloodying years, which takes precedence to everything else in the menu of Human Rights.  How come that you all were acting like a bunch of  bleeding-heart jerks? So, Mayor Brown, I see that you have joined the yellow belly-aching  Tamil separatists in your City. You are singing the harmony of their Chorus: We got one more Canadian Sucker in our net, a vote hungry clown, it’s Brampton’s Patrick Brown.” That is the rub Mayor and that is just too bad. And that is how the  Political Bleeding-heart Cookies crumble.

You know what Mayor Brown, with that Sri Lanka’s Tamil Genocide” proclamation, my crystal ball reading says, there will be a day in a fews years down the road the relentless supporter of the mythical Tamil Eelam carved out of Sri Lanka’s North, Mayor Patrick Brown of Brampton will christen that fair city as ‘Brampeelam’, when the majority of the pôpulation of the City of Brampton will be of Tamils of Sri Lanka. That will be the aggressive demand by your Tamil community.  Want to wage a bet on it, Mayor Brown!  Write my Crystal Ball prediction on a piece of paper and bury it in a time-capsule to be opened in 25 years, in the year 2045.  Bury the time-capsule under the Council Chamber Speaker’s Chair.  And the Speaker will declare every Council session welcoming the Councillors with the greeting Wannakkam.” You bet!

I know Mayor Brown that you have been going after the Sri Lankan Government relentlessly for their wanting to annihilate the Tamil Tiger terrorists that you had adopted as your pets and giving them cover in the Canadian parliament when you were the MP for Barrie.  And as you may remember I didn’t let you get away that easily by following your footsteps when you were trying to squish my Sinhalese clan under your Conservative jackboot, calling you a damn Big HUMBUG”.

Mayor Brown, on December 6th, 2012, I wrote you as a response to your ‘Press Release on Sri Lanka human rights violations’, when you were still the Conservative MP for Barrie, Ontario:

This was an amazing essay based on lies and misinformation.  You have right through your career as an MP have shot your poison darts at Sri Lanka supporting the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) Tamil Diaspora.  Fair enough Patrick, as I don’t expect anything different from you as you seem to have a lot of separatist-Tamils as friends in the GTA.  And also notice that you have twinned with the NDP Tamil MP for Scarborough-Rouge River, Rathika Sitsabaiesan, helping her to peddle the Channel 4, anti- Sri Lanka video Killing Fields”, with AI’s John Argue not far behind you two like a pathetic puppy, but  you never showed the video Lies Agreed Upon” that debunks the Channel 4’s Killing Fields”.  And that tells much about your dis-affection for Sri Lanka and hiding the truth.  And I don’t like it as I am originally from Sri Lanka, and a good Sinhalese to boot and who is passionate about my Motherland, Sri Lanka, and will not allow anyone, MP or no MP,  hurt my Motherland unfairly. Period.

It was reported that you said, Mr. Brown is also greatly concerned over reports of attacks, continued harassments and detention of Jaffna student leaders.  He calls upon the Sri Lankan authorities to exercise restraint, to respect peaceful demonstrations and release the students immediately.”

As a response on 6 December 2012, I wrote you, No you don’t release student leaders immediately” who are suspected to have thrown a petrol bomb into the office of the Tamil Eelam Liberation Organization (TELO) around 3:30 A.M. on November 29, which is situated near the University campus.  You cannot expect the Government let loose the students without interrogating to find out their motives and what they were expecting to do in the future.  That is normal practice before their actions get out of hand and force the Sri Lankan Government to take more drastic measures.

Patrick, just in case you missed in today’s (6 December) The Ottawa Citizen on page 2 has this news item. Quebec student protester sentenced, but says it’s not over.  A prominent figure in Quebec’s student protest movement has been sentenced to 120 hours of community service for a contempt of court conviction following the rowdy events of the so called Maple Spring”.  This guy didn’t even throw a petrol bomb like the Tamil student did in Jaffna.

Well , Patrick, that is how your Canada deals with students violent protests and not releasing them immediately”.  It is no different from Sri Lanka.  So let’s cut out your pretentious, I am Patrick Bown, the Conservative MP for Barrie, and I say, ‘We are Holier Than Thou’, so do what I say.”  That’s a lot of obnoxious poppycock, Patrick.

I wrote you on October 17, 2009  …..  Patrick, I just heard you on Youtube whining about the Sri Lankan Government refusing to give you and your Conservative colleague Paul Calandra (Oak Ridges-Markham) visas to visit IDP Camps in the North of Sri Lanka.  You were spitting Dragon breath all over the Sri Lankan Government. Nasty! Nasty!!

The question that I would ask you is, Who the heck do you think you are Patrick.  Why should the Sri Lankan Government issue you a visa anyway? After all you are not projecting a clout saying that you are a Cabinet Minister when the Canadian Government had already rejected visas for five Sri Lankan Ministers, like the Tamil Cabinet Minister Douglas Devananda from the North.  I hope you heard the diplomatic jargon, which is part of their working manual lexicon reciprocity”   The Government of Sri Lanka would be within their rights to say Touche” to you MP Patrick Brown and  MP Paul Calandra.”

On July 3rd, 2010, I wrote you with a heading  Patrick Brown: Tamils are law abiding” he says.  What nonsense!  (You were the Conservative MP for Barrie then).

Your Government of Canada’s message on behalf of Prime Minister Stephen Harper to the Tamil community in Canada down right pissed off” this card carrying Conservative.  You may wonder why?………

That message not only insulted me, but also all other law abiding” Canadians and insulted and tarnished some good hard working Tamils whose main thrust is to be law abiding” citizens, living by the law of their adopted country, and bring up their young families contributing intellectually and financially to the wealth of our great nation that gave them a home…….

But Patrick, you are too young at 32 to suffer from Alzheimer’s which also brings memory loss.  The Tamils are ‘law abiding’ you said.  That’s a load of crap Patrick.  There are 10,000 hard core Tamil Tiger terrorists roaming our streets and some of them were from the Ocean Lady” that landed on the shores of Vancouver last October, and the Immigration Department let them loose…..

Remember how the 10-thousand gutless Tamils who were cowards to use kids on strollers, and seniors as shields to protest closing the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto which no other community in Canada had ever done.  That was no law-abiding” citizenry, are they now, Patrick.  That message was a load of codswallop insulting every other law-abiding citizen in this country, and you have a memory loss, haven’t you Patrick?”

So with all this poppycock that you are trying to convince us that there was Genocide of the Tamils in Sri Lanka.  Really!  Tell me Mayor Brown, were you hallucinating when you decided to recognize May 18 as Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day” in Brampton.  What Genocide, may I ask you Mayor Brown?”

When the Lying Liberals  5 – Robert Oliphant, Jim Karygiannis, Derek Lee, Judy Sgro and Albina Guarnieri, announced that there was ‘Genocide’ in Sri Lanka during the last five months of the 360 month Eelam War, when challenged as I have just done with you, they had no answers and they choked.  This was during the famous Emergency Debate on Sri Lanka in the Parliament’s Chamber on February 4, 2009, which I christened as the  Canada Parliament’s Tamil Tiger Blarney Gong-Show.”  Every time a parliamentarian stood up and denounced the Sri Lankan Government, he or she would look up at the Gallery where Tamils were sardine packed to get a reaction.  More or less asking the Tamils, You saw me spitting at the Sri Lanka Government, now give me your vote.”

Let’s get this right once and for all Mayor Brown.  So the Canadian City of Brampton recognizes May 18 as Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day”

you all, announced.

Tamil Genocide” you say.  I challenge you and your Councillors of the City of Brampton, to prove that there indeed was Genocide”.  What  Genocide”

I call you lot as a bunch of no good God damn Liars and Humbugs.  Show me the bodies 40,000 of them which is bandied around.  Show me the skeletons!

Here’s where you and your Councillors fall flat on your faces.  None of the 295,873 Tamil refugees who were marched from the west coast to the east coast for 30 harrowing months,  like unwashed cattle under a scorching Jaffna-Killinochchi sun, as a Human Shield by the Tamil Tigers,  complained that they were forced by the Sri Lankan Forces to fall on their knees and claw the kabook earth to dig deep trenches to bury the alleged 40,000 killed Tamil bodies;

*No one complained that there were 10 backhoes digging trenches feverishly day and night to to bury the 40,000 killed Tamil bodies;

*No one, not even Amnesty International,  Human Rights Watch nor Red Cross ,  complained that there were nasty, smelly black plumes of smoke snaking towards heaven, from burning tyres used to burn the dead Tamil bodies killed by the Sri Lankan Forces;

*No one along the east coast of Tamil Nadu reported that there were 100s and 100sl of Tamil dead bodies that were washed ashore presumably dumped mid-sea by the Sri Lankan Navy speed boats.

Then where the hell did you think they hid 40,000 dead bodies, Mayor Brown.  Let’s have an answer.  Let’s have the end product without parroting  the vindictive comments by Tamil separatists and sympathiszers.  Certainly not what the UN says, which we are told is a cesspool of political bias.”

Do you know what Mayor Brown, in every war statistics, the injured are twice the number of those who were killed.  My 2nd Grade simple arithmetic says, if that is the case, what the heck happened to the 80,000 Tamils who were injured.  Did the Red Cross find that the numbers were too large to handle,  and let the wounded die on either side of the war theatre.  Shame! Not being able to provide 160,000 crutches to the Injured to hobble away from harm’s way, the bleeding-hearts let them die in the open and rot away under the hot tropical sun.  Shame on you bleeding hearts!  Aren’t you and your Brampton Councillors, bleeding hearts not concerned about the 80,000 injured.  Don’t you want to find out what happened to the 80,000 wounded  Tamils.,  No one seems to be concerned about them.  Where were the voices of Ban Ki-Moon, Navi Pillay. Darusman, Ratne and Sooka.  Am I to accept that they are all a bunch of Sri Lanka hating bullies    No wonder, I have come to the conclusion that all these characters are a bunch of bullies and insensitive Humbugs.  Give me a break, Mayor Brown.  I want answers. I charge you and your Council of ethnic bias.

Getting back to Brampton City Council voting unanimously to declare May 18 as Tamil Genocide Remembrance day,   I read the Thank You note by TGTE to Mayor Brown.

It said Recognize that these crimes against the Tamil Nation in Sri Lanka constitute a genocide”:

I (AW) differ in that provocative thought.  Tamils do not have a”Tamil Nation in Sri Lanka”  Tamils of Sri Lanka most certainly have their nation in Tamil Nadu, just 18  salt-sea miles away in Tamil Nadu, where 82,08 million of their kith and kin live.  Tamil Nadu is where they came from.

If there indeed is a Tamil nation, I wonder why 54% of the Tamil population live in the south of the island away from their mythical Tamil Nation.”

I wonder why their -lingams, Sothylingam, Suntharalingam, Rasalingam,  Arasalingam,  Jothilingam, Sivalingam and Dharmalingam, all want to live in Colombo.  I suppose their mythical ‘Tamil Nation’ up in the north doesn’t excite them  at all.  That is strange isn’t it.  

The motion says –    WHEREAS, The Tamil Genocide began with the arrest, exile, and murder of thousands of Tamil intellectuals, and political, religious leaders and…

I (AW) differ as all that was a crotch full of codswallop.  No Tamil was exiled.  That riot in July 1983, was a God’s send for the Tamils when all the floodgates of the west were opened for them.  Let us get this right Mayor Brown.

It was luck of the draw. Anyone who could afford to buy an airplane ticket took off to a western country, thumbing their noses at their Motherland, India.  They got into the plane with a legitimate passport and when they landed, it was a case of using the magic words A-B-R-A-C-A-D-A-B-R-A and  swaying the  magic wand over the passport and it disappeared and when they landed there were no official document and they applied for refugee status.  They were lucky as 85% of the Tamils who landed didn’t have a snowball chance in hell to get into Canada if they had applied to immigrate on the point system.

But, here is what is interesting Mayor Brown.  All these Tamil Convention refugees who by right shouldn’t be returning to the country  they ran away  from because  of persecution,  but all who saved enough Canadian dollars to buy a return ticket to Sri Lanka, by every October, November and December find that their parents were dying of cancer  and go to the Sri Lanka High Commission in Ottawa, with a telegram from home saying, Father or Mother dying of cancer, come home immediately” wanting a travel document to go home.  What is interesting is that it is only the Tamil parents die from Cancer during the holiday months of  October, November and December, and praise the Lord, the Sinhalese, Muslim and Burgher parents are lucky not to be victims to cancer in October, November  and December every year.

Paul Kaihla, Senior Writer for  Maclean’s (April 29, 1996) says, According to Consular Section of the Sri Lanka High Commission, more than 8,600 Sri Lankans with refugee claims pending in Canada applied for travel documents to visit Sri Lanka in 1992.  The following year was 5,865.   If those refugee claimants feared persecution in their homeland, why were they eager to return.”    Go figure that one out Mayor Brown.  Ha! Convention Refugees, my foot.  What a farce!

The motion says – WHEREAS, the regime in control of Sri Lanka planned and executed the unspeakable atrocities committed against the Tamil people from 1958 through 2009 which included the torture, starvation and murder of more than 100,000 Tamils;

I (AW) differ from all these charges and I tell the writer that it is all heinous crap.  If he/she is counting the Tamils who are missing from the North and East, you may find them in Canada, UK, US, Norway, France, Germany, Switzerland, Australia.  And if you are good at counting  from 1 to 50,000, you could find them in those countries and others.  All gone as refugees.

At least half of 100,000 are the Sinhalese that your Tamil Tigers murdered,

massacred and chopped to death, like the Dollar and Kent Farm massacres (30 November 1984);  Sacred City of Anuradhapura massacres (14 May, 1985); bomb blast at Central Telegraph Office in Colombo (7 May 1986); Kithuluthua Bus attack (17 April 1987); Aranthalawa massacre (2 June 1987); Kattankudy Muslim Mosque massacre (3 August 1990); Dehiwala Train Massacre (24 July 1996);  Massacre of Irrigation Workers in Welikanda (29 May 2006); Seenigama Bus Blast (6 January 2007). 

I tell the writer to stop painting the Tamil Tigers lily white nor to tell the

World that they were innocent Babes in the Woods, and Paragons of Virtue,   Rubbish! We were told by the UN that your Tamil Tigers were the most ruthless terrorists in the World. Not al Qaeda, not Taliban, and it were the Tamil Tigers who won the trophy for the Best Killers in Terrorism –  the Blood Soaked Red Marble Cake.  So let’s stop spewing this crap, writer, whoever you are.

Mayor Brown, here is the incident  that will punch a deep hole and dissipate yours and your Councillors claim that there was indeed  ‘Genocide’ of  the Tamils in Sri Lanka.

One would have expected that the 295,873 Tamil refugees who were used as a Human Shield for 30 months by the Tamil Tigers and rescued from the clutches of the Tamil Tigers  by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces would have been easy fodder for an act of Genocide.

But, absolutely, nothing of such killings by the armed forces happened.  No doubt you and your Councillors may be surprised.

These 295,873 Tamil refugees were housed in temporary camps and were

sustained by three hearty meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner every day and a million meals a day were prepared to feed them.  It was a laboratory performing  Human Rights.   And it were the Sinhalese and Government soldiers who were involved in preparing a million meals a day, did it with smiles on their faces.   Are you surprised?   You are lobster-pink with embarrassment, aren’t you?

City of Brampton recognises May 18 as Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day” you say.  And I say,  Tamil Genocide, my foot!

Your story of ‘Genocide’ is a lie… is Tamil Blarney…is not worth two prairie straws swaying in the wind, nor two dead capelin found  on the shores of Middle Cove in Newfoundland.

 Did I not tell you that There’s a Sucker born every minute.” 

All of you should go and look at yourselves in the Mirror.


WHEREAS you as the Mayor of Brampton, Ontario, who with your Councillors voted unanimously to declare 18 May, 2019,  as the Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day”,  I, Asoka Weerasinghe of Ottawa,  challenge you for a debate, that your premise is a lie, as that Tamil Genocide in Sri Lanka never took place.

The venue to be at the Brampton City Hall Chamber, the day and time to be specified by you.  The  Moderator of the Debate to be mutually agreed upon by us.

WHEREAS, if Patrick Brown, Mayor of Brampton needs an incentive for this

debate, I, Asoka Weerasinghe of Ottawa is agreeable to provide 30 seconds after the debate for all the Brampton City Councillors to stand 20 feet in front of me to pelt me with rotten eggs and tomatoes, accompanied by a chorus of Boos” from your Bramptonian separatist Tamil friends.

 I will submit to this incentive only if I am allowed to wear a helmet as I will not trust any of your Councillors, who might want to replace a poultry egg with a lapidary egg of a rock.”

Let’s do it Mayor Patrick Brown.  I have followed your bitterness towards my beautiful Motherland, Sri Lanka, that nurtured me during the first 19- formative years of my life, and I am still romancing her.  I want to get it off my chest. The bottom line is, no one, absolutely no one is going to hurt my Motherland unfairly.  And that is  a No,No.  And that’s the bottom line.


Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.)

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