Senthil Thondaman on unauthorized courses by Islamic universities in Tamil schools
Posted on May 4th, 2019

Courtesy Adaderana

Uva Province Tamil Education Minister Senthil Thondaman claims that two foreign Islamic universities are conducting courses inside Tamil schools in the province without the approval of his ministry, and that mainly non-Muslim students are being taught.

We looked into this. 520 are taking the course, but only 20 of them are Muslim children. The remaining 50 are Hindu and Christian children,” he said on Friday (03).

He says that they are teaching Arabic and the Quran to these students and that it is surprising as to why they are teaching non-Muslim children the Arabic language and the Quran.

The provincial minister said that this has been carried out without his permission and that the Secretary to his ministry has informed his that an inquiry will be launched. He also said that the CID had obtained all the relevant information from them.

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