Tamils should forget the past
Posted on May 4th, 2019

Dr Sarath obeysekera 

This is the time for Tamil Brotheren to forget the past and unite with Sinhalese to fight terrorism

As Muslims speak Tamil our brothers can infiltrate and provide advanced information about any radical movement among Muslims to security agencies Tamils should also remember that same Tamil speaking Muslims were providing information of Tigers to law enforcement agencies Tamils in the north should allow Muslims to return to north so that they are under their radar Emergency laws has given much power to security forces and they can check any unlawful activity in the north . That means any possibility of  revival of Tiger movement will also be remote. India from now on may not back Tamil separatism as they will be more involved in Suppression of Muslim radicalism Both Sinhalese and Tamils are of similar religions in someway believing in reincarnation and void of fancy    Muslim ideology of going to heaven to taste virgins It is high time we move our gear and spread both religions Hindu and Buddhism ,because we both believe in non violence ,  Metta and Karuna
Dr Sarath obeysekera 

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