Few very serious questions before the nation
Posted on May 17th, 2019

Sudath Gunasekara

25. 5.2019

1 Why did the PM directed police to use ICCPR (2Why Two different Laws are invoked, one for Muslims and  another  for Sinhala youths, that has resulted in quicker and more serious punishment. Isn’t it a gross discrimination against the majority community ?

2 Why did he took the law in to his hand when there was an acting Minister in charge of the Subject of Defense  Ruwan Wijewardhana legally appointed by the President?

3 why did he made an extraordinary quick visit to the areas affected?

4 How far his orders, obviously self assumed, given at a rather unconventional Cabinet meeting held in the absence of the President perhaps without his consent,  are legally valid in the absence of proper delegation of power an authority.?

5 Doesn’t this incident  highlights another serious incident of absence of Government in this country?

6 Who is actually responsible for this state of gross anarchy?

7 Does’nt this means a case of the PM to light his Suruttuwa when the nations beard is on fire?

8 Who will take the responsibility for all chaos  resulting from this dangerous decision?

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  1. Randeniyage Says:

    All others are approving his action, being silent.
    Why can’t Sirisena, who could dismiss him and appoint someone else in one second, get the Amith Weerasinghe and other innocent Sinhala people released immediately ? Of course those actual thugs and their masters should be punished, not released whether Sinhala or Muslim.

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