No. of complaints against Kurunegala doctor rises to 116
Posted on May 28th, 2019

Courtesy Adaderana

Sixty-five more mothers who had their Caesarian surgeries under Dr. Mohamed Shafi of Kurunegala Hospital have filed complaints against the doctor today (28). Accordingly, 116 complaints have been received from mothers claiming that they had not conceived children following a Caesarian surgery by the doctor.

The mother who delivered through Caesarean surgeries under Dr. Mohamed Shafi submitted their complaints to the Kurunegala Teaching Hospital since this morning.

Fifty-one complaints against Dr. Mohamed Shafi were submitted to the hospitals yesterday (27).

Ten mothers who had been treated under the said doctor while he was serving at the Dambulla Base Hospital lodged their complaints at the Dambulla Police and the hospital, today.

The coordinating officer of the Kurunegala Teaching Hospital stated that mother from Dambulla area can submit their complaints against Dr. Shafi to the Kurunegala hospital as well.

Meanwhile, the Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) has rejected the 6-member committee appointed by the Health Ministry to investigate the activities of Dr. Mohamed Shafi.

The doctors’ and nurses’ trade unions of the Kurunegala Hospital has informed the Hospital Director that they would not assist the committee appointed by the Health Ministry on their investigations against Dr. Shafi.

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  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    Govt Bans LRT on Women and Vasectomy on Men After Bodhu Bala Sena Protested Against Birth Control to Protect Dwindling Sinhala Race

    24 February 2013

    By Chrishanthi Christopher

    Last week the government sent out a communiqué to all government hospitals and private institutions banning all irreversible family planning methods that control birth.

    Following the ban Maternity Hospitals and Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that do Ligation and Resection of Tubes (LRT) on women and Vasectomy on men shelved their plans and struck off all scheduled procedures from the hospital registers. This follows an announcement by the government that the procedures should not be carried out on women and men unless it is done for medical purposes.

    Maternity Hospitals, Gynaecology Units of Base Hospitals and NGOs dealing with population control came under deep shock. They say that the government’s call comes without any warning.

    Health Ministry, Secretary, Dr. Nihal Jayatilake said that the procedure hitherto being done on men and women should not be carried out unless it is for a medical reason. He refused to explain the reasons for the ban but stressed that none of the NGOs are allowed to carry out any permanent birth control methods. “This is government policy,” he said.

    Ironically this call come at time when the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS), a movement claiming to be protecting Sinhala culture and values called on the government to put an end to all irreversible methods of birth control claiming that the Sinhala nation is dwindling.

    Against their will

    They say that women and men of the productive age group are pushed into accepting the procedure against their will by certain NGOs who have vested interests. The BBS General Secretary, Gala Boda Atte Gnanasara Thera told Ceylon Today that the Sinhala women who go to the hospitals to give birth are unwittingly opting for the procedure. He blamed the midwives and attendants in the hospitals for misleading young mothers who come there for confinement. “They are trained to advocate the procedure to young mothers. We are against this type of behaviour. Our women are misled or pushed into believing that they should not have more than two children,” he said.

    Gnanasara Thera said that the Family Planning Law of 1973 is outdated and cannot be applied today. The Act states that women in the age group of 26 years and above are eligible for family planning “Those days men and women got married early and they had many children at that age. But now they start life at 30 years,” he said.

    “The government has got to intervene and ban the procedure before it is too late. There is a conspiracy, our Sinhala population is declining,” Gnanasara Thera added.

    He claimed that in the Tamil populated areas, the doctors inform the women and men of the repercussions of the surgical procedures and do not advocate it till they are over 40 years.

    Government has to intervene

    Pointing a finger at the NGO Marie Stope International, he said that funding for the birth control procedures are done by them. In addition he says that illegal abortions are also being carried out by the institution. “They have a sinister aim behind it,” he said.

    However, the Family Health Bureau and the Family Health associations who are in collaboration with Marie Stope International and help it perform the sterilization procedures say that it is totally wrong to say that the mothers and fathers are pushed into this. “It is a misconception. It is purely voluntary and only if they opt for the procedure the surgery is done,” Family Health Chief Dr. Deepthi Perera said.

    “Now even we are trying to revise the age limit for this procedure. We are thinking of raising the age limit to 35 and above,” she said.

    However, critics argue that the ban will only put older women at risk and drive them to illegal abortion. It is reasoned out that with the ban the older women who have teenage or adult children and would like to have an LRT procedure would be deprived. They maintain that women with grown up children would like to have a permanent method of contraception.

    In such instances when and if they get pregnant they would not like to get help from the family planning units and would be pushed to other resources. Most often than not they will seek the help of illegal abortion clinics that would charge them exorbitantly and even put their lives in danger.

    It is also argued that abortion parlours which would mushroom and quacks and half baked doctors would perform abortions on mothers most often using makeshift theatres and often not following sterilization methods that could turn aseptic and put the mothers at risk or even kill them.

    The Family Health Association (FPA), also a family planning organization has shelved all its scheduled LRT procedures until further notice.

    “It is banned, we cannot challenge the government’s decision … the repercussions would be unplanned pregnancies,” said a doctor at the FPA who wished to be anonymous.

    “We use to do around 30 procedures once a month and now everything has to be cancelled,” the doctor said.

    The Human Rights Commission welcomed the move and said that it is the right to life. Its Chairman Prathiba Mahanamahewa said according to the Human Rights Declaration of 1948 and the Political Rights Convention, everybody has a right to life.

    “It is an individual right and this is another issue,” he said.

    The Colombo Archbishop’s House also expressed its pleasure for the move to ban the birth control methods. “We believe that birth control and abortions are sinful and we welcome the move,” Fr. Benedict Joseph of the Archbishop’s House told Ceylon Today.

    “The ban opens up for birth and it is in keeping with the teaching of the church,” he said.


    LRT is a simple procedure done under local anaesthesia and is performed in a theatre for 20 to 30 minutes. The patient goes home the same day. The procedure will not have any effect on the menstrual cycle of the women.


    Male sterilization or vasectomy is a minor surgery taking only 10 to 15 minutes, also done under local anaesthesia. Post surgery there will be no effect on the sexuality or quality or quantity of the ejaculatory fluid of the person.

  2. Dilrook Says:

    Partly wrong move.

    The government should reintroduce permanant birth control in women with two or more children. It must be mandatory for all women.

    Right to life has nothing to do with it.

    On the positive side, it is partly a good move as it removes the gravest threat to the nation’s survival.

    All patriots must be thankful to BBS and the President. It doesn’t matter who did it, we must give credit where it is due. If BBS wins votes for this good and very bold move, so be it.

    Surely the Opposition failed in its responsibility.

  3. dingiri bandara Says:

    It is believed that the churches and mosques help the poor families with children, financially. One of the reasons why many Buddhists try not to have more than one or two children is because they cannot afford to support more. They want to give a good life to the ones they have. The Buddhist temples do not support families. Most of the temples accumulate so much wealth and some monks live luxurious lives. The latest is some of them use their wealth to spread that they have become Ara hats.
    The BBS need to set up an organizations to help the poor Sinhalese Buddhists families in housing, employment and education of the children. I will contribute in whatever way I can. Even now I do help some poor families in my own way. The Sinhalese Buddhist diaspora living outside Sri Lanka can afford to support such an organization without getting politically involved. Some of them are fabulously rich..
    Hope that I will not be called a racist. Believe me this the only way to save the Sinhalese.
    And once more I say that all Sinhalese need to unite in order to save ourselves.

  4. aloy Says:

    Today in Hiru news they showed a group of SLFP ministers appealing to give advise to the GOSL to make it mandatory not to have more than two children in a family. I wonder how these idiots arrived at this figure. Or have they all been bribed by the usual source in exchange for support. With two children the population will dwindle as some of those children will emigrate or some parents will have one or none. So, these people do not understand simple logic.

    From the time of Gadafi there have been a very secretive plan to change the demographics of SL. When I wrote about it in this site in 2014, someone was bribed with lots of money and I nearly went 6 ft under. The Kurunegala affair has started in 2009. Perhaps CKDu also may be a similar thing started by the same people. The aim is- destroy the Sinhala heartland, the Rajarata. I believe it is a good time to stop sending house maid to ME and give them an allowance to stay at home and contribute to stabilize the Sinhala population. They can also be trained on other areas of economy to engage in work that can be done in SL. When they go out their families and they themselves get destroyed.

  5. Ananda-USA Says:

    With living costs zooming out of sight, most Sinhala families cannot afford more than two children. That, more than medical intervention, is the real limiting family size.

    On the otherhand, I agree with dingiri banda and aloy that Sinhala Buddhist people need to rear more children if Sinhala Buddhists are to remain the majority community in Sri Lanka.

    I am already acting, as dingiri banda has urged, as my main goal in the remaining years of my life, to adopt and assist orphaned/ abandoned/ needy Sinhala children (and their parents if any), and transform them into highly skilled, productive and patriotic Sri Lankan citizens.

    I urge them NEVER to EMIGRATE from this resplendent lovely islaund of ours.

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