All Traitors and anti- Sinhala, anti- Buddhist elements getting together under Sajit Premadasa for the final assault on the Sinhala Buddhist nation; to wipe out the 2500 year old Sinhala Buddhist civilization in this country.
Posted on November 3rd, 2019

Dr. Sudath Gunaekara

I am appealing to all Sinhalese to awake, arise and vote the correct person on the 16th  if you want to save this nation and our beloved motherland.

Now that today the TNA and its allies have at last declared they have decided to support Sajit Premadasa and Sajit has not said anything up to now on the 23 demands Tamil Parties have made has confirmed this underhand deal. Ranil and Rajitha Senaratna have been almost residing there for the past one week addressing meetings and meeting Tamil politicians wooing the Tamils on behalf of Sajith. Probably they must have already signed the agreement betraying the Sinhala nation and the motherland as they all ways do.

I appeal to all UNP Sinhalese to take this very seriously and refrain from voting Sajit, if you want to save the Sinhala nation and the Motherland for your children and posterity. Please remember if you vote Sajit and he wins by any chance that is the end of the Sinhala nation and the motherland protected from all enemies to us by our ancestors for the past 2500 years. Thereafter you and your children have no country of your own to live.  It is not a question of SLFP vs UNP or Rajapaksa vs Premadasa. It is a struggle between life and death and a matter of survival for a nation. Therefore please go to the polling station early morning on the 16th and cast you to vote for Gotabhaya Rajapaksa if you want a country to live forgetting all your political differences.

 I also want all my readers to read the following news item immediately and look at the names of the key persons rallied round in the South to support Sajit to become the President of this country in order to support these extremist Tamil conspirators to wipe out the Sinhala nation and Buddhism from the surface of this planet.

Chandrika Kumaratunga,

Ranil Wickramasingha.

Wikramabahu Karunaratna,

Rajita senaratna

Chatura Senaratna

Champika Ranawaka 

Rauf Hakeem,

Rishars Badurdeen,

Prof Chandragupa Thenuwara

Saman Ratnapriya

Dambara  Amila

 Asad Sali”.

(I am surprised that the names of people like Gamini Viyangoda, Victor Ivan, Sumantiram, Pro Ratnajeevan Hoole, Hisbulla, Savul Hameed, Digambaran, Mervin Silva and Vignesvaran are not given in the list. Nevertheless, they must be there somewhere at least providing the background music and funds). It is noteworthy that almost all these people are already there in the UNP led by Ranil Wickramasinha).

I don’t think I need to say anything about each of these Dignitaries” as perhaps you know better and the whole country also know them from Adam

Nevertheless, I would just highlight a few among them who play a leading role in this treachery and national crime.

Chanrika Badaranayaka alias Kumaratunga.

She is the woman who first broke away from SLFP and formed Mahajana Paksaya against the SLFP with her husband Vijaya Kumaratunga and later joined the SLFP in 1993 to oust her own brother Anura. Then she betrayed her own great parents and the whole nation and the country during her 11 years in office as the President both in her speeches and actions. She is also the one who wanted to hand over the North and the East to Prabhakaran for 10 years. Then she tried to introduce a New Constitution called the Package in 1997, popularly known as Pottaniya, as JR named it. During her tenure she criticized all the SLFP policies like the Sinhala only policy of her own Father, giving foremost place to Buddhism which her mother did and who publicly said the problems of this country could never be solved until the Sinhala Buddhist majoritarian mindset is finally defeated.  She also said that she feels sad that she was born a Sinhalese as her son once said and finally instigated Maitripala Sirisena quit SLFP and join the UNP as the Common candidate in Nov 2014 to defeat the Sinhala Buddhist forces lead by Mahinda Rajapaksa  and committed the biggest treachery against this country and the nation by Installing Ranil and his rogue clique. What happened thereafter you all know, for which the patriotic people of this country will never forgive her.

I quote here the best testimonial ever said on her by none other than her own Mother, to me when I was working as her (Mrs B) Secretary in 1994. Sudath Chandrika kelinne okkoma pissu, man kiyana kisideyak ahanne ne” and now I think this perhaps is the last of that long list of Pissukeli by her in her last days of political rejection and oblivion.

Ranil Wickramasingha

About Ranil I don’t think I need to say a word as any tiny tot in this country will know his long list of political bungling ever since his illegal appointment as PM by an exited President Sirisena on Jan 8th, 2015. But I am compelled to say that he is the only Prime Minister in the whole world who has gone down in history as the one who robbed the nation’s Central Bank by conspiring, aiding and abetting and yet continues as the PM with Impunity and he is also the man who destroyed that Grand Old Political Party, the UNP by misleading it for 25 long years without allowing anyone to emerge as a second rank leader to take over the Party and finally cleverly put the poor Sajit to the political guillotine which the poor man driven by pride self -conceit and ignorance, swallowed it with hook, line, and sinker and got destroyed himself. Even if Sajit win by some miracle Ranil says he is the PM. But Sajit says otherwise

About the rest in the list, and all those behind this treacherous move I leave it for you to do your homework. The gospel truth I can say about this whole bunch is that all these people including the man appearing as a Buddhist monk is that they all are anti-Sinhala, anti-Buddhist and anti-national conspirators working on an agenda on extremism, communalism, separatism and foreign money pumped in to NGOO to destabilize and destroy this 2500-year-old Sinhala Buddhist civilization in this country.

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