Aiyo! My country
Posted on November 4th, 2019

FR. J. C. PEIRIS Galle Courtesy The Island


It is most likely that Ali Baba and the 225 thieves will creep back into the den of Diyawannawa yet again for five years of robbing and pillaging the country; another five years of selling our women to slavery and our resources for paltry commissions; another five years of alienating our harbours, airports and land for 99 years or for good. This time not even god Sakra will be able to protect our Central Bank and our Employees Provident Fund. There will be taxes on taxes on taxes and the price of basic food items will rocket into the stratosphere. The boot licking civil administration will morph into a brood of human jellyfish; again there will be a few women and men of integrity, in the pool, wasting away their life. Rampant trafficking of drugs, prostitution, thuggery and lawlessness will be the order of the day. Breakdown of education, health care and public transport will be inevitable. Freedom of speech and of the media will deteriorate. Finally my country will be divided between America, China and India and we will be strangers in our own motherland.      

I am neither a soothsayer nor a prophet of doom. I am deducing the above from what has gone before for the last 71 years, and especially what happened after the seventies. The two leading candidates from the UNP and the SLFP (SLPP is an offshoot of SLFP) are screaming in competition, to grant people everything under the sun and the moon; lies, lies and damn lies. But there are plenty of morons in this country who believe them! Look at their rallies; how expensive to organize them and where is the money? I suppose Aloysius and drug lords are generously spending. The average low IQ of the country, and the still extant feudal mentality, are no help to put this country on the right track to eliminate poverty with its sovereignty intact and independence guaranteed. 

And that is what we hoped for and worked for promoting the Autochthonous Constitution and the non-violent system revolution. But it was blocked by the powers that are and their cats’ paws. They are deadly in fear of it. The so called alternative groups and their candidates are each going their own way to oblivion. The JVP, the safety valve of the corrupt system, carries on faithful to its services to the powers that are. Nothing has changed; everything is working according to the evil designs of the kleptocracy.  

Is there still a possibility of a miracle? Will some candidate carry the Autochthonous Constitution to implementation even at this eleventh hour? I wonder.

The ordinary, free and honest citizen of this country is in a dilemma. What is s/he supposed to do on the 16th? S/he is supposed to vote for somebody to govern this country. There are 35 candidates. Only three of them matter. The rest are going to lose their deposits. But of the three the red one is of no consequence. They are in the race out of habit and just to safeguard their four seats in the den. Two seats are illegal! So there are only two candidates left and what difference does it make who wins?

As a Sri Lankan and a Catholic I cannot take the decision whom to vote for without taking into consideration what happened on Easter Sunday. The ‘insects’ who were responsible for the safety of this country had foreknowledge of the attack. They knew who was going to do what and where. With the connivance of a global power they looked aside and waited for it to happen. The defense establishment said: “We did not expect it to be so big, so horrible.” One of the 225 thieves whined: “Papa told me not to attend the Easter Sunday main mass.” The ‘insects’ began to point fingers at one another and finally, as usual, nobody took responsibility. For them it is Karma, it just happened like the Tsunami, the floods and the droughts. I accuse the entire governing apparatus of Ali Baba and the 225 thieves for the massacre of hundreds of mainly Catholics, but also of Christians, tourists and hotel staff. Immediately after the terrible tragedy the finance minister crowed that they got US$ 480 million. They are still crowing about it. Don’t the ‘insects’ realize it is blood money? Don’t touch that money and to hell with the Millennium Challenge Corporation Compact. It is the 30 pieces of silver paid to Judas! 

The three towns, Colombo-Kochchikade, Negombo-Katuwapitiya and Batticaloa sank to the depths of anguish and bereavement. Some little ones were simply vaporized and the people have not got over the enormity of the ‘Holocaust’. The relatives of the victims and the residents of those three localities were emotionally shattered and traumatized. They are still trying to cope with it and get back to normal life. And these ‘insects’ dare to come with their begging bowls seeking our vote. 

And so, to conclude, what shall we do on the 16th? People ask me what they should do on the 16th. Since there is no Autochthonous Constitution to vote for I do not know what to tell them. My personal problem as a Catholic, the dilemma, is how to vote for one of the two betraying my co-religionists and brethren, whose lives were extinguished in vain and so many remaining maimed? However ugly, rotten and stinking the current political reality is, we have to face it. We have to go to the polling booth; otherwise some ‘insect’ will steal our vote. These are the options: Tear the voting card and stuff the box with the pieces (Probably a useless exercise. At least it will not be stolen.) Or scratch out the card from top to bottom and write a few choice words of disgust (Since there will not be a None of the Above box to tick off.) or vote for the lesser evil. I still do not know what I would do on the 16th. I try to discern.

My discernment doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere. Look around the world. Many countries are not waiting for elections to get rid of their rotten, corrupt and evil governments. In South America, Africa, Middle East and Far East people are on the streets in huge mass protests day after day, month after month, forcing their governments to resign. Shall we learn a lesson from them? Is there no other way to get rid of Ali Baba and the 225 thieves and send them home, or to exile or to jail or to gallows? 



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  1. Ratanapala Says:

    Dear Catholic Father,

    Even after what happened on Easter Sunday, and over 6 months later you are still in a quandary whom to vote at the coming Presidential Election. Even though you cannot I am sure many Catholics know by now whom to vote. We know for over 30 years who ran with the hares and hunted with the LTTE Tigers. When Tiger Bombs were going all over the country many Church Insects knew the where and when of those happenings and many bombers found refuge and safe haven among the Church Insects!

    Please refrain from invoking the names of Buddhist gods and concept in your writing and try and use Christian / Catholic analogies for they are easy to be understood by your flock. It is better you substitute Jehovah for Sakra and God’s will for Karma. These are the nearest I can think of. As of late it has become a fashion to bring Buddhist concepts to ridicule. There is a Christian Brother going around shedding tears and trying to tell mainly Buddhist audiences that Anapana Sathi is simple breathing – just to site one example. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones in case you have forgotten!

    We are really sorry that the roofs of three Catholic / Christian Churches caved in on the worshipers praying for Jehovah and Jesus’ and in one place for St Anthony! It is up us to say perhaps it is their Karma and definitely not for you! Our sadness, sorrow and anguish are there for those who suffered due to the dastardly crime committed by ‘brain dead’ Wahabbi sickos. In a future government under Pohottuwa there will be better security for all. They will not allow such things to take place. This the majority Catholics know and they will vote accordingly. It is sad that there is still a minority who cannot shed their Tiger Cloaks!

    Sri Lanka needs a government to govern the country, but your sick solution is to bring people onto the streets. You are asking people to tear the ballot papers and spoil the ballot box the last place ordinary people have a say in what is still left of democracy in this country after 5 years of Jadapalanaya by Christian Ranil and Born Again lot who have hijacked the UNP! – And this coming out of the holy mouth of a clergyman. Pray tell us who will take over the country after street riots? Is this not another ploy to bring R2P intervention by Western Christian Powers.? Dear Father, your ‘slip’ and the ‘striped tail’ is showing!

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