Ranil and his Secret Pacts
Posted on November 4th, 2019

S. AKURUGODA Courtesy The Island


Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe hands over CFA document to then Norwegian Ambassador Jon Westborg

According to media reports, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has said that the agreement on the implementation of a US$ 480 million MCC grant would be signed before the presidential election, and asked why should it be rejected when government was receiving US$ 480 million under the grant?   His Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera has said that the agreement will be presented to Parliament after signing it. 

UNP leaders are well known for signing notorious agreements, detrimental to the country in many ways, with foreign powers or with their involvements, without going through the parliament or briefing the contents of the agreements to the opposition political parties or the general public. 

We remember how the UNP leader J.R. Jayewardene (JRJ) signed the Indo-Lanka Pact in 1987 amidst curfew.  JRJ signed the hurriedly prepared document endorsed by the Tamil separatist groups including the LTTE. The opposition to the treacherous agreement was notable and the extent of the opposition to it was seen when a sailor attacked the Indian PM while the latter was receiving the guard of honour. The agreement didn’t serve the desired expectation at all.  The Provincial Councils (PCs) set up under Indo- Lanka Agreement are mere white elephants. According to available records, the government’s allocation for maintaining PCs had gone up from Rs. 90m (1989) to Rs. 60,000m in 2010. Fortunately, no government has yet devolved the police and land powers as per the said agreement, based along ethnic lines. If fully implemented, it will be irreversible and, if an attempt is made to reverse them, the consequences will be disastrous. 

Similarly, the CFA arranged by the Norwegians and signed by the UNP leader Ranil and the terrorist leader Prabhakaran in 2002 was not transparent and didn’t serve any purpose to the country. Its legality is questionable since the agreement was signed by the PM who was neither the Head of the Executive nor the Head of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Ranil, via the agreement, blindly gave some areas of the North and Eastern Provinces to the LTTE under so-called “LTTE territories”, without the knowledge or the approval of the country. Unless this foolish agreement was abrogated and LTTE defeated militarily to remove the so-called “LTTE territories”, the situation of the country would be entirely different today. 

Thus signing any form of treacherous agreement by a UNP leader like Ranil, behind closed doors disregarding its consequences, is not a surprise at all. 


2 Responses to “Ranil and his Secret Pacts”

  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Every time traitor anti Sinhalese, anti Buddhist, anti Sri Lanka GooandPee (kakka and chu party) aka UNPatritoic_rats get into power we can only expect robbery, corruption, murder (Sinhalese Buddhists only), lies, Mother Lanka dismembering, minority worshiping etc. etc. Sinhalese have become pariahs in their own country thanks to these traitor low lives headed by the traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist mega thief mega thakkadiya bay gal karaya Batalande wa(n)dakaya Pol Pot r@ni_leech wickrama Sinhala killer. Traitor alugosuwa (to Sinhalese Buddhists, Sri Lanka and Buddhism only) thambi mudiyanselage jr@ gave them a constitution to
    tweak to suit the GooandPee and it’s all party time for these murderous, lying, Mother Lanka dismembering
    thieves since then. GooandPee aka UNPatritoic_rats divide the Sinhalese and make traitor foreigners tamils and
    mussies and king makers. While living in all parts of the country comfortably, getting more benefits than the
    native Sinhalese traitors decide where Sinhalese should live in their own country, how our national anthem
    should be sung, how we put up name boards etc. etc. All thanks to these traitor anti Sinhalese, anti Buddhist,
    anti Sri Lanka, Mother Lanka dismembering, minority worshiping GooandPee aka UNPatriotic_rats. Thanks to
    them we can’t even cremate the body when a Buddhist monk dies.

    Last two times GooandPee aka UNPatriotic_rats had top C grade police to massacre Sinhalese spearheaded by
    die hard catholic token Buddhist Batalande wa(n)dakaya and got rid of 60,000+. Then Batalande wa(n)dakaya’s
    catholic buddy barrel man hitler mala paharan started catholic tigers of tamil drealam and Pol Pot sacrificed
    100,000+, including men, women, children, Buddhist monks, tri forces, police personnel. To this day Sinhala
    modayas haven’t understood why Batalande wa(n)dakaya was reluctant to fight its catholic buddy barrel man
    hitler mala paharan. Die hard catholic gave half the country to its catholic buddy barrel man hitler mala paharan
    on a plate in 2005 with the CFA. Still no separate country for the traitor’s buddy. So it sent all Millennium City
    intelligent officers to catholic tigers of tamil drealam bullet to expedite the cause. GooandPee dragged the war for
    30 years saying the terras were invincible (Buddhist jaathidhrohee vermins’ party terras were BBQd without mercy
    by the catholic run GooandPee) so people will get fed up and give up half the country. Unfortunately
    wa(n)dakaya’s plan scuppered thanks to MR. MR came and so called invincible terras were running for their dear
    lives and war was finished in a few months. Being ungrateful, short memoried some Sinhala modayas (sama
    harak) quickly forgot how they wet their pants in fear of suicide bombs etc and put GooandPee in the driving seat.
    Winning the war, all the development work? Some Sinhalese traitors forgot all that quickly and to this day call
    the great man a thief while not uttering a word about Batalande wa(n)dakaya and its catholic buddy
    maha horandran’s Rs 5585 billion day light robbery at the CB. When you see those ungrateful traitors I feel
    very very ashamed to call a Sinhalese. Must be the only race on the planet to be so ungrateful, so mean and so
    cruel. GooandPee’s treacheries against Sinhalese, Sri Lanka and Buddhism are endless. Still some Sinhalese
    traitors worship these murderous (Sinhalese Buddhists only), lying thieves.

    This time round Batalande wa(n)dakaya didn’t have enough C grade top police or its buddy barrel man to
    massacre Sinhalese Buddhists. So GooandPee turned its attention to other favourite pastime, grand robberies and
    selling the country. Straightaway Batalande wa(n)dakaya imported and planted its catholic buddy maha horandran
    and broke into CB and got away with Rs 5585 billion. Still Mr clean to a lot of traitor Sinhala mee harak. Now the
    murderous thieves want to sell part of Mother Lanka and pocket the money and disappear for 5 years to enjoy the
    loot. Lose elections (who cares) and come back with some brand new lies and Sinhala modayas (sama harak)
    vote for the GooandPee and the murderous thieves will be back in business.

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Some of the treacheries against the Sinhalese, Sri Lanka and Buddhism by traitor anti Sinhalese, anti Buddhist,
    anti Sri Lanka GooandPee aka UNPatriotic_rats. You can’t see these in so called Buddhist (on paper) Sri Lanka
    where all the media are controlled by GooandPee’s (UNPatriotic_rats) henchmen (mostly catholic, any wonder
    then?). You can add, CB robbery of Rs 5585, giving 650,000+ estate tamils (today numbering 3-4 millions?)
    citizenship for their votes by traitor alugosuwa (to Sinhalese Buddhists only) thambi mudiyanselage jr@,who were prepared to go to tn under patriotic Sirima Shasthri pact, traitor alugosuwa (to Sinhalese Buddhists only)
    lk porisada marana sinha lowering percentage from 12.5 to 5 to make mussies enter parliament by the lorry
    loads. What more you want these murderous (Sinhalese Buddhists only) thieves have to do to stop you
    supporting them traitor Sinhalese?









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