Can he do as president, what he couldn’t do as minister: Gota
Posted on November 8th, 2019

Lahiru Pothmulla Courtesy The Daily Mirror

Taking a swipe at his opponent Sajith Premadasa, SLPP presidential candidate Gotabaya Rajapaksa said yesterday it was ridiculous for someone who as a powerful minister had failed to deliver on his promises to deliver them when he becomes president.

Speaking at a rally in Ratnapura yesterday, he said he fulfilled all responsibilities entrusted to him as the defence secretary and the secretary of the urban development ministry.

Though I was not a minister, I fulfilled the responsibilities given to me. It is ridiculous to note that someone who as a powerful minister and couldn’t deliver on his pledges, today promising to do so after becoming president,” Mr. Rajapaksa said.

He said it was a joke for that minister to pledge to uphold the rule of law after becoming the president when his government failed to uphold the rule of law.

The IGP said he can bend the law and the Attorney General Department’s higher officials said they can make and break laws at a time when the minister is still in the Cabinet,” Mr. Rajapaksa said adding that the entire Cabinet should be held responsible for the Easter Sunday attack and no one in it can say they could do a better job and ensure national security after becoming the president. 

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