Posted on November 12th, 2019

By Dr.Sripali Vaiamon


I am a Sinhalese who loves my country very much, but at present, I am a citizen in CANADA. In Canada President is appointed by the Governor-General. Their Constitution is different. But I like their SOCIALISM POLICY. It was introduced by the former Prime Minister. Present Prime Minister’s father, Pierre Trudeau, on the 8th of Oct.1971.Incidentally, he visited Sri Lanka on the 6th of the same year. His ISSUE which was presented to the House and approved. His Socialism Issue was to address every citizen in Canada as CANADIAN, irrespective of their ethnicities. I proposed in two of my articles contributed to LANKA WEB last month, after the Election of New President to address every citizen in the country as SRILANKAN besides their ethnic terms.


Late Ranasinghe Premadasa was known all over the country. He was the President of Sri Lanka from January 1989 to the 1st of May 1993. He was quite known to me. He had only one son. He is Sajith Premadasa. I have met him once only.  One day I met him at the Airline bus in Germany. When I was leaving Sri Lanka to participate in a seminar in Stuttgart as the President of the Srilanka Carl Duisberg Association. I was able to talk to Sajith only for a few minutes. But still, I know a lot about him. He is a very honest and clever gentleman. The able politician is as good as his father. However, I wish to quote his father with a curtsey of Wikipedia. He was a very national conscious honest politician had in our country. Perhaps most of the people of the country, who live in remote areas such as North and East may not know much about him. Hence I will quote which will be extremely useful to his honest son Sajith. Sajith is his only son. Ranasinghe Premadasa was the 3rd President of Sri Lanka from 2nd January 1989 to 1st May 1993. Before that, he served as the Prime Minister in the Govt. Headed by J.R.Jayawardana from 6th February 1978 to 1st January 1989. He was awarded Sri Lanka’s highest award to a civilian Sri Lankaabhimanya in 1986 by the President Junius Richard Jayawardana. The First to receives in Sri Lankan history. He was assassinated in Colombo in a suicide bombing by the LTTE.

He was born on 23rd June 1924 at Dias Place, Colombo 11, to the family of Richard Ranasinghe of Kosgoda and Jayasinghe Arachchige Encina Hamine of Batuwita. However, Ranasinghe Premadasa was the eldest of 5 children. Three sisters and one brother. While attending the school he attached to the Hewawitharana Dhaham Pasela. He completed his school education at St.Joseph College. He satisfied all the requirements for registering at the University of London for higher studies. However, he gave up his opportunity to engage in higher studies AND Chose the path of social service for the welfare of the poor and downtrodden.

Allying with late A.E.Gunasinghe Founder of the Ceylon Labour movement he commenced his political life. He had several ups and downs in that era. He had been the Deputy Mayor of the Colombo Municipal Council while functioning as a member of the St Sebastian ward joining hand with Dudley Senanayake. He joined the UNP and contested Dr.N.M.Perera unsuccessfully in the Ruanwella Constituency. Well If I go to write about Mr.Premadasa I may not touch much about Sajith. Sajith is a very honest person that I must stress.

Now let us go to the other candidate a little bit.


In my book of Social science which I published in 2012 as  Pre-historic Lanka to end of terrorism, Published by the TRAFFORD PUBLISHING in America. Copies may have received by perhaps SARASAVI Book shop in Sri Lanka..iT WAS DEDICATED TO hIS EXCELLENCY Mahinda Rajapaksa.

page.15-Most of the country people are not aware that the Defense Secretary,(Gotabhaya Rajapaksa )who is a tower of strength to the president , was appointed to the post not merely because he is President’s brother but he is a highly qualified and have a long experience on the functions of defense strategy.

He was a Lieutenant Colonel of the Sri Lanka army. He joined the Army in 1971. He has served in the SinhaRegiment, Rajarata Rifles, Gajaba Regiment, and Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment. He served in the battlefront of Vadamarachchi in 1987. He had military training in Rawalpindi and Quetta in Pakistan, Jungle warfare in Assam in India.

Followed a Command and Staff Course at Defence Service Staff College in Wellington.

Advanced Infantry Officer’s Course in Fort Bennington, USA. He has received Awards m/s J.R.Jayawardana, Ranasinha Premadasa and D.B.Wijetunga.

Such a person was never appointed to the Defence Secretary earlier. The abominable war is now over so he has been added with another massive task ‘ The Urban Development.

Now it is the duty of our citizens in Sri Lanka to Elect a quite suitable person as the PRESIDENT

Think about and cast your vote!


  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Late Ranasinghe Premadasa was never known as Premadasa at St. Joseph’s College. He was best known AS **RANAYA**in lovable terms. All his class-mates knew him and addressed him as RANAYA. He was a crazy Soccer fan. Go to any Football match, and you will see Ranaya for sure. I am a Josephian. I joined College, when a part of the College was at the Borella Cemenary Premises, and the other part was at Homagama. The Darley Road Premises were then the Navy Headquarters. When we got the Darley Road Premises back, we all marched from Borella College to Darley Road, one day and made us so happy. For three months we were given Breakfast, Lunch and Tea, and then back to home at 3.30pm. I believe it was the Navy who paid for all that. We did not attend to classes as the classes were being painted and Whitewashed. It was play all day. Happy memories. Any Josephian of my vintage invited to comment.

    I joined during Late Rev. Fr. Legogs time, and we were at Borella College, when he met with his SAD demise, getting thrown out of his car at a bend just getting to Ward Place. Then it was Rev. Fr. Peter. A. Pillai who became Rector. Many of my classmates went to great heights in their Profession. I will not mention their names as the list is long. Iam now 86+, and happy that Iam holding onto beautiful memories. Just one name of a classmate who left all of us recently was Professor Carlo Fonseka. We were seated together in class.
    Susantha USA. A Melvin Jones Fellow.

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