Forging Hidden Politics in SriLanka
Posted on November 12th, 2019

Kanthar Balanathan, Australia

Sri Lankans are aware that late president Ranasinghe Premadasa (RP) and 17 others were assassinated by LTTE on May 1, Saturday, 1993. It was not clear whether LTE was responsible for the murder or they were used as a tool for the murder. It was crystal clear that JVP joined hands with LTTE as a dormant group to supply information and movements of politicians who were targeted. JVP also carried out assassinations and the LTTE flag was hoisted for the murders. During Premadasa’s period the Black Cats” were used to assassinate significant number of JVP cadre in the South. RP was determined to clean JVP to none in the cadre. Has JVP forgotten these murders? Why do they bond with the West/UNP and pose a threat to democracy by contesting the presidential election? This has been the practice in SL dividing the votes to achieve their objectives. This is dirty politics.

For example, MK Sivajilingham (MKS) is contesting the presidential election. Anyone in the world knows that MKS cannot win the election and become the president by getting the two million Tamil votes. So, how have they thought and what does the TNA doing? TNA campaign is utter foolishness. If the two million Tamils cast their votes to MKS only then, maybe they can show their solidarity to the world that they are together. If they do not cast their votes to MKS then again it will be an utter failure. How do they propose to project their solidarity?

Eelam is out of the question. Missing persons are out of the question. Who was at fault? Who are the missing persons? If the youngsters joined the LTTE cadre, their parents should have protested to their children, which they did not do. Everyone knows that Tamil boys, even in Ukraine, have changed their names and no one can track them. Ethnic cleansing? Did the military fight the public? NO! The SriLankan military, with honour, fought the LTTE terrorist group to protect the nation. In the muddle, if civilians were present, the military cannot target people or differentiate between the LTTE and civilians. Tamils should realize this slipup. Going on with Ethnic cleansing” is driving the world to presume that Tamils are a kind of psychiatric/insane people. Why does TNA always support the UNP? Because ethnically they have closely the same DNA. People in the South also have the same DNA. Most Tamils may not understand what DNA means. DNA, which means deoxyribonucleic acid, is the molecule that contains the genetic code of organisms. Quote: Every cell in a multicellular organism possesses the full set of DNAs required for that organism.

Most Tamils seem to live in the Jungle with a mindset of Eelam and Hinduism. They should have an open mind. They cannot expect MA Sumanthiran to bring their missing children back into SL. It is their children who have to come out from hiding.

TNA should revive their policy and have an open mind/thought and ask their people to vote for the right candidate who will develop the North and provide congruence so that the Tamils can live protected and synchronised. This can be achieved only if Gotabaya is elected.

What is the guarantee that the UNP will not avenge the murder of Ranasinghe Premadasa (RP)? Already there may be plans to avenge the murder of RP.

Tamils are aware that Mahinda Rajapaksa joined hands with GR made people live in coherence and today Jaffna is a rich district with people having three scooters/motorbikes in every house.


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