The Long Awaited Victory Has Arrived For Sri Lanka.
Posted on November 20th, 2019

Lankaweb Post Election Editorial

Nov.19th 2019

Perhaps the long-awaited New Era for Sri Lanka has dawned amidst firecrackers , Magul Bera and chants of Jayawewa!! which has echoed throughout the night in a post-election celebration which is not only memorable but significant in the manner the tumultuous victory was achieved as the opposition never gave up the fight almost until the end and the minority voters who opposed the SLPP rallied in vast numbers where the Sinhala voters and their supporters who in all probabilities knew the priorities and what was at stake. They stood strong in the face of all opposition and delivered the victory through their vote and the Universal Franchise which was theirs by right.

Of course there will be trepidations based on the various interpretations by various people who feel isolated by virtue of their own insecurities and the conflicts of the past which need to be allayed as this now is a leadership of stoic integrity and patriotism towards the Nation, who is also compassionate and understanding with a vast array of skills and capabilities towards leadership that Sri Lanka so desperately needed and the prognosis for the overall well being of Sri Lanka appears to be excellent as the ghosts of the past need to be driven away and replaced by a positive advancement towards the progress and development of the Nation and all her inhabitants need to be united with no differences beyond the reality that they are all Sri Lankans under the same Lion Flag without differences of caste. creed, religion or ethnicity and need to put all their resources behind the New Leader and the foreseeable success story that awaits them as Sri Lankans. It was significant that the swearing-in of the new President was in the now tranquil surroundings of the ancient city of Anuradhapura where so many battles were fought by the Magnificient Kings of Lanka yet graced by the serene environment of the Ruwanweli Seya and the  Sri Maha Bodhiya of great religious significance for the Buddhists as well as all Sri L

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