Milinda reiterates call to abolish Provincial Councils As part of the anticipated constitutional reforms
Posted on November 24th, 2019

Courtesy The Island


Milinda Moragoda, Founder of the Pathfinder Foundation and former Cabinet Minister, in a statement called on the new Government to refrain from holding Provincial Council elections prior to the parliamentary elections.

He suggested that the Government should, as part of the expected Constitutional overhaul, seek to mobilize the necessary two-thirds majority to repeal the 13th Amendment and thereby abolish the Provincial Council system at the conclusion of parliamentary elections.

Moragoda reiterated his earlier proposal that the Provincial Councils should be abolished and power directly devolved to empowered and reconfigured local, urban and municipal councils.

“Since these bodies operate closest to the citizenry, they are in a better position to address and solve community-level problems,” he said.

The original intent of the 13th amendment enacted in 1987 was to create more provincial autonomy in order to help resolve Sri Lanka’s ethnic problem. Instead this structure has proven to be superfluous, expensive, divisive and fraught with inefficiency.

Finally, he also proposed that an empowered senate/upper house be set up to address issues concerning religious, ethnic, and regional diversity.

4 Responses to “Milinda reiterates call to abolish Provincial Councils As part of the anticipated constitutional reforms”

  1. Hiranthe Says:

    I don’t trust Milinda Moragoda. But this suggestion is welcome.

    If he has become a patriotic son of Mother Lanka it is a good news.

    If anyone is supporting the repeal of 13A, it is a great service to this nation.

  2. Ratanapala Says:

    I guess he is extolling the virtues of repealing the 13th Amendment because it might stand in the way of SOFA and MCC Agreements. He is a sly fox and must not be trusted at all. Whenever there is power transition in Sri Lanka this unholy American Comet makes a pass by. He is also very close to the American Establishment, especially the Kennedy Family through marriage ties or so I remember. It is better to know what he is up to than be sorry later!

  3. aloy Says:

    I suppose the guy is a Colombian who changed the name.

  4. Hiranthe Says:

    I fully agree with Ratanapala. This guy is a dangerous fox!!

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