Muslims expect positive overtures from President – a response
Posted on December 1st, 2019


1 Dec 2019

Muslim overtures in a Buddhist land!

Mr Latheef Farook on the Island Newspaper – 26 Nov 2019, says, all what they expect from the new President Gotabaya Rajapaksa is to create an environment with new overtures where they could live in peace. What the Muslims need is for the new government to understand their plight, stop violence against them, and attend to their grievances.”

 It was the short-sighted racist politics of the two main national parties that forced Muslim to support when some ambitious individuals decided to exploit the helplessness of the community by forming a separate political party.” So, this too is the fault of the Sinhalese belonging to the two main political parties! In other words, Muslims are mere children who have been misled by very bad Sinhalese!

Finally, it was the arrogant dismissal of Muslims by the late President J. R. Jayewardene when he said that Muslims could remain in the government or leave when a delegation led by All Ceylon Muslim League leader Dr M.C.M Kaleel met him and appealed not to allow Israelis into the country in view of their century’s old hostility and crime records against Muslims.” There we go again and now on an entirely different tack – Two communities that sprang from two brothers ‘one legit and the other not’ have been fighting over a piece of desert for millennia and suddenly this has become Sri Lanka’s problem!

In the end, for Jayewardene’s arrogance and Indian conspiracies to divide Tamil and Muslim communities, Sri Lankans must suffer!”

In the aftermath of Easer Sunday bombings and killings, while Muslims were subjected to violence, dogs were taken into mosques by soldiers wearing shoes and hundreds of Muslims were taken into custody for no valid reason, shameless Muslim politicians invited Maithri and Ranil   for their family functions.” After having ‘painted’ the Easter Sunday bombings to a corner what irks the bleeding hearts is not so much the killings, but soldiers in boots and sniffer dogs entering suspect mosques looking terrorist paraphernalia – suicide vests, swords, knifes, bombs and explosives and the ‘hurt’ in the Muslim community when many Muslims were taken into custody on suspicion. How can the Good Muslims feign innocence after a dastardly crime has been committed by their brethren? What about the Good Muslims climbing on top of Stupas with their shoes on and elsewhere defacing Buddhist statues? Does hurt only apply to Muslims with special ‘hurt’ nerves that the rest of the Sri Lankans do not have or just a case of selective amnesia?

All what they expect from the new President Gotabaya Rajapaksa is to create an environment with new overtures where they could live in peace.They are eagerly expecting positive signs from President Gotabaya and his government though it includes many known for their hatred towards Muslims.”

The writer wants positive overtures from the President. For what we may ask? For having bombed several churches and hotels, killed and maimed hundreds of innocents they want positive overtures! Or are they for positive overtures from the government and if not for more of the same! May we ask what harm all those innocent victims of the Easter Bombings have done to the Muslim community in Sri Lanka? Has there been a single UNPROVOKED attack on the Muslims by the Sinhala Community?

Defaced Buddha Statue in Mawanella just days prior to Easter Sunday attacks.

Well if the Muslims are fed up with their politicians and even their mullahs are they not their own domestic problems? Wahabbism, Sharia, Halal, child marriages, FMG are all their religious and domestic problems. Nobody asked them to send their children to Madraasa Schools where foreign mullahs came and radicalised them. All Muslim parents know what their children are being put through. They do this wittingly with heaven and all that entails in mind. This is how one finds in the same family, old Sufis, middle-aged Salafis and young Wahabbis. Old Sufis of 1915 and Salafis and Wahabbis of today read from the same holy book and act.

For a change, it is the Muslim Community who should make amends and make positive overtures towards the Sinhalese and Tamils, both Buddhist and Christian who have been at the receiving end of Islamic excesses.  When there was an attack on the Muslims in Christchurch it was the Christians, Hindus and Buddhists and the government in power who took upon themselves the burden of the dastardly deed by a deranged non-Muslim. The spontaneous outpouring of grief sometimes over shadowed those of the victims! The parallels of the same has not happened in Sri Lanka over the attacks by the Muslims. There was no admittance of ‘mia culpa’ from the Islamic Muslim brotherhood who are responsible being a highly knit and organized community through their mosques. Instead of what happened was the reverse. Within a week of the Easter Sunday attacks the situation reversed and the Muslim community became the aggrieved party. Even at the Parliamentary Select Committee the main issue was niqabs, hijabs and burqas and the slights felt by those wearing them. This was while swords, knives, guns, explosives were being found inside mosques and in the houses and lands surrounding.

Sri Lanka cannot go back to before the Easter Sunday attacks as if nothing happened. What happened on Easter Sunday was just the tip of the iceberg and the symptoms of a greater malady that is taking place 24/7 in Sri Lanka and elsewhere in the world. The writer’s continuing theme is about ‘innocent’ and ‘peaceful’ Muslims be allowed to live in ‘peace’ – problem is Muslim Peace according to Sharia does not necessarily translate into peace for the rest of the world! Just two days ago attacks that killed two innocent civilians in the environs of the London Bridge show the savagery of the Islamic Terrorist!

The Easter Sunday attacks brought into limelight many underlying dangerous currents that are in motion to ‘unmake’ Sri Lanka and make it a Muslim State. All those currents should be investigated deep into their constituent parts and agendas. I am talking about Sharia, Halal, Encroachment on land – Willpattu and elsewhere, outright purchase of entire streets in Capital Territory Colombo – most government tax invested city in the country, the real estate changing hands and the demographics are changing rapidly. Elsewhere Islamaisation, desecration of Buddhist places of worship and of archaeological value, large scale and unimpeded building of mosques all over Sri Lanka making us and anybody visiting Sri Lanka wonder whether Sri Lanka is still a Buddhist Country. When a mosque built on temple land try to outsmart Dalada Maligawa they are making a very loud statement of their intentions. Will they allow similar constructions in an Islamic Country?

Every Muslim leader that had the privilege of bargaining with a ruling party, exacted the utmost on behalf of their community, although the writer tries to show otherwise. It is the economic war that they are waging in Sri Lanka that the ordinary Sinhalese and Tamil must be vary of more so than the bombs!

All that the majority Sinhala Buddhist community expects of the new President is not to take minority Shylocks who are only interested in ‘the exact pound of flesh’ into his confidence. They did not collect swords, knives, guns and explosives to go hunting or fishing! Their war is multi-pronged –  the womb bomb, economy bomb or the terrorist bomb. What the non-Muslims of Sri Lanka want are not overtures but firm commitments from the Muslims that they will not resort to downright lowly actions and violence again; that they are mindful of the majority community, the Sinhalese their culture and land and live peacefully under a one set of rules in one civilized community as Sri Lankans. By all means no special status for Muslims!     

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