Is the Labor & Conservative Parties contesting elections in the UK or Sri Lanka?
Posted on December 3rd, 2019

We are somewhat puzzled. Do those that drafted the Labor & Conservative manifestos know where they are contesting elections and to whom their manifestos should addressed? Can both Labour & Conservative Parties explain why both wish to include in their manifestos assurance to divide Sri Lanka a sovereign & independent country into two if less than 100,000 Tamils votes for them – what about the interests of 56.1million British in UK & Wales? Instead of trying to please less than 100,000 Tamils living in UK how about offering something to the 48.2million White British too?

UK elections are to be held on 12 December 2019 

The Labour Party manifesto was launched  

Labour Leader Corbyn declared in the Labor Party Manifesto that his government

We will work through the UN and the Commonwealth to insist on the protection of human rights for Sri Lanka’s minority Tamil and Muslim populations.”

Not to be outdone UK Conservative Party in their election manifesto is pledging to support a two-state solution for Sri Lanka.

We will continue to support international initiatives to achieve reconciliation, stability and justice across the world, and in current or former conflict zones such as Cyprus, Sri Lanka and the Middle East, where we maintain our support for a two-state solution,”  

UK Population of 56.1million people

86% are White British (48.2million).

Asians comprise just 7.5%. Arabs 0.4% (this is according to the 2011 census)

Indians comprise 2.5% and Sri Lankans would fall into the Other Asian group that comprises 1.5% (excluding Bangladesh/Pakistan)

This 1.5% numbers 835,720 (though not all are Sri Lankans and will include other Asian nationalities other than Indian/Bangladeshi/Pakistanis)

So how many are Tamils amongst this 835,720? The Tamil Information Centre had estimated that, as of 2007, 170,000 Sri Lankans were resident in the UK. IOM 2011 statistics put Sri Lankan Tamils at 100,000 to 200,000.

UK Jews number 275,000 but Labor seems to be not bothered about them?

Is it because Corbyn has a history with the LTTE terrorists – attending their bogus ‘genocide’ day and other functions? In 2015, Corby described Hamas and Hezbollah as friends” so is it a surprise Corbyn is pals with LTTE terrorists & their bid for a separate state?

Both Corbyn and John McDonnell opened a Tamil War Museum in May 2019.

Corbyn also spoke at the Tamil Genocide Conference in October 2019.  

UK Labour & Conversative Parties should be addressing these issues suffered by UK population instead of putting lines into their manifestos just because UK Tamils are lavish in their funding for these parties. No funding can take over the interests that UK Political Parties have to serve the British electorate not go dividing countries abroad for money given to run their political campaigns. Is this the democracy Britain preaches to the world?

Without promising to divide Sri Lanka, UK Labor & Conservatives need to offer solutions to UK’s problems

  • 14.3 million people are in poverty in the UK (22%)  
  • 4.5 million in the UK are trapped in deep poverty – their income is 50% below the official breadline – a couple with two children would have an income of less than £211 a week after housing costs, and a single parent with one child would be on less than £101.50 a week. (Social Metrics Commission)
  • Poverty in the UK is ‘systematic’ and ‘tragic’, says UN special rapporteur
  • 1.3m are unemployed in UK
  • According to UK Telegraph there are 1.2million illegal immigrants in UK
  • 8.4m face housing crisis in UK – 1.4 million are in poor quality homes. 400,000 are homeless
  • 16,000 British war heroes are living on the streets or in prison (4% of homeless people are war heroes)

There are enough and more problems in the UK that the UK citizens are suffering. Spend time on resolving these without poking nose into issues in other countries.

UK saw the ramifications of turning a blind eye to terrorism resulting in the deaths of innocents just a few days back. Need we remind the UK that LTTE remains proscribed by UK since 2001 but UK allows LTTE fronts not only to operate freely but UK MPs are regular VIP guests to these LTTE front events and UK even allows its Parliament to be used by LTTE fronts for their meetings. UK sadly does not do anything about these LTTE fronts that make money from swindling Britishers via credit card scams, UK charity misuse/abuse and illegal asylum seekers and a host of other illegal acts happening right under the nose of the UK politicians and leaders.

UK Tamils number just 200,000 – why is UK Labor Party & UK Conservative Party promising these Tamils something in another country for their vote in UK?

We all know the failure of creating ethno-religious states – Kosovo and South Sudan are two fine examples of braindead decisions that were only for geopolitical purposes and people of these newly created states are suffering with living conditions deteriorating and none of the countries that helped them gain ‘independence’ coming forward to assist them. These are good lessons for Tamils who are flirting with these divisive powerful nations who are only thinking of their advantage and using Tamils as bait and pawns to achieve a footing in Sri Lanka.

Apparently the UK Conservative Party has withdrawn the inclusion of a two-state solution for Sri Lanka in its manifesto and this shows the shortsightedness of UK politicians where simply because some group forwards funding for their campaign they agree to print anything on their manifesto without looking into its geopolitical ramifications. This serves a lesson to all others falling prey to LTTE terrorist funding their political campaigns

Shenali D Waduge

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