Posted on December 10th, 2019

By Stanley Perera, Melbourne, Australia.

My dear Ambassador Mock,
It may be that you are so dumb not to understand the racist mentality of the world’s number one liars the racist Sri Lankan Tamils, or you were involved in coocking up of a failed attempt to campaign against Rajapakse government.  You need 100 lies to cover a lie.  Tamil   local staffer put you in an embarrasing situation in the eyes of the civilised society.  You are caught up with your pants down.  Lies, lies and more lies is the motto of the bogus Tamil refugees scattered all over the western countries.  Bash Rajapakse government campaign will extend their visas.  Those bogus Tamil refugees’s suvival rest upon the mercy of the host countries.  They need to tell the world through lies of victimisation and not a safe country to the Tamils expecting the western countries sympathy.  Tamils in Sri Lanka are illegal immigrants from Tamil Nadu.  They do not seek refuge in India.  Those bogus Tamil refugees seek refugee status only in the western countries and those western countries jump into the band waggon to secure the votes.  The Tamil diaspora contributed to Hillary Clinton’s Presidential elction campaign fund a sum of $125,000.  Then Hillary Clinton said there are good terrorists to white wash LTTE Terrorist.  If a white man joinig the bash Rajapakse government, it means they expect the Bogus Tamil Refugees to vote for their political party.  There are 25,000 Bogus Tamil Refugees in Switzerland.  Hanspeter Mock the Swiss Ambassador in Colombo is playing the game of politics and not playing the diplomacy.  Corrupt Mock’s lie about the abduction and sexually assaulting of Local Tamil Staffer is a drama authored by the Bogus Tamil Refugees to tarnish the image of Rajapakse’s week old new government hoping their visas extention and more and more Tamils to leave for the western countries.  Native Sri Lankan Sinhalese are clever to understand the motive behind the local Tamil staffer: 1.  To cover up the smuggling out of Sri lanka of a crimal and wanted Tamil police officer Silva and bring disrepute to a week old Rajapakse government.  2.  To  highligt the fact that Sri Lanka is not safe to the Tamils which was in conniving with the Bogus Tamil Refugees.  Whatever it is one thing is for sure that Swiss Ambassadore Hanspeter Mock became a disgraceful liar and a Tamil sucker.  It is now up to the Swiss Ambassador Hanspeter Mock to leave Sri Lanka ASAP if Sri Lanka did not deport the roiuge Ambassador.  Please make sure when you go to take with you the lying and disgraceful Tamil staffer together with over a million lying Tamils living in the North of Sri Lanka.  When you did that we peace loving patriotic Sri Lankans can live in peace and harmony.
Yours Truly,
Stanley Perera Melbourne, Australia.

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