The ‘human rights’ circus
Posted on December 13th, 2019

Janaka Perera

Human Rights are a big industry today by which some dubious characters with questionable agendas make a living.  Some of Sri Lanka NGOs are proof.  They have been parroting allegations the so-called international community made against us since the days of LTTE terrorism.  It is these foreign powers which pontificate on how our country should be run, who should be elected, pass strictures on us and warn us on human rights issues and related matters. 
Sometimes this ‘message’ is conveyed directly through diplomatic channels or indirectly through their media. 
If human rights are universal they should be applicable without discrimination to all citizens of the world, all countries, all governments and all powers big or small. There’s no justification in enforcing them selectively. Today these laws have become a sham, though they may have been introduced with good intentions after World War II.  If human rights and laws against were universally enforced Tony Blair and George Bush Jr. among other leaders should be behind bars today.

What we see today concerning small countries like ours is something akin to Mafia gangsters dictating terms to petty thieves. Those who have been violating human rights outside their borders and committing war crimes have no right to intimidate others.
These humbugs however will not / cannot try the same with countries like the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Saudi Arabia or even India, except verbal threats at the most. It is a small wonder that Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte called a UK Channel 4 reporter “a son of a whore” when the latter questioned on human rights violations in the Philippines. 
When Bill Clinton was U.S. President an American teenager in Singapore was convicted of vandalizing a row of parked cars with spray paint. The Singapore authorities ordered him to be flogged ignoring appeals by the Clinton Administration not to punish him.

Whatever President Premadasa’s faults were he at least had the courage to declare British High Commissioner David Gladstone persona non grata for interfering in Sri Lanka’s internal affairs during an election..

These sham HR laws are today meant to intimidate less powerful countries to do the bidding of the big powers and fall in line with their thinking. The role of the UNHRC and the ICC are the best examples. They are hounding us over alleged or real HR violations while the USA and Israel have given up their membership in them.  Whenever possible we need to ignore these sham laws.  
Pakyasothy Saravanamuttu of the NGO ‘Centre for Policy Alternatives’, soon after the first news of the Swiss Embassy employee’s alleged abduction said – even without verifying what had actually happened – that already white van abductions have started!
This ‘abduction’ drama could be the tip of an iceberg in this hypocritical game 
Following is an example of this universal human rights/war crimes fraud

The Srebrenica Massacre was a Gigantic Political Fraud – Global Research
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