Posted on December 25th, 2019

Stanley Perera Melbourne Australia.

 I remember my childhood days playing the game of HORA POLICE when to-day CID is looking for Rajitha Senarathna after the court issued an arrest warrant.  This dutt dostharaya with his loud mouth (kimbul kata) conniving with the rouge ambassador Mr. Mock and Siriyalatha published in the TV news media of an unbelievable story of crocodiles fed with people who were disappeared like a hero.  Immediately thereafter that Nidahan Hora the son of the president appeared and condemned the President Gotabhaya.  In that scenario the people were wise enough to put two and two to-gether and sensed the rat.  The CID has searched two houses to arrest minister kimbul kata.  Please search the temples  this fellow is hiding under a bed of one of those buddhistpriests who were present at the magistrate’s court.  If CID need a better clue check Mr. Mock’s residence without wasting a minute.  That dutt dostharaya will flee the country with a Swiss visa disguised as a buddhist monk changing the name too to join Nishantha Silva in Switzerland.  This is what you call kela kela de pala pala de or ditta damma vedaneeya akusala karmaya.  Mark my word  Rajitha Senarathna and his family will disappear with a Swiss visa to Switzerland where he stashed up all his wealth in Swiss Bank account with the help of rouge ambassador Mock.  No matter what the corrupt free loaders will thrive in luxury in rouge country where the rouges and crims and corrupt pollies the free loaders are hiding.  My dear President, don’t let these free loaders escape the law and the country.  When the law makers break the law punishment must be severe.  Otherwise they they keep doing it all the time like in the past during Wickremasinghe government.
My dear President, let me say a word or two about that daddy long legs.  Those rouges are now qued up to worship maha sanga and I am warning Wickremasinghe and Nidahan hora clan to leave our sacred monks alone withought harassing.  They have insulted aour buddhist priests and the buddhist country enough and more.

Stanley Perera Melbourne Australia. 


  1. Sarath W Says:

    One of the major campaign promises of the recent presidential election by Mr Rajapaksa was to improve the security situation of the country. But a few days after the election, wanted criminal Nishantha Silva escaped the country with the help of the Swiss ambassador Mock the crook. Now Rajith the fowl mouth idiot is absconding justice when every one new his arrest was imminent. So the police and the intelligence have failed again. Now it is obvious there are rouge elements in the police and the intelligence services and the airport customs who aid these criminals to escape. I won’t be surprise if Rajitha too end up in Switzerland soon.

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