Did Janani rob Sajith’s Campaign Funds?
Posted on December 31st, 2019


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It is a tradition and customary for any decent politician to even after suffering a defeat to thank the voters for supporting him/her in the election and wish them good luck. We have seen it happening in foreign countries as well as in Sri Sri Lanka after all the previous elections. 

Surprisingly, this tradition was violated after the recent presidential election by both Tamils supported UNP candidate Sajith Premadasa and the 3% Anura Kumara Dissanayake who thinks that he is omniscient and who deceived the people in his first meeting on 18th August by filling the Galle Face greens with cunningly ferried school children. JVP remaining can be understandable because they are a lot of vagabonds but not Sajith Premadasa because he was a candidate of one of Sri Lanka’s oldest political parties.    Extinguishing him

The UNP supporters who spent their time and energy, contributed even the scarce resources they had and, spent the nights in erecting stages, taxied people to the meetings with various promises (those who are called as Dara diya aedda people) were dumbfounded over the missing of their candidate for almost one month and some were reported to have wondered whether the powerful dynamo he claimed he was and hence he can work continuously from 4.00a.m. to midnight and every day of the week had broken down somewhere and whether he could have committed somewhere unable to overcome the humiliation he suffered.

The Maharaja TV and Radio network were also reported to have been searching for the candidate they extensively supported and were in quandary as to whether all there plans to make him their docile puppet after elections have gone astray.

It was in such an uncertain and unimaginable situation that the Ven. Bopitiye Dammissara Thera Chairman of the United National Party (UNP) Bhikku Peramuna had gone with some other Buddhist monks of his organisation in search of Sajith Premadasa and located him somewhere.  The Ven.Thero addressing the media revealed that Sajith Premadasa told him that he was hiding for almost one month, deliberately not answering all incoming calls as well because he has to return Rs. 260 Million he borrowed/collected for the election campaign The Ven. Thero has advised him not to be a coward, gutless, and spineless person and has asked him to come out and boldly face the reality. 

With this revelation the Maharajas too became energized and facilitated him to address the masses with the first meeting of coming out of the cocoon from their proxy Marikkar’s electorate Kolonnawa and it was followed by meetings in several other places but they were ‘one-man shows’ and his erstwhile supporters such as Harin Fernando, Mangala Samaraweera, Pa.Cha.Ranawaka, Ajith P. Perera, Sujeewa Senasinghe, Talata Atukorale, Chandrani Wijebandara, Hesha  Vithabage et al were not to be seen at these poorly attended meetings compared to his election campaign meetings.  He claimed that the reason for his defeat was due to pulling from his leg by UNP big wigs and alleged that some people in the UNP swindled the funds collected for his election campaign, 

The UNP General Secretary Akila Viraj Kariyawasam quickly responded to this allegation and said that Sirikotha provided all infrastructure facilities and assistance requested by Sajith Premadasa and the fund collection was solely handled by Sajith Premadasa’s personal campaign office that was in Vauxhall Street and the former UNP General Secretary who became notorious as a ‘document forger’ was in charge of that office.

Meanwhile, a news item posted in the UNP’s London based website Lanka E News (LEN) under the title Janani plunders election money and buys properties” said:

There are many first ladies who abused political power. Lady Imelda Marcos of Philippine is one such. I dodnt have 3000 shoe pairs, I only had 1060, Even if I win or lose I will go shopping” said Imelda Marcos in a press briefing. There are many first ladies who went for shopping despite win or lose. One such lady who was born in Sri Lanka has broken even Imelda’s record.

Sajith appointed his wife Jalani to collect cash funds received for elections. More funds were directly received by Jalani. A part of his residence at Sajith’s Vahaull street office reserved for this transactions. Jalani’s siblings too were there to manage this bulk of funds received.

Finger print access locks were fixed to Jalani’s Vaxhaull street office. Those rooms were opened only to prince’s who brought ready cash. Despite large funds received Vahaull street was full of pandemonium and chaos. Donors who worked for credit fought with each other. Despite funds received Sajith always lamented as out of money. Although people didn’t ask directly from him but thought without money why the hell he became the presidential candidate?

Sajith’s sister Dulanjalie revealed an implausible truth about Sajith’s funds. Dulanjalie lamented this to one of her friends. According to Dulanjalie, Jalani has spent nothing on Sajith’s presidential campaign. Since Sajith was on post won mentality that he did not think much about the advertising campaigns.

Jalani who plundered the election money has bought properties all over the country. She has bought one of her beauty solon out rightly. Jalani who plundered the money made a wonderful story. She said it was Ranil who plundered the money with Nalin Bandara.

Finally Sajith who got saddened over his wife’s theft isolated himself. Sajith who could not say that his wife plundered Rs. 260 million, said that he owes Rs, 260 million. He said he is deprived of politics. Every scapegoat knows that he cannot demand the money given for election campaigns. Therefore the owing story is false. Meantime anyone who is deprived of politics would not cry demanding the party leadership.

From Jalani who plundered election money anyone could imagine the fate of the country if Janlani becomes the first lady of the country. Sajith who was clumsy until his wife plundered the money, could imagine the future of this country if Sajith becomes the head of the state, in short Sajith has proved that he is a person not beyond his worn out slippers and attendant suit.

Meanwhile a news item published by Lanka Newsweek.com”  posed the following questions:

·        How did Jalani find 350 million when her Husband was a debtor..?

·        Was Sajith’s debt of Rs.270 million due to Jalani’s acquiring “Jaal Saloon” for 350 million..?

·        The Salon had been bought under the name of a relative of Lakshman Fonseka

·        Sajith Premadasa spoke to President to escape from cases

·        Did Sajith borrow Rs. 270 million to pay from the public money after becoming the President..?

·        Who lent him millions and for what purpose..?

On 17th December, 2016, almost three years before the November elections the website Colombo Telegraph published a news item titled How Did Sajith Premadasa Amass So Much Wealth? Petition Seeks To Clarify” The news item is appended below:

A petition against Minister of Housing and Construction and MP of Hambantota Sajith Premadasa‘s accumulated wealth has been finalized to be submitted for investigation by the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption (CIABOC).

Minister Sajith Premadasa’s recent spending habits and doling of massive amounts in cash donations to temples has raised suspicion as to how he had accumulated such wealth despite being a mere politician. The petition is also been made to investigate those that may gifted monies to Minister Sajith Premadasa over the years.

According to public knowledge his father the late President Ranasinghe Premadasa was a career politician who did not amass wealth prior to his murder on the 1st of May 1993 .

Before entering into politics the former President’s only business dealings were to have sold a traditional sweetmeat as a street vendor called lavaria during his youthful days.

A group of lawyers, retired politicians and concerned citizens have now convened to compile a dossier of information pertaining to the mass of wealth acquired by the current Housing and Construction Minister Sajith Premadasa and will be submitted to the Bribery Commission for investigation shortly.

It is still to be established if these monies now lavishly been spent are black monies that belonged to his late father or if they are the ill-gotten wealth that Minister Sajth Premadasa has acquired since entering into politics in 1994.

Colombo Telegraph reliably learns that there are many other petitions currently being compiled for submission regarding other politicians currently in service.

A spokesman for the collective said that they were awaiting the application of the Right To Information bill, in order to further pursue their investigation. We are waiting till it properly gets underway so that it would be mandated by law to provide the public with how this man found so much money to doll out.

With all information about Sajith let us now look at who is this Janani who claims even before the election that she will be the next First Lady of this country as it was published in Island weekly.

The Island journalist Zinta Caree1m says that She’s talented, vivacious and motivated and is always bitten by the beauty bug. To the surprise of many she decided to open a state- of-the -art salon and Jalani looks every inch the dynamic entrepreneur who took an active interest in her mother’s interior decor company “Hem Decor.”

Her lifetime passion is to look beautiful and make other people look beautiful and see everything beautiful for which she has found an apt niche in the beauty business.

Born into a staunchly business oriented family, she has no formal training but she did find an abiding interest to start a beauty venture of her own, which is challenging of course, she says. “It is rather a competitive business but healthy competition is an initiative for making a business thrive” she asserts. Perhaps it is a mix of passion and instinct that is the inspiration for her enterprise. “I always want to try out new things, explore new places and this is something totally new and I feel I would create a positive niche in hair and beauty culture” said Jalani with confidence. My friend and hairdresser Priyantha persuaded me and my keen eye saw the opportunity and necessity for a totally new look salon. Somehow the idea became more positive and palatable, and finally it was born.

Situated at Maitland Crescent this hair and beauty salon includes a nail spa, body spa and the salon includes the A to Z of beauty and hair culture.

A perfectionist by nature, her recipe to success is talent, professionalism maintaining high standards and sticking to good products and good service she says firmly. She maintains the charges will be on par with other popular salons in Colombo.

“For my clients this salon will be an experience by itself.

What sets Jalani’s salon apart from the rest is the modern beauty machine called PPX. This machine is the first of its kind in Sri Lanka and is capable of performing all the beauty needs such as permanent hair removal, pigmentation, black heads, varicose veins and several other things related to beauty and to well being. The results will be amazing”, she declares with confidence.

“There are no side effects, hardly any pain, nothing surgical at all with quality emphasised and only the best is being utilized” she says confidently. It will rejuvenate your skin and you can feel a drastic transformation in the texture. She maintains of course this business concept is born out of her natural acumen for professionalism. This is evident in her facial expressions.

The name of the salon queried, she smiles and says “I will keep it private until the formal opening.

The interior is designed by Architect Asoka Perera in collaboration with Jalani and is in gold and white, definitely a trend setting urban juxtaposition of elements of elegance and style – it certainly fulfils Jalani’s aim to create a relaxed ambience where you let your hair down destress and rejuvenate and be a part of the lifestyle experience, is Jalani’s concept behind this salon. Talking to Priyantha who was all excited about this venture said there is a professional staff of beauticians and hairdressers, therapists to give the best of their experience to their clients.

A special bridal section for bridal make up, hair and beauty, saree draping are also set up. A professional make-up artists especially flown in from India will be working in the salon.

A perfectionist by nature, Jalani exudes charm and confidence. She will be using the best products from France. With a supportive husband, who is her strengthen and a family to back her Jalani Premadasa we are sure will create a new dimension in hair and beauty culture. With the assurance, focus and determination she radiates. Will Jalani change the face of the beauty conscious be if man or woman? Definitely yes is our assumption and we wish her all success in her new venture.

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