Happy People Balance Between Self control & Indulgence.
Posted on September 25th, 2020

Happy Soma Global Spiritual Art Center -Sunil Gamage-Director

Happiness is the highest good everybody want to achieve. It is possible for everybody and it is inside everybody. We are not reaching out there either because of one or both of the following reasons. Either we are ignorant or we do not have the simple understanding of ourselves. The self indulgence and self control are opposing urges that must be in balance.when they are in balance, we can experience our happiest lives and better mental health.

Engaging ourselves is fundamental to happy life. The demands of our lives and by extension of our self discipline, have a way of introducing on our happiness. Self-control has a way of keeping us aligned with long-term goals and is essential to our success and well-being. self-control matter when we are trying to achieve a goal, like trying to lose weight or succeed in a college class. Do we relax or do we go to work out? Self-control makes us happier, healthier people.

The dominant description about self-control, that it leads to a happy and satisfied life by enabling us to put our goals ahead of momentary pleasure, was the whole story. People who are living happy and satisfied lives are able to experience pleasure without being distracted by intrusive thoughts. They can just do something they enjoy and be fully in the moment with it.our ability to experience pleasure, our devotion to happiness as a way of life is just as important to our happiness in life as our self-control.

The ability of happy oneself

The ability of a person to enjoy happiness without being bothered by intruding thoughts. The idea was to see how people differ in their ability to simply indulge in  relaxation or enjoyment. Those who could do that reported greater happiness & well being. Some people don’t enjoy happy moment as a success, or feeling they really enjoyed themselves, was indeed being disturbed. E.G thinking about the sport I am not doing. Those thought about conflicting long term goals undermine the immediate need to relax. Trait happy capacity predicts successful happy goal pursuit in everyday life. So the person who is better at enjoying himself  also more likely to make enjoying himself & goals.

Pertaining to happy

People able to enjoy themselves when pursuing enjoyment tended to have a higher sense of well-being in both the short and long term. Even more importantly, people with a higher happy capacity were also less likely to suffer from depression and anxiety.The key to happiness is not about forgetting self control and go wild. It is about understanding self indulgence and self discipline. Most importantly in pursuit of happiness and long term goals need not not to be conflict one another. Happiness and long term goals both could be compliment each other by achieving well being and good health. It is important to find right balance in everyday life. In this case finding time to self care is paramount important. Planing time for fun would be one way. So the planning periods of enjoyment with time limits so that they are clearly distinguished from other activities.

Enjoying ourselves

Use self control to turn attention away from adverse thoughts to happy. The first is essentially mindfulness. Most of us think mindfulness is relaxation. It is in deep sense; it involves great deal of self control. The more we practice and get good at mindfulness, the more relaxed we get. The better we get at mindfulness, the more present we become with what we are doing at the time. And that makes us much better at having fun. For some people mindfulness is a thought apart from concrete realities. So alternative psychological techniques could be used called internal dialogue. If the thought intrude to anybody’s fun, then having quick chat with it. 

Tip: Self care- Through investing time, money, or attention to improve some aspects of own well being is especially important in stressful times.

Happiness as the highest good

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  1. Nimal Says:

    I one is a good Buddhist or a Christian will not indulge beyond ones means. Many are greedy and selfish and our leaders must set an example to the people who are equally bad.

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