Posted on October 9th, 2020


Minister Vasudeva Nanayakkara  (V) expressed views openly against Mr Gotabaya Rajapakse seeking nomination for the Presidency.  His main argument at that time was  that the democracy will be threatened if military men occupy top roles in the country.  Minister Wimal Weerawansa (W) was in the forefront to bring the military man for the top job.

Mr V is the only surviving politician who contested the 1982 Presidential Election, scoring 17000 votes nationwide out of 6.5million valid votes. He is one of the MPs who maintain a very high record of attendance in the Parliament.

His vote base has reduced from 81000 to 67000 between 2015 and 2020.

Wimal Weerawansa’s votes reduced from 313000 to 267000 between 2015  and 2020.

The V and W who were on the cross roads on the issue of Gotabaya’s rise to power, are now articulating a happy political marriage against 19A, thus ignoring their promises during the campaign.    In fact Minister Wimal Weerawangsa has gone overboard with written criticisms  of cabinet decisions in public in breaking the cabinet solidarity, perhaps making a cardinal error of judgement. He continues enjoy the moral support of V in this funny game of politics.

The next episode will be 13A replacement.   The  wheels of Volkswagen is likely to fall apart  as Vasu support 13A and Wimal disagree with the Provincial Councils.

These two Ministers have not understood a key factor.  During election time, when Bhuwenakabahu Building was apparently destroyed  on the instructions of Kurunegala Chairperson, Wimal Weerawangsa said We were not put in power to act in this manner.  These politicians must now understand the Change, and support the President”.  Has Wimal himself understood the Change now?

Wimal fear Basil Rajapakse.  Bringing Dr Sarath Weerasekera to Colombo from Digamadulla, had reduced Wimal’s votes by 61000, within 3 months of campaigning.

Wimal sensed the danger few weeks before the election, hence he entered into a special partnership agreement with Udaya Gammanpila to share votes between the two.   Needless to say, Wimal was clearly threatened in his own home town, since the arrival of Sarath Weerasekera.

We have seen Ministers making hasty decisions, when they are punished by the Leadership.  During MEP government, Mr Philip Gunawardene, vehemently opposed the appointment of Vimala Wijewardene as Minister of Health.  His attacks against the government continued, though he has made valuable contributions by bringing Paddy Lands Act,  Multi-Purpose Co-operative System (  now Peoples Bank),pioneered establishment of Ceylon Transport Board, Ceylon Insurance Corporation, takeover of British Air Force Base in Katunayaka removal of  Naval Base in Trincomalee thus scrapping the last remaining  impediments of colonialism.  He pioneered Tyre, Steel and Plywood Corporation and laid the first foundation stone for the Steel Project at remote Oruwela.  All these major tasks were performed by Philip within two years.  Apart from being a Lawyer, Philip has obtained a PhD in Agriculture Economics from the University of Wisconsin. But his continuous defiance in breaking cabinet solidarity compelled Mr S W R D Bandaranaike to change his Ministerial portfolio.

Philip left the cabinet with his colleagues William Silva.  His departure helped conspirators to kill Mr Bandaranaike just few months after Philip left the Cabinet.

But Wimal Weerawangsa is not Philip Gunawardene.  Wimal has so far not made any significant  identifiable contribution through the portfolios held by him, though he is a vibrant  popular speaker  Bandaranaike was carried into power by Philip Gunawardene.  But  Mahinda Rajapakse was not carried into power by Wimal Weerawangsa, in fact Wimal is fortunate that he has been given a high powered role as  Minister of Industries to embark on major capital investment projects in Sri Lanka to bring about an industrial revolution.  He need to improve his  negotiating skills to face  and win  major project contracts with foreigners and local entrepreneurs.

The rise to power of Mahinda, Gota, Basil   or anyone else will be at the mercy of general public.  The fall from power of any politician will also be at the mercy of general public.

Once you are put in power, the voters are looking at your set of SKILLS, THE  ABILITY TO WORK WITH OTHERS, but  not powerful VOCABULARY!

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