Why Sri Lanka must REJECT MCC
Posted on October 9th, 2020

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  1. Sarath W Says:

    Just cut the waste starting with all those over the top perks for the MPs and we can easily save more than $ 480, 000,000 in a few years. As Chamal Rajapaksa said, MPs do not need all those security staff and those super luxury huge cars. They should be using public transport whenever possible to feel how the general public suffering.

  2. dhane Says:

    Let someone explain what will happen to Sri Lanka Government if simply ignore MCC and other proposals made by USA.
    Can Trump or USA Government drop “Paripu” or Bombs on any part of Sri Lanka from Air like Indian Rajiv Gandhi did?

  3. aloy Says:

    May be we can get out of all these agreements as there should be clauses for exit.

    However it will be very be very difficult to extricate from the evil forces that are operating both in Prez secretariat and the parliament. It took only three years from 2010 to 2013 for MR to come down from Hero to Zero. And now in just one year the once powerful Prez’s office is being attacked in social media left and right. Close to 300 lives were lost due to bad advice of top people during My3’s time. And now the current prez is being advised to appoint dangerous people to powerful positions and they seem to play havoc with the lives of the people of entire country.

    A shake up and a clean up may be necessary to rid the top office from evil force.

  4. Nimal Says:

    I admire all the good that the British Colonials did for us and I am old enough to notice this and compare that to the mess we are in now and this is common to all non Western countries.
    I got on with the Americans,British,Germans,danish and many others while in SL and like their orderly life and what I hear that they were economically off with jobs etc.As a youngster I approached an rich American who was passing by just like Arthur C.Clarke,whom I introduced him to SL and persuaded to come back.
    My rich new found American Friend, one Mr Challnor C.Chute was a textile and chemical expert. We decided to copy an imported textile machine and I got almost every part made in SL except the electric mortar.We placed these machines in two factories close to Colombo since my driver was from Jaffna he pleaded with me to put a factory there.
    while coming from Jaffna we noticed that much chlorine was sent to air at paranathan so he went back to Colombo,contacted is associates in NY to find a way to use this clorine.It was decided to use the clorine to make a much needed fertilizer name copper oxi chloride.We sought funds from World bank and had the OK from Dudley’s government where MP Philip Gunawardana was involved in the process.
    When we were about to set up the factory all hell broke out.JR was not happy because we could employ a useless relative to be head of our new company and the second in charge of the US embassy who was our personal friend was not happy with our new venture, so were the Tamil Immigration officers at their dept. in Colombo.
    While coming from Jaffna our car was stopped at Kalaniya Victoria bridge my innocent American friend was dragged out of our car and was locked up at the slave island police lock up.He was visited by the US embassy with and our friend was very rude and accused him going to set up a business in Jaffna and a chemical factory. He worked him to a frenzy lighting his lighter like mad throwing out sparks with his lighter. I asked him why he is no more our friend. Met so many times at fountain café but no answer came from him. Seems to follow the US policy.
    while my friend was locked up we staged a protest out side Dudley’s office at Senate house resulting his Secretary coming out and threatening us with police action. This secretary, can’t remember his name was found to have telephone contacts with the LTTE leaders. When I met Dudley in London he recalled the protest but did not know what it was all about.
    Point I am making here is that some in the develop countries doesn’t want the third world people to progress to this standards but our ambudayas are playing into their hands and those who preach about the history and things like Buddha sasana are real traitors to the country where it allows the corrupt leaders to dominate ,exploit us and even rob our country’s wealth and where does this wealth go,to their countries for sure.
    They don’t want our humble people to think, educate them selves the reason it is not easy for a humble kid from a humble family could come abroad to study.Ths avenue is only to the corrupt wealthy and some come from the political elite.
    Perhaps the reason why they kicked the innocent students out of the country.
    I truly like the way the polirticans,police,jusiciary and even people who drive their cars in a decent and orderly manner in UK but they will never allow that privilege to our humble people in the third world and thanks to the internet, for which I had a great part in its development the people in under developed countries can see how wrong they have been exploited that resulting in street protests. I want UK in SL which the best for all in the island, the reason why people are risking their lives to get to UK.
    Sadly we can’t see these developed countries ever setting up job creating ventures but demozing China for sharing their progress with the third world countries, though they do thing below the belt, giving commissions and bribing politicians. The person who threatened us outside Dudley’s office was Bradman Weerakoon.Sorry the system won’t allow me to correct the grammatical errors. So don’t talk and write about or pas stupid history but smell the coffee.Don’t let people take us for mugs.

  5. Ratanapala Says:

    Perhaps very few realize the dilemma Sri Lanka is in with respect to the Quad’s and their Indo-Pacific Strategy and its closest implications – earlier ACSA, SOFA and now MCC!

    When big powers move in they don’t necessarily ask your permission to walk through your country. They just walk in prosecute their operations and sometimes leave a devastated country asking them to fend for themselves. This happened during World War I and World War II during the Vietnam War and more recently in Yugoslavia, Libya and the Middle East. The armies of the Allies sometimes in the garb of NATO and sometimes even UN Peace Keeping Forces walk through many a small nation violating their land and airspaces as if they owned them hiding behind craftily worded resolutions their Think Tanks have cooked up to subjugate the less powerful and the less endowed.

    In today’s context, the US has assumed unipolar power and have declared themselves the Exceptional Nation, meaning they are above all International Laws and can do what they please around the world. All this they say is to protect democracy, human rights and sometimes reconciliation in subject nations they helped to divide and balkanize using the divide and conquer modus operandi. It is in this background the US has commandeered her lackey nations – India, Australia and Japan calling themselves the QUAD to counter the growing power of China in the Indo- Pacific region.

    What is in offing is a Scylla and Charybdis situation for Sri Lanka – either loose sovereignty or the wrath of the Neo Cons led Western Christian powers! As always, the ultimate burden is with the people and people alone. Their vigilance to keep the rulers to their word will prove necessary if the push needs to be made a shove. That and that alone can ensure whether Sri Lanka which has been a single and separate geographical and political entity for the last 2600 years and more will be valid for the future! It is the Rajapakse Brothers keeping this endearing promise with history and their Motherland that will be valued for eternity. After all the flesh will go their way and soon become topsoil and only the deeds will remain either to be dumped in the dust heap of history or to be enshrined for ever in the mind of man to be valued and emulated by their progeny!

    Please read Sriyan de Silva’s enlightening article on the Neo Cons, their genesis and power

  6. . Says:

    Rahul says,
    As Shenali has pointed out, when we have ‘privatised’ all State Land, the Government has ‘Hulang’ land to Govern and the people have ‘Hulang’, (land) to stand on. Why would a Government be then necessary?
    The Americans now have for themselves all the land; they then have their aircraft carrier in the Indian Ocean. The language on the aircraft carrier is English. Is this what Sri Lankans wants?
    No parrippu drops; the Americans have the COVID Bomb to be introduced through their CIA partner firm, Brandix, to eliminate all the landless people.

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