During“Yahapalanaya” state security engulfed by terror, still nobody take the responsibility of that heinous crime, that happen during 19th constitutional change; who wants the same rule back ?
Posted on October 13th, 2020

Sunil Yatalamatta Gamage 

Many countries especially western world wants our country to be vulnerable for attacks. They don’t want our country to be politically stable with strong national security! they will use NGO’s and various elements to destabilize the government.

The people of this country had given the mandate to make that change immediately but constitutionally. The democratic mandate already has been given and there is no any other mandate needed any further. It is us came forward to form this government and it is our wish the country is governing according to will of the people of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, not by the NGO’s. It is alright to discuss about the 19th amendment and what really happen in the ground. People are afraid of 19th amendment. But politicians NGOs and certain groups in this country discuss in favour of 19th amendment. The ground reality was so dangerous and people of this country experienced of it by sacrificing their precious lives. That is the truth. Certain politicians, some Buddhists prelates and NGO’s favoured analysts bringing different kinds of a devil and discuss in a bubble. But the person who is going to get those powers is a patriot of this country, he gave leadership to arm forces to defeat terrorism of this country, and people of this country has the confidence of President Gotabhaya Rajapakse. He has proved himself what kind of a leader is he. People need his leadership to this country. In a short period of time he has proved he is capable to have those executive powers to drive the country move forward for prosperity. I am certain the people who are in discussions made enormous facts and theories which are actually not relevant. The country need to move forward in many fronts and we have enormous human resources & only a leadership needed. The only personality that could be achieved through Hon Gotabhaya Rajapakse. We haven’t had such a visionary leadership forever in this country.

The discussions were based on non existence ground realities. Everybody brought their ideas what will happen to country constitutions, he will be like this & that and every tom dick and harry has being created in these discussions. Those arguments were not strong enough to convince the public. Public only aware one of the dangerous experiences due to 19 amendment and they voted to abolish 19th.

Some of the experiences of 19th amendment

  1. Country was unsafe and was vulnerable for terrorist attacks and it happen in the country and lost precious lives.
  2. State rule was fragile and nobody was taking responsibility on state security.
  3. Decision taking was very poor in the country. There wasn’t anybody responsible for state security. Public safety was in jeopardy. 
  4. The whole country was engulfed with drug abuse and freely drugs were selling everywhere of the country.
  5. President and Premier was not seen together in decision making.
  6. Foreign interference was quite high
  7. State ministers were doing businesses illegally (Rishad Bhadurdeen)
  8. Law and order of the country was in complete turmoil. The independent commissions established were malfunctioning.
  9. Country was in poverty state assets were selling and was converting to enterprise.
  10. Instability was looming throughout the country, unemployment was high, university students were on the street protesting against the government.

Presidential election and parliament election was held and people selected their government with one voice in both occasions. People trust who should be in power and who should rule the state. The mandate was very powerful and that mandate was given to rule. That rule included of immediate abolition of 19th amendment. That is what people want from this government and bring in 20th instead. It is because people want to have a stable country until the new constitution is formed.

Opposition leader Sajith Premadasa pretending himself knows everything in his capacity as the opposition leader. When he talks of Atoms he is trying himself to pretend him just like Albert Einstein, when he speaks of literature pretending himself just like William Shakespear. When talks about art pretending himself like Micheal Angelo. When speaking economics pretending himself just like Alan Greenspan of United States. But when it comes to politics he is exactly the same like Ranil Wickramasinghe.

Hemasiri Fernando & Pujitha the former defense secretary & police chief hate by all Sri Lankans by now. Because of their diriliction of duty being in the most important security position of the state. They answered to panel of judges having little laugh in their faces quite recently. Well that is Hemasiri Fernando and Pujitha. For me all these answers are excuses not to charge against them. They will deserve capital punishment for the deriliction of their duties. There were many involved and responsible for this crime including. Now the hearing is enough we want to see action and clearly identifying the real inventors of this crime. Hemasir, Pujitha, Saharan any others only the carriers of the crime. The master brain behind this must be a different. That is important to come out and finding the truth behind the attach.

Many countries especially western world wants our country to be vulnerable for attacks. They don’t want our country to be politically stable with strong national security. They want our country exactly like middle east country such as Lebanon. Then the BBC & CNN has news to broadcast in their media. They never make news in favour of our country whether it is the paradise in the world. That is not a news for BBC. They are news channels always broadcast Asian poverty, African starvation, Middle east religious unrest and ethnic troubles. They are imperialists channels funneling capitalist addenda. That is why they were very much interested to previous government. It was fragile, they never want to focus on national security. If the country continuing with poverty and malnutrition, fragile economy, by allowing drug lords to continue their businesses, ISIS pockets to thrive in this land; which is the new world order. Furthermore, none of the governments in the world will work against their security forces. But notorious Mangala Samaraweera accepted and agreed to world body to work against his own motherland. Our own intelligence wing members were imprisoned and was making false allegations to them. Shani Abeysekara was making reports against them and making false allegations against them. The previous government made our country a golf ground for American empire. Now that empire has fallen. People friendly government in place in Sri Lanka. The western world don’t want our country to be like that. Any political stability, security enhance in the country will be a problem for them. The western world will use human right organization through NGO & will try their best through bogus reports to blame the country. Tamil politicians are not in favour of the Tamils in this country only this government would be able to prosper Tamils in the country. The world human right organizations is a disgusting organization. They don’t have a right to request Swiss government to stop extraditing so called Nishantha de Silva a traitor of this country. I am surprised the media the so called Keerthi Thennakoon, United National Party member never ever say anything about the court order of extraditing and arresting of Nishantha de Silva. People must be aware the reality of these politicians and so called patriots. We as true patriots lot more to do to defeat these bogus patriots of this country. We must strongly believe state security is utmost important in this country more than ever before now. Political stability equally important at this moment for foreign investments. If you are Sri Lankan don’t worry about the price of a coconut; which is seasonal and already steps have been taken to control the price. Be a patriot to your motherland. And protect this government. The present government is the only government we could hope which will deliver the Sri Lanka you, & your children and I want to own. Which is a powerful hope everybody need to write down in their hearts and minds as patriots.

Most importantly due to Covid-19 new cases; the country is in a difficult moment and patriots are in collaboration with professionals, government, health officials, security officials, public health officers to control the spreading. At this difficult moment everybody has a duty. Please follow the government and health officials advises to the letter.I am sure we will back to normal quite soon.

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