Rs 12 million fine imposed on ‘MT New Diamond’ Captain
Posted on October 14th, 2020

Courtesy Adaderana

The Colombo High Court has imposed a fine of Rs 12 million on the Captain of the crude oil tanker ‘MT New Diamond’ which caught on fire while on Sri Lankan waters.

When the case was taken up today (14), the Greek Captain Stereo Sterio Ilias plead guilty for the charges filed against him in relation to the fire.

Subsequently, the Attorney General sought a court order for compensation in a sum of Rs 200 million.

However, the court has ruled for the accused to be released after the settlement of a fine of Rs 12 million.

While the Deputy Solicitor General, on behalf of the Attorney General, requested for a court order to pay compensation, the judge stated that it would not be granted as issuing such an order would prejudice to both parties.

On October 08, the Attorney General filed indictments regarding the oil spill caused by the fire in the ship and the failure to report of the fire in violation of the Sections 26 and 38 of the Marine Environment Pollution Authority (MEPA) Act.

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