“Friends live with us through both prosperity and adversity. They are like portraits painted on walls and they never turn back on you” ( Salalihini Sandesaya-” THE STRALING’S MESSAGE “)
Posted on October 20th, 2020


When the recent top level Chinese delegation visited Sri Lanka they had a touching message for Sri Lanka. The message was.. CHINA WILL STAND WITH SRI LANKA TO PROTECT ITS INDEPENDENCE, SOVEREIGNTY AND TERRITORIAL INTEGRITY AT INTERNATIONAL FORA” .  In our present day world of varied challenges much to our discomfort , we are faced with lack of reciprocity and interdependence of world and regional powers, In such a scenario the Chinese assurance that they will stand by Sri Lanka in the world fora is commendable.

Contrast this response with the attitude adopted by some of our friends such as the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, India and the EU. In many  international fora Sri Lanka has been compelled to be at the receiving end of these countries with regard to so called HR violations, war crimes, ‘genocide’, institutional violence, harassment of minorities, police brutality,  lack of judicial independence, religious intolerance, absence of media freedom etc. Further , in all these countries the world’s most violent terrorist organization, the LTTE -which killed thousands and terrorized 20 million Sri Lankans for more than 20 years- or their font organizations are allowed to function and advocate HR issues and are sometimes even recognized by the Governments. The terrorist flag is openly allowed to display and fund raising to destabilize Sri Lanka is permitted.  

When one analyses the charges levelled at Sri Lanka it is very clear that most of the charges are fabricated by the interested parties and galvanized by the NGOs which are  in fact involved in the business of living by infecting soft areas of developing countries, These nations and the NGOs conveniently opt to forget about the massive HR violations and crimes perpetrated  by themselves including brutal violence against the minorities in their own countries within the last few decades which had brought untold misery to many millions of affected people, They have the audacity to pressurize a few countries at every opportunity to gain their geo- political objectives by creating insecurity and uncertainty in the subject countries,

It is unfortunate that amidst this depressing approach of the West that there are forces within the subject developing countries such as Sri Lanka awaiting on the sidelines who are keen on picking up bones which are thrown at them by the West and attempting to mislead the people, We cannot afford to deceive ourselves by hopefully hanging on to the dead ropes dangled before us while our self-respect is attacked and destroyed.

It is true that Sri Lanka is facing many odds and is forced to grapple with many an option, But, the political reality should lead us to the friends who will not only help us financially but be honest and stand by justice and fair-play. We cannot wallow but we have to select the right path in international affairs by accepting the hand stretched towards us and decide to convey our opinion to the so called friends for them to mend their unfriendly, unjust attitudes towards Sri Lanka-       ‘

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