LLRC Report – Betrayal of the Victory of the Security Forces in 2009
Posted on January 3rd, 2021

Senaka Weeraratna

The LLRC Report was tantamount to a Betrayal of the Victory achieved by the Security Forces on the battlefield after a huge sacrifice of life and limb by the heroic soldiers. About 30, 000 personnel from the security forces perished.  

What was required and anticipated by the informed public from the LLRC were recommendations for 

1) ‘ de – nazification’ of the Terrorists and the network of their supporters, 

2) scrapping or re – negotiation of the unequal Treaty between India – Sri Lanka which was forcibly imposed on the Sri Lankan Govt. by India in 1987, and the 

3) removal of the 13th amendment of the Constitution, which was enacted at gunpoint. 

The question, what was the purpose for which 30, 000 soldiers, the vast majority of whom were Sinhala Buddhists drawn from rural areas, sacrificed their precious lives over a period of 30 years, fighting a defensive war against brutal terrorists, was never asked nor were there proper findings or explanation given of this significant issue, nor any sincere expression of gratitude and appreciation of the soldiers sacrifice.

It is indisputable that people all over the country began to sleep soundly without fear largely because of the victory achieved in 2009 via the heroic sacrifices of the soldiers.  

It is unfortunate that the LLRC saw their function as a mechanism for appeasement of people who had ‘hurt’ feelings, and as an apologetic role, and not to vindicate the victory achieved on the battlefield by our security forces.   

The unforgivable and unpardonable part was that the LLRC Commissioners fell  into a trap laid down by ‘Human Rights’ mercenaries who unceasingly vilify the ethnic majority until almost the last pound of flesh is extracted, and the LLRC Commissioners sheepishly gave in to the pressure mounted by NGOs and turned to work on promoting  the anti – majoritarian propaganda rhetoric of Multi – Culteralism, Secularism, and Re – conciliation, prior to ‘de – nazification’.

It must be noted that when the Allies beat Germany and Japan in 1945, they (the allies) engaged in a full scale de – nazification’ programme and established War Crimes Tribunals to try the leaders of the two defeated countries.

In Sri Lanka the reverse happened. The winner was placed in the dock for alleged war crimes while the defeated Terrorists, with blood stained hands for ruthlessly killing innocent civilians in several incidents of mass murder, were hailed as liberators and victims by the international community.

The LLRC report did not do much to salvage the the good name of the security forces which won a resounding victory over terrorism, and became the only country in the world to do so.

Senaka Weeraratna

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