Some new thoughts on the spread of Covid 19. Geological reasons why Corona victims should not be buried in this country
Posted on January 6th, 2021

Dr Sudath Gunasekara Mahanuwara 

The following map shows the graphic representation of the geomorphological structure of the Island determined by its geological foundation spreading from the center in all directions

Morphological map of Sri Lanka

Source Sudath Gunasekara 1991.

You will see from this map that all the rivers in the Island starting from the Central Highlands flow   in between these trend lines.   Not only the rivers but also the movement and storing of underground water table also conforms to this morphological foundation. Hence the possibility of whatever virus or germ that gets in to the underground water table at any point in the upstream area the tendency of spreading  downstream under gravity radially or storing in underground water bodies in all the directions all over the Island in no time.  Part of it also might come to the surface through capillary action. As such spreading a virus in all directions both lateral and vertical in no time and remaiming there from any death body with Covid 19 virus at any point in the country could be very high and therefore extremely risky.

I am only trying here to illustrate the behavior of the underground water table within this peculiar underlying geological Structure as a student of geography. It is therefore left for expert geologists and hydrologists to elaborate on this point. I hope those more knowledgeable in geology an d hydrology  will pick up from here and tell the world the imminent dangers of burying Covid 19 dead bodies in any part of this country in view of this peculiar geomorphologica]  and geological context that might help  the health authorities to explain to the rioting Muslim lunatics and opportunist politicians who care a damn for other’s lives on the large scale ramifications of burying Covid19  dead bodies

If cremation is so antireligious then how about the souls of those who commit suicide like Saharan. Why can’t these idiots realize that the dead is dead for good. No one knows where he or she has gone whether hell or heaven.  As such there is no point in dabbling with dead bodies. What we have to do is to protect the living in view of social justice. The decision of the government should be based purely on health advice and never petty political considerations. I warn all those politicians of all communities not to play with human lives for votes.

There is another serious countrywide disaster pending if Muslim Covid 19 death bodies get piled up in government hospital morgues. Firstly it might spread all over the hospital and they might become dysfunctional. If that happens, who will come to rescue those who need hospital care.? Will Alla come from heaven to look after those patients, I ask these rioting Muslim fanatics and politicians like Sirisena and those in the fold who support them

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  1. dingiri bandara Says:

    The Quran does not prohibit cremation. It is a traditional practice coming from the Sunnah and the Hadith. Just because something has been practiced, does not make it right. Some Muslims practice FGM or female genital mutilation, so that women do not experience sexual pleasure. They also practice stoning to death. Does it make it right to practice that type of barbarism. The Muslims also enjoy all the modern amenities of today. They are not specifically prohibited in the Quran, as far as I am aware. By issuing a Fatwa, a religious leader can introduce a new practice, which may right or wrong. They also can declare any practice should not be carried out any more.
    Considering the too many unknowns with this Corona virus a Fatwa can be issued that under current situation that it is ok to cremate. Conventional wisdom is that whatever happens does not depend on how dead the body is disposed of,but how one has lived, based on cause and effect. Nobody really knows, only beliefs. Give the benefit of the doubt to unknwn bad effects and issue Fatwa.

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