The Third Wave and the Tourists!
Posted on January 8th, 2021

Sarath Bulathsinghala

9 Jan 2021

Some countries are experiencing a Second Wave of Covid pandemic, while some others have graduated into a Third Wave, this time with new and more virulent mutant forms of the virus. If these mutant viruses arrive in Sri Lanka it will be beyond the capacity of the Sri Lanka government to handle. Sri Lanka is already battling through the second wave. If the 70% more virulent mutant arrives in Sri Lanka it will be shutters on all activities. The UK has already gone to a shut down. Just on the news this evening Greater Brisbane in Australia is to go into a three-day lockdown to stop the UK variant spread. In the UK and in the US – California they are already almost running out of beds! This can very well happen to Sri Lanka if not extremely careful.

It is best the authorities closely look at how other countries are now affected and also most importantly other countries are getting ready to meet the mutants.

It is with this developing situation that Sri Lanka should be taking a fresh look at bringing in tourists into the country at least for the time being. Sri Lanka should explore the danger associated and as well as the certainty which they can assure that the virulent version of the virus will not enter Sri Lanka?

It is said that the total weight of the virus that has so far infected the whole world is less than 1.5 gms. This shows how minute the virus is and how easy for such a tiny speck of death dealing viral matter to creep through any human attempt to keep it contained.

It is no secret Sri Lanka was found going it easy after the First Wave. Here we are not blaming the government for it can happen to any other government elsewhere. It has happened to more rich and powerful Governments who are trying to balance a multitude of factors – the economy, security, the feeding the nation, keeping people employed in order to keep the wheels of industry moving and most importantly the health of their citizens. The priority of the most powerful countries has been their security and not the health of the nation as we have seen in the US, the UK and France! These countries are willing to take the Covid-19 related deaths as mere ‘collateral damage’, second to maintaining their security apparatus intact!

In Sri Lanka we are still trying to come to terms with the Second Wave. Are we ready for the Third Wave and certain disaster unprecedented?

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  1. Henry Says:

    I live in Arizona, USA, which is now the hottest spot for COVID infections and deaths. Nearly ten thousand people have died here.
    I have been bragging about how well the Sri Lankan government has been handling the pandemic and keeping the numbers low. And now, I’m beginning to hear about tourists from Ukraine and steps leading to potential worsening of the situation. What happened? Who is responsible for the sudden change in direction? Is money and power superseding and he concern and caution that prevailed? The Ministers of Health, Tourism and Foreign Affairs should examine the matter and take a decision that will not jeopardize the welfare of the people. That’s what you were elected to office!

  2. aloy Says:

    “These countries are willing to take the Covid-19 related deaths as mere ‘collateral damage’, second to maintaining their security apparatus intact!

    In Sri Lanka we are still trying to come to terms with the Second Wave. Are we ready for the Third Wave and certain disaster unprecedented?”

    Your first sentence above contradicts the second. This is the state of affairs everywhere. Even the most advanced nation on earth, the US, with Fauci et al heading the covid attack force haven’t got the bull even by its tail, let alone the head. So, I think we are still doing fine. Even the from the several hundred Ukrainians who have cone thus far only six have contracted disease. And none of the handlers got it either. So, what does it indicate?. Either our environment or something else is protecting the people here.

    Just think of these scenarios. Is that not why we have been surviving as a nation for millennia also?.

    Now, when it come to economy, isn’t this a gold mine?. Why not we go full scale and make the most while the sun shines?.
    But we must have a good team to resurrect the economy. The Prez has to throw away the arthika ghatakaya from the office to give confidence to people!.
    It was yesterday when I was driving from B’ttaramulla to Colombo when I noticed something obvious that was written on a three wheeler. It says “api nodenima api wikinena puduma ratak meka”. No wonder the people think this way as it is this man who in the eyes of citizens that takes decisions about our country’s destiny. Or is there someone else handling the affairs of the country?. A wealthy donar nation?.

  3. Ratanapala Says:


    I have seen a seeming correlation between the level of exposure to ‘uncleanliness’ and the inherent immunity in certain communities when looking at Worldometer Statistics. There is a clear case which shows that people who are exposed to high levels of ‘uncleanliness’ from the time they are born have better ability to resist viral infections. Also the statistics show those who have been raised in severely antiseptic surroundings are more prone to infection.

    Another factor worthy of note in the same vein; A quick Google search shows : That birth by cesarean section can influence your baby’s microbiome and immune health. New research has found that babies born via cesarean section may have an impaired immune system in later life due to the lack of exposure to maternal bacteria that would occur during the standard birthing process.’

    These are some aspects that are worth looking at when considering the spread of the current pandemic.

  4. aloy Says:


    I believe that Americans (not the natives) are the most unqualified people to theorized about Covid; they are new to the environments and probably not got adjusted for its protection. They always look at things from the perspective of their limited knowledge of science.

    But there are many things not yet discovered out there. Their existence in their environment is less than five hundred years and they have lived as a civilized society less than 150 years as described poetically by a famous singer. I will give a link to that song below. Perhaps Christianity has mellowed their violent behavior somewhat. This is amply shown by the recent events there. Where as we Sinhalese (or Helayas) have lived here up to 150,000 years as explained by archeologists. We have been fine tuned to this type of viruses that come and go periodically. Those of us living here in our familiar environments are the fittest and those with defective genes may have vanished.

    We cannot entirely throw away the beliefs of ancients about devios and some mystic powers as narrated by another video which I kindly request the readers to watch.



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