Subarctic Life -Tundra Wonder Mums
Posted on January 15th, 2021

RT Documentary

Pavla Nikolaevna is a ‘chumworker’, a housewife in the tundra (Thundra is subarctic flat land with permafrost ground). Together with her husband, they continue their family ideal of driving reindeer herds in the far north. Instead of a regular flat this Russian family prefers a chum, a reindeer fur-covered hut. Even in winter, when the temperature outside falls to -34° C, they move the chum several times a week, following the ancient herding tradition. While the men are watching the herds, the women work at the chum making their snow dwelling comfortable. The family with seven children has a flat in a nearby city, but they keep returning to the land of the reindeer. Watch why the tundra is not letting them out.

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