Dhammika Bandara of Kegalle starts distributing his syrup today
Posted on January 21st, 2021

Courtesy Hiru News

The syrup produced by Dhammika Bandara of Kegalle was distributed to the public before the clinical study has been completed.

It is reported that arrangements have been made to distribute 5,000 bottles of syrup at his residence in Udukumbura, Kegalle.

However, the clinical work of the syrup produced by Dhammika Bandara is currently being carried out at the Methsiri Sevana Treatment Center attached to the Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital as well as at the Nochchiyagama Regional Hospital.

Accordingly, the syrup will be given to coronavirus infected people over 18 years of age and under 80 years of age at the relevant hospitals.

This will be after a second PCR test has been performed and the patient is confirmed to be infected with the coronavirus. The syrup will be is administered to the patients only after the PCR test confirmation is obtained.

This syrup is not given at the clinical trial stage to pregnant mothers, those who have previously consumed the relevant syrup or people with chronic diseases such as diabetes.

Also, the consent of the patient is mandatory to administer this syrup to the patient.

Arrangements have been made to provide this syrup to 128 patients, twice a day at a rate of 15 ml at a time, and the relevant syrup will be given to patients on clinical trials for three days.

Meanwhile, the doctor at the Peradeniya hospital who claimed that Dhammika Bandara had assaulted him, said that he was assaulted when he visited Dhammika Bandara’s housie.

He has also lodged a complaint with the Peradeniya Police. The doctor further stated that the video claiming that he had been punished was obtained on force after being assaulted by a group including Dhammika Bandara.

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