Did Abraham Sumanthiran lure Alponso Ranjan to his Orumitthanadu den? – part 1.
Posted on January 23rd, 2021

C. Wijeyawickrema, LL.B., Ph.D.

Sweet dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree
I travel the world and the seven seas
Everybody’s looking for something.

Some of them want to use you
Some of them want to get used by you
Some of them want to abuse you
Some of them want to be abused….

Sweet dreams are made of this

Who am I…

                                       Eurythmics,1983 (written for future Ranjan/s?)”

I was sent to jail for 19 years on false charges. If you see the Video tape recording of what happened between me and the magistrate on that unfortunate day, you can see how I was framed.”- February, 2019.

Ven. Galagodaatte Gnanasara (Bodu Bala Sena).

Note: I get no pleasure by writing this two-part essay, in this fashion and tone. But Ranjan R’s trademark/slogan has been the phrase, Bitter Truth, which was neither truth, half-truth nor naked truth. A sick society made him sicker making him an emperor in new clothes. The yahapalana agents, especially, Sumanthiran must take full responsibility for the crime and sin of destroying him. Their (RanilW/SajithP/TNA/JSB) shameless behavior in and outside the Diyawanna restaurant, reminds, the proverbial cat on the rock. Hence, the good, the bad, and the ugly of this sin deserves to be recorded; one has a moral duty to bell these cats.


The question asked in the title above came to my mind after seeing the spontaneous outburst of sympathy for Ranjan (R) when he was convicted for abusing the court system. While what R did to judges in this case was clear cut with no doubts at all, his supporters are outraged that the law was interpreted so harshly, and this law must be changed ASAP. Some even proposed ways to make conviction nullified by giving a presidential pardon to both R and Duminda Silva simultaneously! In this one-sided, R is a saint blind alley, where judges, laws and politics are all mixed, the only sane opinion I saw was by the famous criminal law attorney, Tirantha Walaliyadda, who said that the right thing that should happen is for Duminda to ask for a full bench re-hearing of his case so that the previous five-bench decision would be re-examined. He says if president Gotabhaya does anything else it would be political suicide because then there is no point having a separate judiciary, good or bad.

I compared this outrage with the petition signed by ex-PM Ranil’s wife Maithree against any presidential pardon to Ven. Galabodaatte Gnanasara from a framed” conviction, about which part 2 of this essay will discuss. The swing of opinion from keeping a socially engaged monk in the Welikada hell, to salvaging at any cost, a bull-in-a-China shop politician R from prison, I felt was due to the sting the black-white crowd got from the court, unmasking their lurking in the dark dreams. The court decision is a blessing in disguise for the Sinhala Buddhists in the country because, it exposed how two projects (1) the anti-Mahavamsa and (2) the Orumitthanadu, operate together, behind the scene, to balkanize real estate called  Sinhale, and to dynamite the 2,600- year-old civilizational foundation of the Sinhala Buddhist nation.

From this perspective, it is not difficult for a Sinhala Buddhist to see how an unfortunate panchaskandaya (a collection of flesh and bones made of elements- earth, water, fire, and air), known as Ranjan/Alponso (R) ended up as a victim of the 2015-19 yahapalana international project.

Is <4-RI> in 2021 greater than <19-RI> in 2018?

In this Corona infested world where King Pasenadi Kosol’s Sixteen Dreams have come true, Sumanthiran (S) was able to mesmerize, mostly useless MPs in the Diyawanna restaurant, that his client Ranjan (R), was given a historically unprecedented punishment by the SC. Even Ali Sabri has given his silent accent to this theory of S.  Not a single panchaskandaya was there to refresh S’ dishonest brain, that only a few years back, a Buddhist monk who engaged in a dialogue with a magistrate about yahapalanakaraya’s hunt of soldiers (rana viru dadayama) was given 19 years of RI, by a combination of three or four judges, two lawyers and the AG’s department (the Court of Appeal judgement had at least one fatal error, and a critical analysis of that judgement printed at that time will be reproduced in part 2 of this essay). The SC decision denying an appeal request was a gross violation of the principles of Natural Justice.  Any way, it was a case of ripening or fulfilling of the prophesy made by Mrs. Chandrika, before a Muslim gathering that, Balu sena will be sent to balu kuuduwa (dog cage) soon.”

Pro bono Sumanthiran

In an adversarial system of justice, where lawyers thrive like sharks, it was S’ free of charge court appearances that emboldened and blinded R in his bitter truth crusade with a mini Rasputinian cloak. His sex advisory was free of charge like S’ services for him. He displayed with confidence on the wall of his government subsided apartment the long list of cases pending against him. It was next to many film acting awards he received. R was living in a delusion-fill world. Perhaps, Hirunika was the hardest hit victim of his fantasy machine. R failed to understand the American slang that there is no free lunch in this world, though he was a proud owner of the business cards of the American ambassador and her political deputy that he kept in his pocket.

For the larger Eelam project of S, R was a bundle of raw flesh, a wet clay figure to mold, delivered directly by Jehovah or by some other, not Mother Theresa. Both S and R, are Christian souls who could compare their salvation notes. R was an asset to S from another front. Due to his popularity in the cinema industry, he got elected as an MP, following the Upeksha Swarnamali syndrome of politics: if you are a popular actor/actress you are in for politics with wisdom). So, R became the ideal candidate to be used and abused in the Orumitthanadu project, which comes under the larger, buried but not dead, anti-Mahavamsa project.

Anti-Mahavamsa project

The word Orumitthanadu denotes the Eelam project which began initially in 1921/24 culminating with the 2015-2019 Orumitthanadu Drafted by S, RanilW and JayampathiW who escaped to Geneva. S was so sure of reaching his Nirvana (heaven), but then President Sirisena exploded an anti-yahapalana bomb derailing almost 100 years of separatists’ labour.  The anti-Mahavamsa project on the other hand had been a colonial desire to civilize Sinhale people by Christianizing them, so that they will be faithful lambs guided by priestly shepherds. But beginning with governors North and Brownrigg, white rulers realized that the village temple was the major obstacle to their civilizing efforts for the colony. The temple and the village are attached to each other like a tree with its bark. The Sanga functioned as the Guardian Angles of the land, language, and the religion of Sinhale for the past 2,600 years. The two political parties” then, monks and Villagers, are so intertwined, that during WW-II, war admiral Layton entertained a plan to arrest all the monks and keep them in internment camps, in case the Japanese army lands in Ceylon.



Kind-hearted women

In 1948 people of Sinhale were not given back, at least a reasonable or justifiable portion of the rights and heritage they lost in 1815. When communal representation, anchored on the colonial policy of divide and rule started in 1832, changed to territory-based representation in 1931, the Sinhala black whites, who quickly became Donoughmore Buddhists (identified as O! my God Buddhists by Ven. Elle Gunawansa), were thoroughly Europeanized to even discuss the need for correcting, reasonably, adverse effects of genocidal treatment, humiliation, and discrimination, people of Sinhale had undergone for over 400 years.

Whatever bitter truths that Ranjan (R) was talking about, the naked truth has been the game of treating Sinhala Buddhists as kind-hearted women until the 2020 general election. After 1948, several adjustments attempted to remedy Sinhala Buddhist grievances, but the black-white establishment aided and abetted by foreign agents, obstructed, sabotaged, and derailed each of them one after the other. Such actions fall under the umbrella called the Anti-Mahavamsa project. The expectation of Sinhala Buddhists and poor Christians is that President Gotabhaya will be able to usher an era of a society based on the Buddhist Middle Path, which in its political manifestation means, all beings (which includes animals, plants and trees) be free of sorrow, healthy, and happy.” This could create a Corona-free world than all UN and Geneva Human Rights Declarations together! 

Gotabhaya: a pain in the neck!

The arrival of a non-politician to the political scene became an obstacle to black whites operating within the false democracy of partisan politics. Therefore, unknowing to the country the Eelam project and the anti-Mahavamsa project joined hands. Ranjan Alponso was handpicked by S and RanilW as the one-man demolition crew.

Just like John F. Kennedy (1961) had to appoint his younger brother Robert as his Attorney General as ‘demanded’ by his father, helped John F. Kennedy to avoid a 3rd world war, MahindaR’s decision in 2005 to bring his brother Gotabhaya from USA as his defence secretary, resulted in ending a 30-year war in just 3+ years. No wonder Prabakaran tried to assassinate Gota on December 1, 2006. Ranjan became the yahapalana prostitute to use every word he can to sling mud at the president copied by Harin Fernando who fears the word Gotabhaya.

Ranjan’s two job assignments


*1 War crimes and foreign judges – Both RanilW and S wanted to bring foreign judges to adjudicate tiger cases. This was what they wanted all along and promised to deliver to Geneva after 2015. For this some idiot must be willing to be used and abused, to take a missionary-like path to ridicule the Sri Lankan courts and judges as corrupt, biased puppets. R’s strategy was to utter this as many times as possible using his popularity as an actor, and then approach all kinds of judges for corrupt deals, secretly recording conversations to use them as evidence. As time goes may be, he thought that such recordings would help in defending the contempt case against him! When the country is one huge triangle of evil, there is no doubt that the judicial system needs an overhauling as proposed by Nagananda Kodituwakku or revealed by Victor Ivan’s Court is Silent documentary, or by Sugandhika Fernando’s eyewitness evidence. Judges and lawyers are panchaskandas full of Lobha-Dvesa and Moha (greed, jealously and delusion). But label them all as thieves with one stupid mud brush is like throwing a spanner into a running machine, well-oiled or half-oiled. The whole system is sure to collapse. Did S or RanilW not know this?

*2 Attack Buddhist monk using abnormal cases as a side support for the robe-hunting work of the yahapalana crowd, while making disparaging comments about the DNA defects of prince Siddhartha and princess Yashodara, the heart of Buddhist lore! This was like Abdul Razik’s comments about the Triple Gem in Buddhism, or Mangala S dropping one gem from the Triple. R’s assigned task was to demoralize Buddha Sasanaya, already facing issues due to the operation of White Man’s Law. While Muslims are given religious courts as far back in 1951, suggestions made by white judges in colonial days to have separate jurisdictional system for monks was ignored by Sinhala Buddhist politicians.

There are enough evidence showing that RanilW was behind R, supplying him much needed oxygen. R went on rampage like the proverbial woodpecker until he hit his fateful banana tree. Sinhale is protected not by Vigneswaran’s five lingams that he says brought from pre-historic India to bless this island, but by Four guardian gods (Satarawaram Devivaru). Otherwise, who could think this island would not have become a Palestine, Lebanon, or a Syria in South Asia, despite 72 years of destruction by the selfish Sinhala politicians. So, R’s bitter truth project died with a new life, where he will be sitting on top of pinnacles of hundred years of human excreta on a daily basis, separated only by a thin concrete slab. It is one toilet pit for 80 prisoners, as revealed by attorney, major Ajith Prasanna who just came out on bail from remand prison after 360 days. His sin was talking on behalf of unjustly imprisoned war connected soldiers! There were no NGOs, no you tube bloggers, no Kishani Pintos, no Basil Fernandos or Asanga Welikalas from Aberdeen to utter a word about him. This is the cruel world we live in fighting for a non-existing rule of law and a bogus representative democracy.

Limitless idiosyncrasy

R was such an idiot, with either low self-esteem or inferiority complex, that even after he was handcuffed as a convict, within the court premises, shouted at the top of his voice calling the judges thieves, and he will never withdraw his opinion about them. This means, Harin Fernando, MP, a new Ranjan in the making, will have to wear his black shoal for at least 10 years. Sumanthiran, who says that under the new ICCPR Act, a convict should be given at least one opportunity to appeal against his/her punishment, will have a hard time in getting a sympathetic second hearing from a court unless his client plead insanity.

A human tragedy!

I feel sorry for Ranjan. As Gamini Fonseka once said, R was a young actor growing up with no fear to tell the truth. Arundika Fernando, minister gave 3 incidents of what young Alponso (R) did in the past. For example, he was caught carrying a safe robbed from a jewelry shop during the 1983 riots. May be, he was able to get himself reformed. But his lying before a national TV, as if he saw how the child Seya was molested cannot be excused under any grounds. He thrived in a corrupt society, high and low in status. The tape revealing how Dilrukshi Dias was probing him enthusiastically for the truth, whether the rumor that he (R) and (the late) Soma Edirisinghe had an illicit affair, was evidence for the Rasputinian image he earned among women, married or not.

His popularity was used by UNP politicians in elections. Gradually, he drifted toward dishonest politics, each step on the way getting immoral boost of approval from his masters. If he were the reformist that he said he was, he could have done lot of work to remedy the bitter truths he revealed. Instead, all of it became empty noise and no voice. He was incapable of developing a single project deserving public credit. Distribution of foods and goods is OK, but Palitha Thevarapperuma did a better politically neutral, sincere service in this regard. In R’s work one could always see a fine anti-government propaganda coming out of his mouth.

Within the Yahapalana international project, there was perhaps one soul who could have saved R from his predicament. It was Sumanthiran. Knowing that R had no escape route from his debacle, S should have used his psychic power to save him from ‘hell’, by threatening to withdraw from appearing for his cases, because S was R’s God on earth. He placed his heart and brain on S’ hands. Instead, he was led an abyss. Why S failed to psychologically salvage R from self-destruction is puzzling. Perhaps, Sumanthiran wanted R to become a basket case of pain in the neck in a sick, corrupt society, a kind of sadistic pleasure for his Eelam ilk. If only, R had seen the Singalovada Sutra, at least once, instead of reading bogus books on Buddhism, he would not have fallen into this human trap. Kiriella who once said, any idiot can win wars if there is money,” and Sajith should have warned R to change his behavior then, instead shedding crocodile tears before the Speaker to let R come to parliamentary sittings. This is not to protect R, but to continue to use R and abuse parliamentary privileges for the cheap political game Sajith is playing again an abuse of his position as LoO (PM in waiting in UK tradition).

Despite the R debacle, SJB and TNA continue to scratch each other’s backs secretly, and inside parliament by coming to help each other in heated or irrational debates or otherwise. The efforts to salvage R by hook or by crook, is due to a mutual guilt and defeat of the yahapalana international project. It is now clear, this project did not originate in Singapore in 2003/2006 with a secret meeting of Mangala Samaraweera, dean Colombo law faculty (a Tamil Eelamist?) and some agents of the global Tamil government in exile as we previously thought. It is but, revamping of the buried (but not dead), larger anti-Mahavamsa project aimed at balkanization of Sinhale. It is an irony that the statement Ven. Gnanasara was found fault with, that we do not want white mans’ law anymore,” is now repeated by Sumanthiran and Ali Sabry both, in a sugarcoated fashion, careful enough to not upset the supreme court!

Part- 2: How six lawyers framed and convicted Ven. Gnanasara on a contempt of court charge.

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