Do not create more problems like this” – Request from the government – (Video)
Posted on February 2nd, 2021

Courtesy Hiru News

The Maha Sangha, civil society representatives and opposition politicians expressed their views regarding the construction of the Western Terminal of the Colombo Port with foreign investment

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  1. Nimal Says:

    Maha sanga jumping in is exactly happened or happening in Burma. They promoted a racist agenda, even against a Buddhist relative of mine married to a Burmese, now living in Colombo.These yellow robes destabilized that country, created genocide, weakening or humbling their own people that was overridden by the Military who made their own luxurious district ,bobbing the wealth of the country, their district is not even open to the yellow robes. When the international good doers tried to bring democracy and true freedom, their reps like Ansang is been kicked out because likes Trump had disgraced and devalued the elections by the same accusations of fraud, which is a new upcoming trend with the upcoming tyrants. Now the yellow robes have realized their error and doing a u turn against the cruel generals,but is too late. At present it is happening in Uganda where the winner is locked up.
    So religious agents of any denomination has no place in advising or getting involved in running the country where they lack in depth knowledge of the ever complex world. All our politicians of all kinds are hoodwinking the stupid masses by going to see these freeloaders and venerating before them. This stupidity will never occur in a developed democracy or in a developed world, but our rascals want to come and live eventually with their looted money in the developed world.

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