Posted on February 2nd, 2021


Dear Hon Ali Sabry, the Minister of Justice.

I am addressing this note to you as I believe that you are man of the world with a road map for the Nation. I have listened to your pre-election speeches delivered in Australia and read your orations in Sri Lanka which outlined your vision for the country and the nation. And, I still believe that you have a lot to contribute to the Nation.

I am rather puzzled with two recent propositions made by you which fly in the face of the picture of you, I had in my mind. Still. I have implicit trust in you as I am of the view that which I discuss below will receive your close scrutiny.

Grasping the Nettle, I may point out that your proposal to ‘amend the Antiquities Ordinance, repealing the provisions therein preventing the courts from releasing persons charged with or accused of related offences on bail” (article in the Island by K Tiranagama) reminds me of the attempts of some to hunt with the hounds and run with the hare. As you no doubt agree the Antiquities are part of our living history which we have to protect and handover to our future generations. As a small country we have been cheated by a number of invaders who pillaged our invaluable treasures of historical value and stole many others which are now stored in prestigious museums of the West. Your efforts to tackle the prison congestion by tinkering with the Antiquities Ordinance is not acceptable to a nation which is at the receiving end of systematic robbery of her artifacts by the colonial powers and at present, by the greedy and the well-planned destructive forces,

So, the Hon Minister, you should consider looking elsewhere, if your objective is to reduce the prison congestion. If at all, you should introduce stringent measures to the Antiquities Ordinance to deter persons from robbing the nation’s history. We hear that yearly over 750 complaints are received annually by the police and the dept of Archaeology. about vandalism directed at our antiquities. If you do implement your misdirected proposal the such vandals will have a field day.

The second proposal which is equally or more damaging is included in the gazette notification no 2208/13 -2020 issued on council of legal education dated 30.12.21/

which says.

 Part I : Sec. (I) – GAZETTE EXTRAORDINARY OF THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF SRI LANKA – 30.12.2020 5A (d) the Special Entrance Examination shall be held during a specified month as determined by the Council, of the year preceding the year of entry to the Sri Lanka Law College. (2) immediately after rule 28 thereof, by the insertion of the following new rule:- 28A. (1) All courses conducted at the Sri Lanka Law College shall be conducted in the English Medium.

Why should the law be taught only in English vitiating the Official Language Act? As you no doubt agree law affects everybody in Sri Lanka and the opportunity should be made available to average Sri Lankan to understand and to act according to the law. Once the education is provided in English only as per the proposal the whole legal machinery including the hearing of court cases to will be conducted in English only. You may remember how the ordinary villager Silindu in the well know novel Village in the Jungle had to face the justice when he had to look up and accept the judgement against him delivered in English, a language which he did not comprehend! There will be many more Silindus in Sri Lanka who will have to come to the courts and suffer in silence  to the dictates in English if the proposed scheme comes into operation.  The law had been taught in Sinhala language for more than 25 years and is not a subject to be used internationally except with regard to special occasions which can be handled even by using official translators as in the case of  eminent international leaders who are not conversant in English. You are only attempting to turn the clock back to colonial period. Please reconsider and revert to the existing system in providing legal education as per the Official Language Act


3 Responses to “TO HON ALI SABRY PC”

  1. janakic Says:

    Thank you Ranjith for raising two very pertinent questions. Hope the Minister respond and in particular take action.

  2. janakic Says:

    Thank you Ranjith for raising two very pertinent questions. Hope the Minister responds and in particular take action.

  3. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Don’t believe what deshapaluwas say in election rallies. Those speeches, promises are to fool the gullible chandadasas.
    Fastest breeding religion aka religion of violence mussies after multiplying like …. want to make Sri Lanka a mussie
    country. Sinhalese voted GR to form a patriotic government. Then he put this mussie in charge of a very important
    ministerial role. Sinhala modayas never learn and to make matters worse, have a very short memory.

    Remember bada udin under Sirima B. It created mussie only schools in the 60s. Today, all of them are 6,000+ for
    mussie baby farm outputs and to hide real numbers!

    Then ass rough under bandit queen. Destroyed the east and fortunately for the Sinhala modayas chopper came down
    (feel sorry for the chopper crew) and saved the north from it.

    Then xxxxhim flooded law college with mussies and made the harbour a mussie majority place. Then under the traitor
    chief die hard catholic token Buddhist Batalande wa(n)dakaya/traitor modaya vairapala sorry sena bada udin
    destroyed the Wilpaththu and imported more breeders and settled down to start more mussie baby farms. In the mean
    time empty dog aka hisxalla, a sad ali (not enough children to be sad?), muji uura raha uura etc. etc. did their utmost
    to promote mussie baby farms and today Sri Lanka is on the way to be a former Buddhist country.

    Iran, afganisthan, pakisthan, bangladesh, malaysia and indonesia used to be Buddhist counries before the fastest
    breeding religion aka religion of violence mussies arrived there with their baby machine wives. They multiplied and
    multiplied and outnumbered (murdered) the natives and made them all mussie countries. Thanks to our traitor
    deshapaluwas, we are on the way to become a former Buddhist Sri Lanka. Tragedy is Sinhalese still not seeing the
    imminent danger from these fastest breeders on the planet and trusting them!

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