Warranty period over, but Chinese company willing to work with SL Railways
Posted on February 5th, 2021

Kelum Bandara Courtesy The Daily Mirror

After allegations about railway carriages were manufactured in China, the Chinese company involved in the project said these carriages were delivered in 2008, and after the warranty period of 3 years, in 2011 they were handed over to Sri Lanka railways for normal operation. 

National Machinery Import & Export Corporation (CMC) said, after the commercial agreement with Sri Lanka Railways in 2007, these 100 railway carriages were manufactured in accordance with contract requirements and railway technical standards, and delivered in 2008.

After the warranty period expired in 2011, they were handed over to Sri Lanka Railways for normal operation.With active support from Sri Lanka Railways, this batch of carriages has been successfully operating in Sri Lanka for more than 12 years, with completely reliable quality and performance.

The company said, The fundamental reason is that these carriages are in urgent need of maintenance after being used for more than 12 years

Long-time operation without effective maintenance has led to the serious aging and wear of spare parts including the brake system. After more than 12 years, the brake system, coupling and buffer device, and suspension system are now in urgent need of overhaul and maintenance. 

It is necessary to replace vulnerable parts and upgrade them in accordance with new technical standards for safe operation.

Chinese company is willing to work with Sri Lanka Railways

Disregarding the truth that CMC has fully fulfilled contractual obligations and that these carriages have been successfully operating for many years with outstanding performance, this false news attributes mistakenly related actions of Sri Lanka Railway Drivers Union to faulty brake systems and claims that they pose a threat to passengers. 

This kind of ungrounded accusation damages the reputation of Chinese companies and products, while doing no good to the operational safety and long-term development of Sri Lanka railways.

As carriages supplier, CMC has closely cooperated with Sri Lanka Railways for many years. The reason to make this clarification is that we hope this false news will not influence the long-term good cooperation CMC has established with Sri Lankan partners. 

And if Sri Lanka Railways needs, CMC is very willing to offer assistance in later maintenance and upgrading of carriages.

We believe that through our joint efforts, Sri Lanka Railways will be able to properly solve these operational problems and continue to provide safe and reliable services to the public. 

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