All foreign passport holding Eelam promoters – “You want Eelam, you come to Sri Lanka & create it yourselves”
Posted on February 15th, 2021

Of late, there are video clips emerging of winter-clothes clad teen brats with heavy accents ranting on about Eelam from US, UK, Canada, France & other EU nations. We like to given them a simple message, you ain’t gonna create Eelam living in these countries, so come on down to Sri Lanka and go into Vanni jungles. Why should these foreign living brats remain in foreign lands to enjoy cozy lifestyles but ask poor Tamil children to take up arms once again. What evil minds these people have. They want to live in foreign countries, enjoy the best of life from the LTTE kitty and to do that some more poor children must take up arms again. Therefore, the Tamils in Sri Lanka must now tell these LTTE Diaspora in plain English ‘you want Eelam, you come and fight for it yourselves’. 

Take all of the LTTE diaspora bigwigs. 

When did they go overseas, how & why?

How did they become so rich?

What is their occupation?

Are they paying taxes?

What are their children doing?

When did they last come to Sri Lanka?

Have they spent a cent of their personal money on a Poor Tamil child?

Did any of these LTTE diaspora ‘sacrifice’ their children as a child soldier or combatant or did they send them to medical school, engineering college and made sure they lived in luxury!

Did these LTTE diaspora care what trauma the Tamil child soldiers were suffering? 

Tamil children as young as 7 being forced to hold a gun instead of a pen, Tamil girls given a thread with a cyanide capsule instead of a gold chain, Tamil teenage girls who suffered monthly period pains in silence wearing LTTE uniforms that could not be washed for months? Tamil children who had no proper bath, who never smelt the scent of perfume or colognes or enjoyed a bath with soap and shampoo. Did the LTTE diaspora and their families giving luxuries to their children even think a second about other Tamil children living in the harsh environs of the Vanni jungles.

The Diaspora brats never knew what it was like to be living in the jungles, eating whatever came their way, without food and water for hours, without rest and sleep for days, wearing smelly uniforms and even being subject to sexual exploitation by their seniors – where were the Tamil human rights and female activists for these Tamil children?

All these Tamil activists qualifying abroad and giving fancy speeches today did NOTHING to free a single child from the LTTE, did nothing to stop LTTE recruiting Tamil children.They only wrote books and reports on Tamil child soldiers and won for themselves accolades and awards. They should feel ashamed.

In May 2009, it was not the LTTE diaspora that brought peace and saved Tamils.

It was the Sri Lankan Armed Forces.

In May 2009, it was not the LTTE diaspora who fed the Tamils that the Armed Forces saved. It was the Sri Lankan Government.

In May 2009, it was not the LTTE diaspora that gave a presidential pardon to 594 child soldiers who surrendered. It was the Sri Lankan Government.

In May 2009, it was not the LTTE diaspora who gave a new life to rehabilitated LTTE combatants, it was the Sri Lankan Government.

In May 2009, it was not the LTTE diaspora who spent on giving Tamil children thus far denied their fundamental right to education, the means to continue their studies, engage in a vocational training and do what they had been denied by LTTE all their lives.

In May 2009, it was not the LTTE diaspora who reunited Tamil child soldiers with their families, it was the Sri Lankan Armed Forces & the Government.

So, what crap is the LTTE Diaspora and its brats ranting on about from overseas.

The stupidity of chanting genocide without knowing its meaning and the stupidity of those accepting it means this is just a charade for them.

Where in the world do you have genocide of Tamils (meaning intentional killing of Tamils) when the Tamil population is increasing annually?

It just exposes their lives even more to those who should have the common sense to wonder how genocide & population increase can happen

It’s pretty clear that the mouthpieces chanting for Eelam, mourning LTTE dead and carrying on campaigns galore means that these LTTE diaspora Tamils want a separate state called Eelam. Fine, then come on over and create it – don’t outsource it to Tamils in Sri Lanka, who now do not wish to have any role in this game.

The Tamils in Sri Lanka wish to integrate, go to school, go to university, get a job, own a house, buy a car and enjoy life.

They should be allowed to do this without LTTE Diaspora telling them ‘you should be in the jungles fighting for Eelam – not going to school, not going to do a job, not buying a house, not owning a car’while they are nicely living the good life in US, UK, Canada, France & EU.

What a joke this is.

Tamils should wake up at least now and realize what these LTTE diaspora creeps are up to.

They want to enjoy a cushy life overseas and put the Tamils in Sri Lanka into the jungles while they can buy time to get the rest of their families to go crying to embassies and cry about discrimination and enter foreign shores as asylum seekers and refugees. So this is the economic migrant LTTE diaspora plan. Tamils in Sri Lanka must refuse to be a part of this.

If these LTTE brats living overseas want Tamil Eelam – come and shed their branded clothes, give up foreign citizenship, go and live in the Vanni jungles, take up arms, wear a cyanide capsule and pray that the ghost of Prabakaran will give orders.

As of now, taking orders from that crazy head who thinks he’s PM of an Eelam in the sky is not going to ever land up in any Tamil Eelam!

These Tamil children have suffered enough.

If LTTE Diaspora want Tamil Eelam – come to Sri Lanka & create it yourselves or better still create Tamil Eelam in Toronto, Tooting or Paris!

Shenali D Waduge

3 Responses to “All foreign passport holding Eelam promoters – “You want Eelam, you come to Sri Lanka & create it yourselves””

  1. vyasan Says:


    I have written, spoken and argued with those pro-LTTE people who live in Canada, mentionong the same facts and askinng questions which you have in your above writing. No one was able to give me any proper answer so far. As a Sri Lankan Tamil living in Canada for the past 33 years, and one who had to flee the country unable to tolerate the LTTE atrocities and imminent threat to my person, I know most of those expatriate Tamils fled the country not because they encountred problems with the government forces, but because they feared some kind of threat from the LTTE. While most parents sent away their teenage children fearing forced conscription by the LTTE, a good number of them were for economic reasons as well. While some might have had bad experience with the government forces, the exodus of the Tamils from Sri Lanka was mainly for the above reasons. I have even seen people who fled the country fearing the LTTE, posing here as LTTE supporters and engaged in fund raising, and other pro-LTTE activities as those who criticise the LTTE were considered to be ‘not pure Tamils’ or ‘traitors’, thinking identifying with the LTTE would give them some recognition. I still couldn’t understand the mentality and hypocrisy of some Tamils here. However, there are a number of Sri Lankan Tamils who openly criticised and stood up against the pro-LTTE thugery here. And there are still some people who want keep the name of LTTE alive just because they want to have some leverage in Canadian politics and they hope the name of LTTE and their flag would help them to gather people around them rather than being Tamils. Other than that, they or their children will never ever go back to Sri Lanka, or would like to live in a ‘separate Tamil Eelam’.

  2. Charles Says:

    Vyasan You are a fresh wind blowing from Canada.

  3. Nihal Perera Says:

    Well said Vyasan…

    It’s extremely disgusting and sad to see that pro-LTTE Tamil Diaspora is now brain-washing their younger generation with anti-SL, anti-Sinhalese propaganda. I see these videos on FB, WhatsApp, etc, young Tamil teens and youths in UK, Canada, Australia spiting out anti-SL crap like well-trained parrots. The chances are these young girls and boys probably have never been to SL and no idea what their fellow Tamils in SL have gone through under the blood thirty Tamil terrorists.

    I live in one of the cities (Markham) in Canada where there is a large number of well-to do Tamils are. I bet none of their children, or their well-to do parents want to go back and fight for a Tamil Homeland in SL! They are such hypocrites.

    It’s such a shame that the Tamils cannot escape their tribal mentality and superiority complex no matter where they live.

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