LTTE the world’s only terrorists to use DOGS & GOATS for target practice – where are the animal activists?
Posted on February 24th, 2021

We thought we knew the worst about the LTTE. It appears there’s much more to LTTE brutality. The FBI described LTTE as the ‘most dangerous & deadly extremists’ in the world. But we never thought LTTE would stoop to the level of using innocent voiceless animals as guinea pigs for their brutality.It appears LTTE’s brutality knows no bounds as thousands of pets and goats had been used for target practice and to test land mines.This despicable acts on innocent animals took place even as late as September 2008 where animals had been tied by LTTE combatants and used for their brutal terror practices. The footage of this live brutality, by LTTE on animals is shown in the video now released for the world to see in the Truth behind Dare documentary. It should put to shame the countries using the floor of the UN/UNHRC to target Sri Lanka via resolutions for ending terror in Sri Lanka.Too bad these LTTE supporters are angry about LTTE being defeated, but we are more than happy that since May 2009, no child has been kidnapped & turned into child soldiers and no pet dog or goat has ended up dead from LTTE target practice. Maybe Francis Harrison may like to come forward and count the dead dogs and goats by LTTE or Yasmin Sooka may like to add animal abuse to one of her reports!  We also invite the other 3rdand 4thparties claiming ‘dead civilians’ to provide statistics on how many dogs and goats LTTE killed maliciously!

Truth behind Dare documentary on LTTE using dogs

Just look at the fear in his eyes.

These LTTE diaspora kids living and studying and working in Western countries are coming on social media demanding Eelam

Why dont’ they fly over and create it themselves?

Why do they want to outsource what they want to innocent Tamil children?

If Rudrakumaran wants an eelam – fly down from US and wear a LTTE uniform! Same goes for these kids too

The world must scorn the use of ANIMALS by TERRORIST LTTE. We do not want other terrorist groups copying LTTE abuse of animals. Therefore action must be taken when action should be taken.

It would be good to have a statement from the world’s animal activists on the LTTE treatment of animals for their terrorism especially since LTTE supporters in the West are using UN/UNHRC to resurrect LTTE and recommence terror in Sri Lanka

Animal rights organisations and activists in Sri Lanka must also issue a strong statement regarding LTTE’s use of animals for terror

Shenali D Waduge

2 Responses to “LTTE the world’s only terrorists to use DOGS & GOATS for target practice – where are the animal activists?”

  1. Gunasinghe Says:

    Senali, I watched the horrible video on Youtube. SL government should have shown this at UNHRC circus. Do you ahve any email addresses of UNHRC members in Geneva? My email is ubgunasin@gmail .com. If you have any idea to publisize this let me know.

  2. Ratanapala Says:

    Adele Balasingham – the War Criminal

    This documentary a mere 11 mins show only a minuscule of what the LTTE did while they terrorised Sri Lanka as well as India. It shows the cruelty and the brainwashing the LTTE carried out in order to inflict the maximum pain, death and destruction. Only those carried out by the NAZIS can rival these dastardly inhuman experiments. There must be much much more similar evidence as to their atrocities.

    This information couldn’t be new to those who aided and abetted the LTTE – the Western Christian Powers led by the UK and happily followed up by the US, EU and the Scandinavian Countries – most importantly Norway. The blood trail of these inhuman activities leads to the doors of these Bogus Human Rights peddlers. It is no doubt they are intent on continuing their Neo-Colonial black enterprise where ends justify the means.

    I am sure there is much similar evidence of gruesome atrocities committed by the LTTE in the hands of the Sri Lankan authorities too. However, they have not used these pieces of evidence as well as investigations of Lord Naseby, the Parnagama Commission Report etc in ways best to negate the LTTE and so-called Tamil Diaspora ( Mostly economic migrants) propaganda and defend the accusations against the Sri Lankan military.

    It is time they set aside diplomatic niceties and lay the blood trail right on the doorstep of those who aided, abetted and sympathised with the perpetrators of these crimes. TNA the former mouthpiece of the LTTE is part and parcel of this unwholesome enterprise.

    It is also time that Col Adele Balasingham who is seen in this documentary dressed in military attire and participating wholeheartedly in moulding the young minds of these child soldiers. Using children in warlike activities as child soldiers too is a crime against humanity. Heavens only know how many similarly poisoned minds are now roaming freely, outwardly normal but mentally deranged. Time is right for the British Authorities to lay charges on Col Adele Balasingham and bring her to justice. She is no angel!

    Adele Balasingham should be ranked among the worst Female Nazi War Criminals – Irma Grese, Greta Bisel, Maria Mandl, Dorothea Binz and Joanna Bormann all of whom were found guilty and hanged! Adele Balasingham should be dealt with similarly.

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