How the United Kingdom helped LTTE Terrorists in Sri Lanka Part 1
Posted on February 25th, 2021

Courtesy Terrorists Exposed


UK LTTE / May 24, 2014

The organisation of support for the Tamils of Sri Lanka goes back toNovember 1978 when Tamil Co-ordinating Committee or TCC was formed at the instance of Amirthalingam for the purpose of Co-ordinating the UK based political and militant front organisations. Its President S K Vaikunthavasan has been the initiator of many efforts to bring the government of Sri Lanka into disrepute as oppressors of the Tamil minority – This theme is yet been followed and it is in UK that the vicious anti-government propaganda is strongest. Vaikunthavasan is also remembered for the incident where on 5 Nov 1978 he walked up to the rostrum of the United Nations before the Sri Lanka Foreign Affairs Minister who was billed to speak could reach it and held forth for about a minute on the Tamil cause before he could be removed.

The centre of LTTE activities for the area has now shifted to Paris and the LTTE activities in UK are now co-ordinated by LTTE International Secretariat at No 211 Katherine Road, London E6 IBU , United Kingdom, Fax No 0181-4708593 The following are the pro-LTTE organisations in the UK

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