Geneva fiasco 2021: how Colombo black-whites sabotaged the May 2009 war victory
Posted on February 27th, 2021

C. Wijeyawickrema, LL.B., Ph.D.

People in Sri Lanka see the current  ‘Geneva debacle’ of UNHRC/OHCHR as a tug of war between a  handful of white ex-colonial masters and the past and present Rajapaksa governments, with India hopelessly caught in between. However, when we try to unravel this Geneva game from a historical perspective, it becomes obvious that the real fight was/is between local black-white agents of Geneva and the Sinhala Buddhist patriots. When we properly understand this fact (truth), this Geneva headache could easily be dismissed  as ‘much ado about nothing’ by a corrupt UN agency, just like Cuba and Israel routinely ignore its toothless bites. In a way these Geneva characters get some low oxygen supply from Sinhala black-whites and from some Tamils for an Eelam.

The black-white side is represented by Sajith Premadasa’s brand new foreign policy guru Dayan Jayatilleka, who is known as the < father>  of the 13-A plus project in Sri Lanka. Others behind him write almost daily reports to the Colombo Telegraph and some English newspapers. DBS Jeyaraj from Canada and Rajan Philips are also in this club. Kumar David and Victor Ivan compete for a top place of this demolition crew. Amazingly, all of them named and not named here have Christian origin! The Sinhala Buddhist side is led by the now public security minister Sarath Weerasekara with Dinesh Gunawardena behind him. The subtle attacks against Sarath indicate that black-whites consider him as the real enemy to be crushed, jumping on every statement he makes inside or outside the Diyawanna motel.

Balkanization of Sri Lanka

In the case of Ceylon, the aim of the ex-colonial masters (now international king makers) has been to divide the island on ethnic lines. This had shadows of the Christian project that began in the late 19th century to balkanize India on Dalith/Hindi fault lines in South India. The Dravidasthan Movement that began in 1917 in Madras Presidency with a Marxist/Christian/anti-Hndi/anti-Brahmin touch, influenced the Tamilakkam (Tamilness) project of Arunachalam Ponnambalam in 1921/24. When separatism was finally proscribed in India by Nehru in the aftermath of India-China war (1963), its agents took the separatist germ to Sri Lanka Kandyan Indian Tamil habitat as a DMK (Kallathonis) operation, during Dudley Senananayaka’s time in the mid 1960s.

SJV Chelvanayagam of the South Indian Church, moved from Malaysia to Colombo, when Tamils there faced harassment and eviction threats, and started his Colombo Christian-dominated Tamil State party in 1949, based on a claim of a mythical Tamil homeland in the artificially created Eastern Province. In 1957, SWRD with his B-C pact foolishly gave a boost to this myth directly and indirectly. Later, in 1965, Dudley Senanayaka with his D-C secret agreement made it worse for the Sinhale with JRJ behind it. In 1977, JRJ came to power and messed up ruining everything he touched including the black-white created Tamil ethnic issue. This unfortunate man became a pawn in the hands of Dixit and the USA. White masters led by America, capitalized on his weakness and failures, and  carved out a new path making Sri Lankan black-white politicians willing or unwilling servants of the balkanization project.  As explained later, when a comparison is made between Dayan J and Tamara Kunanayakam, surrendering to the West began with the consensus resolution (no vote) passed at UNHRC on March 12, 1987. India was behind this trap, in which JRJ agreed not to oppose the Red Cross coming to the island to help with its ‘humanitarian problem.’
But within 3 months it turned out to be a dhal invasion by Indian war planes on June 5, 1987, followed by Rajiv-JRJ humiliating agreement on July 29, 1987,  13-A created a federal state in the island. The Indian agent’s stand at Geneva at the current meeting that Sri Lanka should implement in full the 13-A is the next step of going from federal to Eelam state. On May 27, 2009, just 8 days after Prabhakaran went to heaven, as MahindaR’s trusted advisor, Dayan J promised this to UNHRC.  In October 2015, Managala Samaraweera completed that promise and much more!  Before discussing these in detail, there is a world history-Sinhale history interface that needs to be examined.

  1. Colonialism 
    A Sinhale king once sent an envoy to a Roman emperor. Yet, on the Greeco-Roman world map, barbarians lived in hot lands outside Europe. Europe obtained almost ‘everything’ from the East via the Silk Route (Jesus went to Kashmir) This East later became an ‘Eastern nightmare,’ which we see now as the fear of China by America. The fear of India was overcome by dividing the subcontinent into three pieces. Historically, the Crusades and the determination to reach the Christian kingdom of Prester John of Ethiopia, to jointly fight against the Muslims had other aims such as obtaining spices and luxury items for the rich in Europe. Portugal and Spain took the lead in this regard Columbus going to America and Vasco da Gama landing in Goa India.
    From 1505 white colonial enterprise started in Sinhale. What did they use/develop as tools and weapons in this regard?
    < Every tool is a weapon if you hold it right>
  2. Sword – now bombing and military bases by USA2. Bible – colonist came to civilize and save natives- now Christian Fundamentalism (Evangelist conversions)3. Bottle (arrack) – which ruined the remnants of Kandyan aristocracy first4. Humiliation –  Anagarika Dharmapala fought against this and item 8.5, Divide & Rule – used even the caste system for this purpose6. Genocide- 1818, 1848 and so many minor ones in between7, Discrimination against Sinhala Buddhists and temples8. Creation of a black-white class with English education (Lord McCaulay vs. Ven. Walane Siri Siddhartha)9. Remote-controlled colonialism -use of black-whites rulers (Clause 29 (2) of 1947 constitution) after 194810. NGOs and INGOs (NGO idea created to overcome government corruption is now a massive dollar business) 11. Spy agents-CIA/RAW etc. (Indian embassy branch in Jaffna is a spy center) use of NGO agents to create tension in the country capitalizing on government weaknesses and defects – e.g., Digana/Aluthgama/Galle/ Rathupaswala/ Katunayake export zone strike/prison riots etc.
    SOFT POWER- new smart power strategy (selling western democracy)
  3. Human rights and R2P (Tamil genocide theory of Vigneswaran. Sumanthiran & Ponnambalam)13. Rule of Law  (found only in books)13.1. Non-majoritarian constitutional provisions- end result weaken central sovereign state and break it14. Representative democracy (presently the Diyawanna motel)-giving razor blades to monkeys15. International agencies- UNO, IMF, WB, WTO. UNHRC, UK based Commonwealth etc.16. Free market globalism –  open exploitation local resources including plants and insects17. MCC trap-instead of traditional weapon of US foreign aid agency18. Index and rating games – religious freedom/ development/ poverty/ economic health/credit score
    Of the above methods items 4, 8,12 & 15 are directly relevant to the current situation at Geneva UNHRC session 46 in Feb-March 2021. The idea of world peace with a League of Nations was American president Woodrow Wilson’s plan (Versailles Treaty 1918), and one could not deny there is some benefit to the world from agencies mentioned on item 15. UNESCO, WHO, WLO are clear examples. But they are mostly methods used by ex-colonists and the USA to maintain their hegemony and ‘Euroceric developmentalism’  (poor countries exploited using European agenda or extension of the sovereignty of European nation states beyond their own boundaries). Items 12 and 13 are deployed by USA, Canada, UK and some EU members such as Germany, as a saintly and noble attempt that they wish to accomplish using UNHRC as the implementing arm.  But how many member countries really know that the hidden agenda is balkanization of Sri Lanka! The Indian agent is direct in this regard with 13-A plus demand as the target, whereas the American agent is indirect in his approach.
  4. Colombo black white agency
    Any support from locals of a targeted country is better than nothing for the politician set in the few western countries determined to partition their prey using UNHRC/OHCHR mechanism as their saintly vehicle. Besides they receive dual benefit; unjust enrichment through LTTE funds plus Tamil vote bank in their respective electorates. In Sri Lanka they find hordes of local Sinhala black whites working for them as NGO agents and opposition political party supporters. With the Yapalana-Orumitthanadu combine in power, for the first time in UNO history,  the government  itself became an active supporter of western political agenda. Of course, LTTE and other western donors, including the US government, pumped millions of dollars to get it elected defeating the Rajapaksa regime. 
    Sri Lankan party politics is such a dirty game run by black whites, leaders wearing pirith nuule, who paid lip service to high Buddhist principles but failed to apply them in solving the so called ethnic conflict in a just and reasonable manner. They played a hide and seek game with local Tamil separatists, until  finally, Rajiv and Dixit forced JRJ with the 13-A  death trap. Events leading up to this federal formula were briefly discussed above. !3-A solved nothing, other than black white politicians trying to make deals with Prabhakaran, who opposed 13-A.  After JRJ, a local half black white politician, R Premadasa decided to hold the tiger’s tail until  he was bitten by the tiger. Before that he sacrificed 600 policemen who were asked to surrender to Karuna, Prabakaran’s agent.  Mrs. Chandrika wanted to go beyond 13-A and prepared 3 draft package deals  and a final constitutional document in 2000, balkanizing the island into 7-12 regions. GL-Neelan-Jayampathy trio took special care to carve out a Tamil mono-ethnic region in the island plus a Muslim region. The west loved it because a separate Eelam and the disintegration of Sinhale were inevitable consequences of this betrayal.
    In the meantime RanilW as PM gave a free hand to Prabhakaran with a CFA 2002, which is recorded as the greatest betrayal in world history. He sabotaged Mrs. Chandrika’s package deal because it went against his secret ambition to become the president.  She was willing to empower Prabakaran with Ptom and ISGA (2003) projects. Despite their private rivalries both Chandrika and Ranil thought that Prabakaran could be satisfied if a federal form of power sharing was offered. Chandrika and Rpremadasa respectively offered Northern Province to Prabakan on a 15-year lease. 
    In 2005 MahindaR won, defeating RanilW with a razor thin margin. Western politicians who supported the Eelam project  were behind Ranil. It was the late Ven. Soma’s Sinhala Buddhist dowry that helped win. His attempts to have a peaceful solution failed, and after the Mavil Aru blockade (July 26, 2006), the Sri Lankan military won the war on May 19, 2009.
    USA, UK and EU politicians tried their best to save Prabakaran from death, and to give him shelter in a foreign location so that the Eelam fight could be continued. If this had happened, he would have run a LTTE government in exile with much more influence than the Rudrakumaran Tamil Government today! The USA, UK and others wanted to break Sri Lanka, and they realized the best path to take was 13-A plus. But this plan has to be camouflaged with other saintly-looking objectives such human rights, war crimes, missing persons, rule of law, democracy and minority rights.
    Who could then imagine that Dayan Jayatilleka sent to Geneva by MahindR would betray him and deliver all what they wanted!  German politicians could not believe what had happened to Prabakaran, and quickly brought a resolution at the UNHRC against Sri Lanka’s  ‘war crimes.’ Dayan agreed to work with Geneva and promised 13-A plus on May 27, 2009. Funny thing is Dayan boasts that he won the Geneva battle. A 30-year was ended by the sacrifices made predominantly by Sinhala Buddhist village boys and girls. They fought against 13-A to save their motherland from disintegration.  A Christian-Marxist Colombo black white agent betrayed and sabotaged that victory in 8 days
    This is where Tamara Kunanayakam’s views are relevant and important. She says that we should never give our consent to proposed by UNHRC. It is like a Genevian Trojan Horse. JRJ agreed for one such thing on March 12, 1987. India was behind it, but then within 3 months India dropped dhal from air. With her experience at UNO, Tamara tells that America runs the UNHRC show! There is no democracy, equality or justice in their internal operations. And they dictate edict for poor countries to follow.
    Dayan was later fired from his Geneva job, but his servile behavior before white colonial masters paved the way for the separatist TNA politicians in Colombo to continue Prabakaran’s war  using pen. This is why America spent millions of dollars to get RanilW- Mr. Chandrika couple  back into power in 2015 using candidate Sirisena as a puppet. Similar Attempt failed in 2010 with Sarath Fonseka as the fall guy. Total surrender to the USA-UK-India Geneva plan was done by Mangala Samaraweera in October 2015. Accepting everything that UNHRC/OHCHR wanted it to accept, the yahapalana cabal betrayed the nation, the country and the Sinhala Buddhist heritage. They did all they promised, including the burning of weapon storage at Salawa and dumping costly weapons in the sea. The only thing that went wrong was the  plan to balkanize the country as an Orumitthanadu. America tried to recover ground using the MCC bait. A foothold in Sri Lanka is sine qua non with its China fever. Failing that it is no wonder that America is behind promoting 13-A plus because with that a merged NP and EP would be American friendly territory.
    It is therefore understandable why America is trying hard to force the Bachelet document on the Sri Lankan government. America forgets democracy when it is disadvantageous to it. What right Bachelet has to question what Gotabhaya is doing to fulfil the mandate given to him by 6.9 million voters twice within one year. The problem Gotabhaya is facing is that he is too slow in implementing the One Law-One Country election promise he made. Even RanilW, who could not win a single parliamentary seat, is making sarcastic comments about it!
    The decision by the Gotabhaya government to throw Bachelet’s baby with the bathwater and the tub is the best kind of humiliation a small country could give to corrupt global politicians who manipulate UN agencies with ulterior motive, while wearing saintly or sanitized robes. Perhaps this time these manipulators cross the red line. What they tried to do to Sri Lanka is an alarm signal for small and poor countries in the world. These ex-colonies are struggling due to actions and omissions of the white masters. The masters are now coming back with remedies beneficial to themselves and not the former colony. The black-whites they created in these colonies ruin them by sheer mismanagement, and these black-whites in turn are in cahoots with the former masters. It is an unending cyclical circus.Tamara questions the justification for threatening countries with R2P (intervention to prevent danger) and Universal Jurisdiction. The Bush doctrine of intervention destroyed Iraq, but the  American military did not find any nuclear weapons. She says sanctions should be applied only if there is a threat or aggression. Politicians in the west should not be allowed to attack governments they do not like using UNHRC as a vehicle. Tamara says, 13-A means division of Sri Lanka on ethnic lines and President Gotabhaya should not allow it to happen. She says as a Tamil she cannot see any ethnicity based discrimination in the island. Dayan, the father of 13-A plus project and Sumanthiran-Vigneswaran-Ponnambalam and the American-UK -EU Ambassadors need to digest her message. 

(I benefited immensely from a series of essays written by Geethanjana Kudaligamage (Lankaweb, March 29 -May 11, 2010) in writing this essay)

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