Ven. Borella Sirisumana Thero arrested over probe into Thilini Priyamali
Posted on November 1st, 2022

Courtesy Adaderana

Venerable Borella Sirisumana Thero has been arrested by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) today (Nov. 01), the police spokesman says.

He was taken into custody over the information uncovered during investigations into the alleged financial frauds committed by Thilini Priyamali.

The owner of Thico Group of Companies (Pvt.) Ltd., Thilini Priyamali was arrested and remanded on October 06 over alleged multi-billion rupee fraud by swindling businesspersons and VIPs.

Meanwhile, Isuru Bandara who is said to be her business partner was also taken into custody by the Criminal Investigation Department on October 17 over alleged financial fraud.

Priyamali has allegedly deceived businesspersons and high-profile political figures after befriending them by promising high returns for investing in her business.

The police recently revealed that 12 complaints in total have been received so far against Priyamali for defrauding more than Rs. 1.28 billion.

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