Posted on April 25th, 2023


Insulting to others is an explicit nature of Sri Lankans irrespective of ethnic groups such as Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim. In other ethnic groups in the world there may have such a negative cultural feature in relation to human behaviour, comparatively Sri Lankans gets a priority for this bad feature and I can remember this negative habit was operated in households as well as workplaces when I was living there. My experience in Sri Lanka confirms that many workplaces have allied with the insulting culture except very few people in workplaces. Many higher officers and lower grade employees in workplaces continue this bad habit as a natural way of behaviour.

No religion advices to insult others using various points of human life such as skin colour, background of parents, religion, caste, educated place, political party and many others. I can remember that I was a victim of insulting culture based on educated place, religion and lack of knowledge in various subjects. My question is why religions in Sri Lanka launch a campaign to reject the insulting culture? The most agenizing insult to me in the workplace was my educated places or schools in defiance of same education syllabus is used to educate kids in schools.

Despite many students in variety of religious are learning in the education system, the major reason to continue insulting culture is disregarding the value education in schools. Many countries have included value education to school curriculum and value education practically uses to train kids to apply values in the society. For example, care and compassion is a value that practices care for self and others.  When schools educate and practice values kids will not insult others.

According to my experience in Sri Lanka majority of people insult others in workplaces are people who gained education from Christian schools. These guys insult others not because they were learned in a superior system, but they were not educated values in schools.

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