For the education of Canadian politician Justin Trudeau
Posted on May 23rd, 2023

C. Wijeyawickrema, LL.B., Ph.D.


Politicians in European countries still think they are the masters of their former colonies. They entertain a superiority complex, thinking that they can fool people of ex-colonies pretending as statesmen (not politicians), genuinely concerned about the <plight> of these people. They exploited these countries, applied divide and rule strategy, and had to leave these colonies prematurely, due to the actions of both Hitler and Gandhi (and in the case of India Subash Chandra Bose also).

These colonial masters created a class of people, known as black-whites (or coconuts, brown outside-white inside) in Ceylon/Sri Lanka. This class thinks Europe is superior and former colonial masters deploy them as their remote-controlled agents. These black-whites in Sri Lanka destroyed the country for the past 75 years and now it is a bankrupt, and more or less a failed state. It has now become Whiteman’s football.

These white politicians want to teach Human rights and ethnic rights to such beggar countries like Sri Lanka using UNHRC at Geneva as the hammer of punishment and R2P as the ultimate weapon. The result is breaking of countries, like in Sudan, with the two countries engaged in an unending war. In the case of Sri Lanka, the white master tried to destroy the religion of the people, Buddhism, since 1798. They knew Buddhist way of life is based on the concept of compassion to all living beings, including even trees (and rocks).

In UK, EU, and USA, there are politicians who support the demand of the Tamil separatists living in their respective electorates craving for Tamil votes. In this sense they are not different from the black-white partisan politicians in Sri Lanka who cheat or trick voters of different ethnic/religious/language groups to get their votes.

Canada was not a colonial master, other than it was the native Canadian non-white tribes who were the victims of white settlers. The Hudson Bay Company was the first agent of this exploitation. Canadian politicians have a history of blindly supporting American and British colonial plans, and Justin the politician, is playing this role of a subsidiary. He does not know the history, geography or the separatist movement in Ceylon/Sri Lanka which began in 1921-3. The Canadian embassy in Colombo should have educated this Justin so that he would not become a pawn in the hands of separatist Tamil voters in Toronto etc. Vigneswaran and Sumanthiran, are two Tamil politicians who talk about a Tamil genocide in Sri Lanka. Vignes has two sons both married to Sinhala women and Suman’s son is also married to a Sinhala woman. So, when these two fathers talk about a genocide by a Sinhala government, it is like Hitler had a son married to a Jew in Germany! Perhaps, these two hates their sons for this love is blind decision and the psychological revenge is directed at the innocent Sinhala race.

Canadian Embassy should have given such information to its head of the state in Ottawa. There are tons of information to prove there was never a genocide of any minority group in the 2500 years of history of this island. The first refugees settlements in the modern world happened in Ceylon when the Kandyan king allowed Muslims to move into his kingdom to escape from Portuguese assault. Later same thing happened when the Dutch executed Catholics in coastal areas. It is also interesting to note the first genocide in the modern world happened in Ceylon. In 1818 and in 1848 the British annihilated young and old Sinhalese males, destroyed their land and property by burning them.

I have attached two essays I wrote in the past (2009 and 2021) which will help Justin to learn what is genocide. Unfortunately, the politicians in the Sri Lankan government are as bad as Justin, the politicians. Because, I doubt Ali Sabri, the minister who summoned the Canadian ambassador to his office, provided any documentary evidence to demonstrate that Justin was wrong. It was only photo opp.

As suggested by Shenali Waduge, Canada is the ideal place for a Tamil State outside the original Tamil homeland in South India. Canada needs more people to make it a country not limited to a belt along the U.S. border.

LankaWeb – Genocide Tamil joke and Vigneswaran’s five Shivalinga – part I  (2009/2012)

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