After Two Centuries of Indulging in Hate Speech Anti-Sinhala and Anti-Buddhist Elements Have to Adjust to ICCPR World Order
Posted on June 1st, 2023

Dilrook Kannangara

What changed?” demands anti-Sinhala and anti-Buddhist elements in Sri Lanka when the ICCPR Act is implemented. They have been used to a life of hate speech against Sinhala and Buddhist interests for the past 200 years. Instead of changing to the new world norm of human rights, they blame the Act and live in the tribal era!

Sri Lanka acceded to the ICCPR (International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights) on June 11, 1980. However, Sri Lanka did not change the local law to reflect this until 2007. In 2007, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) Act, No. 56 of 2007 was passed in Sri Lankan parliament and became law. However, its implementation was delayed over various, mainly political, reasons.

Thankfully, the Act seems to be in some shape of implementation today.

Blaming the law of the nation, politicians, etc. for the Act is insane. It is a worldwide covenant which is ratified by all civilized nations and communities. The UN ICCPR Covenant can be found in this link.

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights Entry into force: 23 March 1976, in accordance with Article 49 Preamble The States Parties to the present Covena…

Human rights activists cannot run with the hare and hunt with the hounds. If they want human rights in Sri Lanka, they must accept that all humans are entitled to human rights, not just the minorities. There is some getting adjusted to for those who indulged in hate speech against the majority for the past two centuries. This painful adjusting time is what transitions now.

Implementing human rights via the ICCPR Act does not violate anyone’s human rights. It only limits racist, bigoted, tribal and sectarian conduct of elements that they have taken for granted. The Act and the UN Covenant are aimed at the extinction of hate speech and human rights abuses by all, not just the government and armed groups. There is no Apartheid version of human rights. If one gets it, others get it too.

If the pen is mightier than the sword, then the pen must also conduct itself in a respectful and law-abiding manner. The laws are for the pen as well as the sword.

If anyone has a problem with the ICCPR Act they must take it with the entire civilized world, not against the courts, CID, police, parliament or with the Sri Lankan law. It is a global force against them.

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