Open Letter to the FP, TNA, GGP, and the Terrorist Political Parties
Posted on June 8th, 2023

By Engr. Kanthar Balanathan DipEE (UK), GradCert (RelEng-Monash), DipBus&Adm (Finance-Massey), C.Eng., MIEE, Former Director of Power Engineering Solutions Pty Ltd, Consulting Electrical Engineers Leading Engineer of the World 2006, UK, Authority Award

  1. The intention of Forming FP (Tamil Eelam)

Since independence in 1948, Tamil politicians worked out a secret plan to be in parliament continually. This was by sowing ethnic hatred and racial configuration and proposal for the birth of Tamil Eelam and the Federal Party. SJVC formed the Federal Party joined with other aggressors. The voters are still illiterate goons who cannot speak a word of English or Sinhalese and be purloined up by the phrase Tamil Only”. To date these labourers of the proletariat are dumb and cannot visualise the economic environment and productivity etc. 90% of the Tamil politicians were Attorneys and were and are incompetent to defend cases in a court of law. The only possible way is to get a government job which is to become an MP. This will allow them to fool the people and guarantee income and privileges irrespective of productivity. Guaranteed income, with privileges, respect, and current police protection and vehicles. From the Jaffna lagoon, the Tamil politicians started the campaign for a federal system and/or Tamil Eelam which became a mindset among the foolish Tamil elites and the proletariat.

The Tamil politicians were quite happy as the people in the lagoon do not know what was transpiring in the Capital and South. The Tamil politicians were quick wicked to know that they have no income due to cases as people were poor and cannot afford to pay large sums to the Attorneys. Further, the Attorneys may be clueless and incompetent. The only option is to follow the violent, protest path against the government and get paid by the government.

In the early fifties, the MPS was engaged full-time in violent protests against the government which led to riots. To the Tamil Attorney politicians, this was a better option than working as Attorneys in the Lagoon Courts which need to use their brains. Tamil National People Front’s legal adviser is now engaged in wasteful protests rather than spending time in a law court. Does this mean that this person is incompetent in legal matters and law? Or is this a mission to accrue more votes in the planned elections? This may be considered a cheap shot option for a democratic election. These guys do not understand the extent of damage they are causing to their race (Tamils). Tamil politicians are quite capable of planning cheap shot options for collecting votes from the proletariat.

The behaviour of Kanagaratnam Sugash was seen to be quite animal-type and foolish. Sugash does not know that the police personnel go through a training course in criminal code procedures before they are sent to the floor. It was quite laughable when he said to the police personnel to bring a blackboard and chalk so that he can teach the law to the police personnel. It’s laughable”. GGP’s party personnel are on the ground at Thyiiti protesting against the Vihara construction. This is also laughable. The party members say they are attorneys; however, they have short of perception in understanding the benefits of this type of protest. What has the Law Society got to state about their members being on the road like stray crows?  Freedom of religion is indispensable and important in a multicultural society.

Tamils have a criminal view by brainwashing their boat people who have illegally migrated to foreign countries to propaganda against the Sri Lankan government. Discrimination, oppression, and genocide are pointing to the Tamil diaspora bases on their propaganda. The critical examination will reveal that it is the Tamils who went on a genocide mission through various methods since 1948. During racial violence, Tamils destroyed Sinhala properties and through LTTE the Tamils wanted to capture power, by destroying the economy of the country.

LTTE went on a mass murder operation in various towns, destruction of key assets like factories and Central Bank etc. An investigation by the GOSL should enlighten the world on the amount of destruction and killing by the Tamils. The military had to defend their country which is what they are for. It was a war on terror and in the war, people get caught which the Tamil diaspora is twisting as a war crime/ genocide. As I said will any country tolerate terrorists manufacturing submarines, aircraft, weapons etc in their backyard?

Tamil culture is quite rough. Every item is argued and sometimes they get into a violent clash. We, Tamils have no sense of diplomatic capability of discussing or negotiating abilities, except enter into rough argument. Criminal activities occur in foreign countries within the Tamil community.

The two MPs in Canada, Gary Anandasangaree and Vijay Thanigasalam: What Return on Investment have these two given their voters in Toronto? The only action is to claim unwanted unrelated to their position and complain about Sri Lanka. How does this help their voters in Canada? The voters in Canada expect more than complaints, rather productive outcomes. Hence, it’s a waste for the Canadian government to have allowed these two to be elected.

In the same way right from 1948, the Tamil MPs; What Return on Investment have their people received since they were elected? Only racial confrontation, violence, intimidation, protests, and unlawful actions by these clowns.

Is Sambanthar, an asset to SL or a BIG Liability to the country? Do we need him?

What is the purpose of these Diaspora organisations such as CTC, GTF, BTF, TGTE etc all over the world? What economic benefits do they accrue to Sri Lanka? They’re only destroying Sri Lanka through their propaganda. Do these organisations accrue any benefits to their domiciled country? They are only sowing racial conflicts in their domiciled countries. How long will it take the Canadian European citizens to tolerate these Tamils who are only campaigning and not producing any benefits by way of technology, economics, and finances? Canada may enter a recession if people do not love manufacture and support the economy. As of now, Tamils state that Tamils in Canada are supported by the DOLE” for unemployed people and do not look for jobs. Can this go on forever on free supplies? Tamils are a liability wherever they are.

Sri Lanka is a small island and cannot have two separate governments as the Tamils in Jaffna” was called Lagoon”. Jaffna has no water, river etc. Further, more than 49% of Tamils live outside the North and East. The key point is that the Tamils are greedy for Power & Wealth”.

The Sri Lankan Law Society should have a Code of Conduct (CC) for its members and should discipline them if they behave outside the CC. Kanagaratnam Sugash (KS) should be questioned and punished for his behaviour with the Police Officer at Thyiiti, as the behaviour of KS and Selvarajah’ Gajendran has proven ugly picture to the world. The Jaffna Tamil proletariat and the elites have no understanding of democracy.

We had a Northern Provincial Council operating from 2013 for five years. What was the return on this investment? Did the people achieve anything? Only affairs where the four ministers were giving appointment letters to teachers etc and posing for pictures with garland. It was a waste of money for the five years of NPC with the incompetent politicians.

It is expected that the Law Society will take corrective action against their violent clueless attorneys.

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